Blue Mountain Mystery

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BLUE MOUNTAIN MYSTERY is the sixth Direct-To-DVD Special produced by HIT Entertainment.  It is the first of the Thomas Specials to have the plot centred around the narrow gauge engines.

Blue Mountain Mystery sees the return of the narrow gauge engines – and the introduction of the Blue Mountain Quarry and it’s many inhabitants.  This special finds Thomas taking over from Paxton the Diesel, who has suffered a nasty accident whilst working in the Quarry.  When Thomas is working there, he meets a little engine who he has never seen before – and who is very reluctant to speak to anyone.

It turns out that the little engine, Luke, believes he did something very bad a long time ago, and is frightened to show his face for fear of being sent away from Sodor.  Thomas tries hard to make sense of the mystery, but there’s trouble lurking around the corner which makes it very difficult for him to help his new friend...

Blue Mountain Mystery was written by Sharon Miller, the Head Writer for Thomas and Friends.

Songs Of The Special

Blue Mountain Mystery

Working Together

Written and Composed by Robert & Peter Hartshorne
Performed by Sam Blewitt

Blue Mountain Mystery has many firsts attributed to it.  It is the first Thomas story since the HIT Entertainment takeover that Script Executive Sam Barlow has not been involved with, and is the first Thomas story that new Head Writer, Andrew Brenner, has had creative involvement in.  Andrew is credited as the Script Editor for the special.  It is also the only Thomas & Friends special so far to be released on DVD in the UK ahead of other territories such as the United States, who have traditionally received the specials first.


Blue Mountain also marks the end of the road for Nitrogen Studios, who took Thomas on the beginning of his journey into CGI and have become great friends of Sodor Island Forums & Fansite.  Greg Tiernan has planted a number of ‘easter eggs’ throughout the special which ‘only SiF members will latch onto’, such as the flashbacks to Awdry stories and something very special which has been subtly inserted.


After seven series in the role, Blue Mountain Mystery is the last script that Sharon Miller will contribute to Thomas & Friends as her tenure as Head Writer ends and passes over to Andrew Brenner for Series 17 onward.

Voice Cast


Michael Angelis (UK)

Michael Brandon (USA)






















Key Production Team

Karen Barnes
Marion Edwards
Andrew Brenner
(HIT Entertainment)
Ian McCue
(Nitrogen Studios)
Nicole Stinn
Robert & Peter Hartshorne

Sharon Miller
Greg Tiernan

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Simon Martin reviews the 2012 Thomas and Friends special - Blue Mountain Mystery for the SiF Blog.

Fox takes us on a journey through the industrial past of North Wales to introduce us to a number of locomotives, places and events which contributed to the development of the Blue Mountain Quarry.  The truth can often be stranger than any fiction!

Given that Blue Mountain Mystery marks the end of the road with Nitrogen, we decided to make a little blog to mark their contribution and say Thank You for their friendship and kindness toward us personally, as well as their dedication to the series.

Probably the best character introduced in the character introduced during the CGI era of Thomas & Friends, this is an appreciation blog for the pride of the Sodor Steamworks - Victor.

We asked for your opinions on Blue Mountain Mystery and you were all very obliging with your views.  Who were the favourite characters?  What did you all enjoy most?  Was this the best special ever?  Find out by clicking the link above!

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Blue Mountain Mystery - YouTube Playlist

Along with the traditional Thomas & Friends fayre associated with Blue Mountain Mystery, we have included a number of videos showing the influences that the Nitrogen Team used to create the Blue Mountain Quarry, let you see a famous archive video of the railway that inspired the original narrow gauge engines, and watch an engine that Luke is based on (Peter Pan) working on a narrow gauge railway in Scotland!


The narrow gauge engines are hard at work in the Blue Mountain Quarry, helping to prepare trucks for Paxton the Diesel to take to Brendam Docks.  But there is trouble on the tracks!

A key stone from Blondin Bridge has fallen away and Rheneas, who is heading down from one of the higher levels of the Quarry, is due to cross it with a train of heavy trucks.  Poor Rheneas tries to slow down, but can’t do so in time. 


He bumps across the collapsing bridge and makes a valiant effort to reach the other side and safety.  Luckily, he crosses in time, but it sends him running away down the line through the slate tunnels and sheds, before coming to a stop next to Skarloey and Sir Handel at the bottom – relieved that he’s OK... which is more than can be said for poor Paxton!

Meanwhile, Thomas is running on his Branch Line with Annie and Clarabel, when he hears a honking noise coming toward them.  It’s the Fat Controller and his new track-inspection car, Winston. 


