Crewmember Dedication Page

SiF dedicates this section of the fansite to all of the crewmembers who coursed through and have worked their magic on Thomas and Friends during the model era of the series. We express our gratitude to these artisans who are happy to share their recollections of working on the series.
Crewmember  interviews are listed from the most recent (top) to oldest (bottom).

Alexandra Dawe
Modelmaker Series 6 to 8+
Alexandra (Bennett) Dawe joined Thomas & Friends as a modelmaker  with Series 6, and her name can be seen in the episode credits until Series 8. She did continue making props for the show up to Series 10. Fans will enjoy reading Alexandra's memories of working on Thomas!

David Payne
Character Modelmaker Series 1 and 2
David Payne was the familiar name seen in the Series 2 credits under Penicott, Payne & Lillie. David and his company colleagues were responsible for building the characters featured in Series 1 and 2 of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. David shares his recollections of what went into the construction of these characters in this SiF interview

Chris Lloyd
Modelmaker and SFX, Series 5-12 and TUGS
Since signing onto the production of Thomas since Series 5, Chris Lloyd rose through the modelmaker ranks to being entrusted to overseeing Dave Eves' model shop and SFX on the show and Jack and the Pack. Chris also built several of the characters  on TUGS.  Chris stayed on until Series 12,  the final one in the show's model era. Chris reveals some interesting things about his work on all three shows in his interview with SiF.

Robert Gauld-Galliers
Art Director, Series 1-7 and Pilot, TUGS
Robert Gauld-Galliers was the Art Director for the series since its inception until HiT entered the scene with its own creative team. Robert should be recognized as the creative force behind the series and whose talents brought Sodor to life through his art direction. Robert's interview with SiF is a must-read for all fans!

Michael Dixon
Editor,  Series 1 and Pilot
Michael Dixon was kind enough to share his insight about his time as Editor for Series 1 of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. For an in-depth look at what was involved - you'll learn that Michael and his associate were indeed very busy!  Michael's article can be read here.

Jeremy King
Modelmaker Series 2-3, 6 and TUGS
Jeremy King initially joined TTTE&Friends as an Experience Student in Series 2. He then moved on to credited crew roles for TUGS, and Series 3 and 6 of Thomas.  Jeremy's recollections of working on both shows can be read here.

Christopher Noulton
Modelmaker Series 1, 2 and Pilot
Back in 1983, Christopher Noulton, a young modelmaker working at Shepperton Studios on television adverts such as Prize-Guys Yoghurts, P-G Tips signed-on to work on a new Children's Television Series - read Christopher's story here.

Steve Asquith
Assistant Director/Director Series 1-12 and Pilot
Steve Asquith is a true veteran and trooper who was there from the very beginning of the model series to its sunset with Series 12 in 2008. Steve shares a few of his thoughts with Ryan about working on the show here.

John Lee
Modelmaker and Designer Series 12-13, Thomas and the Great Discovery, Hero of the Rails
John Lee's fascinating contributions to Thomas and Friends as Modeller and Designer can be  found here

Phil Fehrle
Producer, Series 6-7
Phil Fehrle held the esteemed position of Producer for Series 6 and 7 of Thomas and Friends. Phil was gracious enough to share some of his recollections of his contributions to the show with us: Phil's Interview

Tim Staffel
Modelbuilder and Supervisor, Series 1 and Pilot
Tim Staffel once worked at Clearwater Films and was one of the pioneers who worked on Thomas' debut on the small screen. Here Tim shares his recollections of his involvement with the Pilot ans Series 1.

With a big THANKS to all crewmembers who've contributed their memories :)