The Fat Controller tells Thomas all about Paxton’s accident, and that he needs him to work at the Blue Mountain Quarry in his place, whilst Toby takes charge of Thomas’s duties on the Branch Line instead.  Thomas is delighted to be working with the narrow gauge engines again and hurries off to deliver his passengers before setting to work at the Quarry.

When he arrives, the little engines give him a warm welcome to their Quarry, and he meets with Skarloey and Rheneas. 


Rheneas is still bearing the scratches and scrapes he received when the Blondin Bridge collapsed, and while modest, he still holds out hope for a new coat of paint – whilst Skarloey is more concerned with engines on the little railway being ‘really useful’ and work continuing in the Quarry.

Thomas works hard in the Blue Mountain Quarry all day long, shunting trucks and helping the little engines get his train of slate trucks ready to take to Brendam Docks later that evening.  All the engines work very well together, and Thomas is pleased with his efforts for the day as he heads to the Docks.


And that night, when the work is all done, he returns to Tidmouth Sheds to rest, whilst the narrow gauge engines sleep soundly in their depot at Crovan’s Gate.

But next day, something strange begins to happen in the Blue Mountain Quarry.  As Thomas is shunting some trucks a small green engine, who Thomas has never seen before, bursts out from one of the narrow gauge tunnels and hurries away down another. 


Thomas is curious and tries to whistle “Hello” to the little engine, but he gets no reply.  When Sir Handel rolls up alongside, Thomas asks who the little green engine is.  But Sir Handel is very anxious and claims he doesn’t know – he assumes it was a runaway truck.

Later when Thomas is shunting, he sees the little green engine puff along on the ledge above him with a train of empty trucks.  This time, he asks Rheneas if he knows who the little green engine is. 


Rheneas is equally as surprised and anxious as Sir Handel and denies any knowledge of a ‘little green engine’ and hurries away to continue working.  Thomas finds it all very strange indeed!

Later still, Thomas sees the little green engine scurrying past again.  He whistles again to try and speak to him, but the engine rushes into a tunnel out of sight. 


This time, Thomas asks Rusty if he knows who the little green engine is.  Like the others, Rusty denies any knowledge and claims it was likely to be a mountain goat.  Thomas rubbishes this claim, and Rusty says he cannot help and moves on to do his work.

Thomas even tries asking Merrick, the sleepy crane, and Owen the Incline, if they know anything about the little green engine. 


Both insist they don’t and uncomfortably try to change the subject, leaving poor Thomas feeling frustrated.



Just then, the little green engine pops out of a tunnel again.  Thomas stops him and tries to get him to talk, but the little green engine is too frightened – he just wants to run away.  As he approaches the next tunnel along, it’s blocked by Rheneas!  He then tries to reverse, but he bumps into Sir Handel!  He hurries back to the tunnel he popped out of to begin with, but Peter Sam is in the way. 


All of the little engines seem quite distressed and anxious – desperate to get their friend to safety.  Rheneas pulls forward from the tunnel into a siding to allow the little green engine to pass by safely, whilst Thomas chases up to the buffers, still puzzled over why the little engine keeps running away.

This time, Thomas asks Skarloey and the other little engines who the little green engine is – Skarloey explains that he is an engine called Luke, who arrived at the Quarry some time ago. 


However, Luke did something very bad which he thinks will see him sent away from Sodor if he is ever found.  So, the narrow gauge engines keep him hidden from the Thin and Fat Controllers so that he will never be found and he will be safe.  Thomas tries to ask what Luke did, but Skarloey refuses to say any more, and warns Thomas not to speak about the matter to the other engines.

On his way to the Docks, Thomas wonders what Luke could have done that was so bad.  When he reaches Tidmouth sheds, Percy notices how preoccupied he is and asks what’s wrong. 


Thomas decides to discuss the matter with his friends and asks them what they think is the worst thing an engine could do or has done in their experience. 

Percy remembers the time he tried to sneak into the station to surprise the coaches.  He came in so quietly, that the Porters moving a baggage trolley across the line didn’t hear him coming.


Percy crashed into the baggage trolley, sending boxes and bags flying everywhere!  And when they came tumbling back to the ground, their contents broke open, covering the Fat Controller and passengers in sticky jam, ruining the Fat Controller’s clothes in the process. 

Henry is sympathetic and reminds Percy that it wasn’t his fault.  He didn’t mean to crash.  But Henry remembers how defiant he was against the Fat Controller when he refused to leave the tunnel in case the rain spoilt his paint. 


He also remembers how silly he felt when the Fat Controller took away his rails, bricked him up in the tunnel and intended to leave him there for 'always, and always, and always' as punishment.

Thomas thinks back to the time when he was shunting trucks at the mine and curiosity got the better of him.  He knew he shouldn't puff past the Danger Sign, which forbid engines to enter the area, but he wanted to see what would happen if he did


He soon found out when he knocked his Driver off the footplate, ran past the sign and fell down the mine when the ground opened up underneath him – unable to take his weight.

All the engines agree that what they have done was bad, but it wasn’t bad enough for them to be sent away from Sodor, and that very few engines had done anything bad enough to merit such a punishment. 


James also recalls the time Diesel lost the Jobi Logs, intended for the Search and Rescue Centre, after stealing them to show the Fat Controller how useful he could be.  Emily reminds the others that even he wasn’t sent away from Sodor as punishment for losing such an important load.

The following day, Thomas returns to the Quarry and tells Skarloey that he and the other engines cannot think of a reason why an engine would be sent away from Sodor. 


Skarloey is surprised and asks if Thomas has told the other engines about Luke.  Thomas insists that he hasn’t and won’t – he wants to help Luke.  Inside a nearby tunnel, Luke peers out and watches as Thomas and Skarloey go about their work.

As Skarloey reverses along his track, he doesn’t notice Rocky clearing the debris from the fallen bridge.  Rocky’s crane arm is swinging right into Skarloey’s path, and any second there could be a crash! 


Thomas whistles loudly and calls to warn both of them of the potential danger – allowing them to stop just in time!  Skarloey and Rocky are very grateful to Thomas for being such a good friend.

And upon seeing this act, Luke puffs out of the tunnel and rolls up alongside Thomas.  Luke apologises for hiding from Thomas, he explains that because he didn’t know him – he was scared, but now he wants to be Thomas’s friend. 


Thomas is delighted and says he would like that very much.  So the two engines puff off together and work hard in the Blue Mountain Quarry all day long – pushing and pulling trucks.

The fun comes to an abrupt end when the sound of Winston’s horn is heard echoing around the Quarry, causing Luke to run off in fright and hide in one of the tunnels out of sight. 


The Fat and Thin Controllers arrive to thank Thomas and tell him that Paxton is now fully repaired and ready to resume his duties, meaning that Thomas can go back to his Branch Line.  


Thomas is disappointed, he wants to stay in the Quarry and help Luke.

Thomas decides to ask Luke outright what he did and why keeps hiding all the time.  He reassures Luke that all of the engines have done bad things at one time or another, and confides in him about the time he fell down the mine and reminds him that in spite of this, he’s still on the Island. 


Luke laughs with Thomas, and the two engines don’t notice Paxton has returned to the Quarry and is curiously listening to their conversation.  Luke decides to tell Thomas what he did and asks him not to tell anyone else. 

A long time ago, Luke was sent to work on Sodor, in the Blue Mountain Quarry, from his home in Ireland.  Luke was excited, it had always been his dream to work on Sodor. 


Across from him on the boat, a yellow engine who spoke a different language which Luke couldn’t understand.  As they approached Sodor, a storm began to rage and the sea became rough, but Luke’s excitement saw him through. 

When the boat finally docked at Brendam Docks, Luke was so eager to be put on the rails that he called to the workmen to lift him off first. 


They agreed and Luke was the first engine to be moved, even though the yellow engine was nearer to the dockside than he was. 


As Luke was lifted off the boat, he hit the yellow engine – causing him to roll backwards and fall into the sea.

Luke was taken to the Steamworks for repair, but the yellow engine stayed where he was for a very long time.  Luke claims that by the time they lifted him out he was rusty and ruined – and he has never been seen since. 


Luke thinks the engine went to the Smelter’s Yard to be scrapped, and that it was all his fault because he didn’t wait his turn to be lifted.  Thomas reminds him that it was a long time ago – but Luke still feels guilty and thinks that if anyone finds him, he’ll be sent away for what he did.

All of a sudden, Skarloey rolls up alongside Paxton and orders him back to work.  Thomas and Luke realise he must have been there the whole time, and Luke rushes back into the tunnel to hide. 


Paxton is very meek when Thomas asks what he’s doing back in the Quarry and tries to sidle out with his trucks as quickly as possible.  Luke is too scared to come back out of the tunnel to say goodbye to Thomas, but Thomas is determined to find a way to help him again.

When he returns to his Branch Line, Thomas can only think about Luke and the yellow engine.  He becomes so preoccupied, he over-runs a red signal and has to reverse back to the junction again. 


Toby trundles up on the Main Line and Thomas asks if he could help out on the Branch Line again.  Toby is unsure, but Thomas insists that he has to do something very important, so Toby agrees.  Annie and Clarabel are surprised, but Thomas puffs off with no explanation to hunt for clues to help Luke clear his name.

Thomas searches all over the island for traces of the yellow engine – at Knapford Station, the Shunting yards, the coastal tracks and the waste dump, before meeting Edward at a junction and asking him where he might find an old yellow engine. 


Edward suggests that Thomas try the Dieselworks, where there are lots of engine parts lying around the yard.  Thomas thinks this is a splendid suggestion and hurries off at once to check - leaving Edward bewildered as to why Thomas is searching for a yellow engine to begin with!

As Thomas chuffs quietly in, he looks around the piles of old scrap for a yellow engine, but cannot find anything which could help him in his search. 


But what Thomas finds instead is far worse – Paxton is telling Diesel all about Luke and what happened when he first arrived on Sodor with the yellow engine.  Thomas is shocked – he knows what this could mean for poor Luke and the trouble Diesel would stir up.

Diesel relishes the information and is keen to take advantage by making Luke sound like a monster who would target any engine.  He encourages Paxton to come with him to find the Fat and Thin Controllers to make sure that Luke is sent away from Sodor. 


Thomas hurries out of the Dieselworks as fast as he can – catching Diesel’s attention as he leaves, and spurring him into action.  Diesel orders Paxton to follow him so they can stop Thomas in his tracks.

Thomas hurries off to Brendam Docks to ask Cranky about the yellow engine, thinking that he might know something. 


Cranky is busy loading a cargo ship and is reluctant to answer Thomas’s questions, but Thomas persists until Cranky sheds light on the fact that he did lift a yellow engine out of the sea, but all he can remember is that the engine’s light was broken and he couldn’t understand a word he said. 

But before Thomas can ask where the engine went, Diesel and Paxton arrive in the Docks and ask Cranky where the Fat Controller is – this makes Cranky even more cross!  He does not enjoy the questioning at all!


But Thomas figures out for himself where the yellow engine would have went instead, to the Steamworks!

Thomas rushes down the line to the Steamworks where he finds Victor and asks if he can remember fixing a yellow engine that fell into the sea. 


Victor is shocked and blurts out a sentence in a different language – Thomas is very surprised, and realises that Victor was the yellow engine who fell into the sea!  Victor is very coy – he has never spoken of what happened to anyone.

He tells Thomas that a long time ago in Cuba, where Victor is from, he was told he was needed on Sodor.  After sailing for quite some time, they stopped at a harbour where a small green engine was lowered onto the deck. 


As they approached Sodor, the choppy waters made the ship rock, and with one big wave, the chains holding Victor’s wheels to the deck broke, and he began rolling unsteadily over the length of track he had been placed on.

When they reached Sodor, Luke called out to the dockmen to lift him off first.  Victor was concerned and tried to attract their attention, but they could not understand what he was saying. 


As they lifted Luke from the boat, he swung out and bashed into Victor, sending him rolling off the deck and into the sea below.  Luckily, Victor landed on a jetty which saved him, but the weather was so bad they could not risk lifting him out of the water.

Victor stayed in the sea for some time until he was eventually lifted out and placed on a flatbed to be taken to the Steamworks for repair. 


Victor felt very scared, and the scariest thing of all was that no-one understood him – therefore, he resolved to learn English in order to communicate with others around him in his new home.  His first word was ‘red’ because that was the colour he chose as a bright new colour to mark his bright new life on Sodor.

Thomas is thrilled to hear that it was all just an unfortunate accident and that Luke has nothing to be blamed for.  Victor is well and in working condition, and the accident only happened because he wasn’t chained to the deck. 


Thomas chuffs out of the Steamworks as fast as he can to tell Luke the good news, leaving poor Victor bewildered as to who Luke is!

On his way back, Thomas is gushing with excitement at his news, but his glee is shortlived when he sees Diesel and Paxton up ahead talking to the Fat Controller and Winston about Luke and how ‘dangerous’ he supposedly is. 


Fortunately, the Fat Controller doesn’t know what Diesel is talking about and is far more concerned with Mavis being taken to the Dieselworks instead.  He scolds Paxton also for following Diesel around and not working at the Quarry.  Thomas concedes that he too is breaking the rules by not working on the Branch Line, but feels that helping Luke is just as important.

He hurries up to the Blue Mountain Quarry and tells Luke that he spoke to Victor, and that he told him what happened when Luke was being unloaded.  Skarloey is furious with Thomas and angrily interrupts before he can finish. 


Skarloey firmly reminds Thomas that the little engines had asked him not to speak to the other engines about Luke.  The little engines feel betrayed and angry – Luke particularly.  All of them steam away crossly from Thomas and onto the upper terraces of the Quarry.

As they do, Diesel and Paxton arrive in the Quarry.  Diesel immediately targets Luke about the accident and sends him running in fear.  Thomas calls desperately to the little engines in a bid to explain, but they won’t listen. 


Diesel delights in the situation and taunts Thomas and Luke – saying that the Fat and Thin Controllers will send Luke away forever.  Thomas feels terrible about what has happened, and Paxton feels just as guilty for telling Diesel to begin with.

In a moment of desperation, he calls to Rocky to lift him onto Owen’s platform so that he can be levered up the incline to the top and reach Luke.  Rocky is unsure if Thomas should do it – but Thomas persuades him to help anyway. 


Diesel is shocked, and Owen doesn’t think he can pull Thomas up the incline – he’d be much too heavy.  But Thomas pleads with him to help and presses the importance of his cause.  Owen hauls Thomas up the incline with great effort and struggle, eventually bringing him to the top.

Below, Diesel continues to taunt Luke about the accident, whilst Thomas urges him to wait and listen to what he has to say.  Diesel orders Paxton to go and fetch the Fat Controller, whilst Thomas calls for him to go to the Steamworks and fetch Victor instead. 


Poor Paxton isn’t sure what to do and struggles for an answer, before being rushed out of the Quarry by Diesel.  Diesel’s sure of victory, but Thomas is confident he can still help Luke.

When on the upper terrace, Thomas tries to navigate his way to find Luke.  But his wheels are too big to run on the narrow gauge tracks – he finds himself jumping all over the place before eventually veering out of control and through a set of buffers!


Thomas finds himself hanging over the edge of a cliff, and struggling to stay on the rails!  He is in great danger, and all the narrow gauge engines can do is look on helplessly in abject horror.

But one narrow gauge engine plucks up the courage to step in and save the day.  Luke hurries to Thomas’s aid and is chained to the back of Thomas.  Diesel sneers below and calls to tell Thomas that Luke will push him off the edge like he did with the yellow engine. 


But Luke puts every ounce of steam he has into being a hero instead.  With a very big effort, he pulls Thomas back from the edge and along the track back to Owen’s platform, receiving a chorus of cheers and whistles from the other engines as he goes.

The moment of glory is shattered however when Thomas is shunted onto Owen’s platform again.  Thomas is so heavy it catches Owen unawares, leaving no time to detach Luke’s chain from Thomas’s back end. 


The two engines go hurtling down the incline in a shower of sparks before crashing to the bottom with a huge thud! 


Luckily, no damage is done and the engines are well – much to Diesel’s frustration.

Just then, the sound of Winston’s horn is heard in the Quarry again as he rolls in carrying the Fat and Thin Controllers again.  The Fat Controller is furious to find Thomas on Owen’s platform and not working on his branch line. 


Diesel chimes in and tries to tell the Fat Controller about what Luke did, and that Thomas has been hiding him in the Quarry.  Thomas protests and tries to tell the Fat Controller the truth, but he is interrupted by a very welcome surprise.

Paxton arrives back at the Quarry with Victor on a lowloader, much to the Fat and Thin Controller’s surprise, and Thomas’s delight. 


Victor speaks gently and kindly to Luke, and explains that the accident was not his fault at all, and that the wheel chains holding him to the deck were broken – hence why he slid off.  Luke is confused – Victor is red and speaks English.  Victor laughs and speaks Spanish to prove Luke wrong, and explains that he was repainted following his repairs.

The Thin Controller is delighted to meet Luke at last and welcome to his railway.  The Fat Controller scolds Diesel for being so quick to tell tales and not find out the whole story before coming to him and the Thin Controller. 


Luke insists that all turned out well because of Thomas, and as a consequence, the Fat Controller forgives him for not working on his branch line.

Both Controllers are very proud of their engines and praise them for being ‘Really Useful Engines’. 


Thomas and Luke are pleased and whistle with pride.  Of all the engines, they are by far the happiest in the whole Quarry.


Thanks to his new friend, Thomas, Luke will never need to hide away ever again.



And as for the yellow engine?  Well, a few days later, when Thomas arrived at the Steamworks, Victor and Luke were waiting with a surprise...!