Jack and the Pack: 2003

Jack and the Pack

R Healy

Quote of the Series

MISS JENNY: Patrick, have you been talking about concrete again?
PATRICK: I might have said...something!
On Site With Thomas

A Bit About Jack and the Pack

Jack and the Pack were believed to have been axed from the Thomas series following their first appearances in Series 6.  Original confirmation had said that they were planned to for a spin-off series, which following the takeover by HiT Entertainment in 2002, wasn't liable to happen anytime soon.  However, in a surprising turnaround in attitudes, it appears that the spin-off series was filmed and is now being released on DVD, but so far only in the US.  The new series appears to have been filmed around the time of Series 6 or 7, as it is still uses the original 35mm film and not the BETACam SP technology brought in for filming the later series from 2004 onward.
The new series brought forth previously unseen members of The Pack to light, and has allowed for greater character development in members of the team other than the supposed main star Jack the Front Loader.  It now appears that the Pack boasts a Steamroller (Buster), Transporter (Nelson), Cement Mixer (Patrick) and that one of the existing characters, Max the Dump Truck, has had a twin brother all along in Monty!  Each of these new characters were not given a full introduction, and instead, integrated into the exisitng clan. 
New large scale models of Thomas and Percy were built to work alongside the newer "Pack" models, and allow for the railway to have a part to play in this new spin-off series, although main focus will remain upon the Pack characters, with it being unlikely for other railway characters (particularly the larger models) to feature.
Music is provided by new composer Robert Hartshorne, who has composed for the Thomas series since 2004, and the new episodes were directed by Steve Asquith, with some footage potentially provided by David Mitton on the smaller scale set.
Whether Phil Fherle had the opportunity to film more than one series remains to be seen, but the new Pack episodes appear to have been popular among fans, who have enjoyed seeing the characters reappearing! 

Characters Introduced In Jack & The Pack

Patrick the Cement Mixer
Buster the Steamroller
Monty the Dump Truck
Nelson the Transporter

Key Production Team

Peter Urie
Jocelyn Stevenson
Phil Fherle

Steve Asquith

In 2013, we ran a poll on Jack & The Pack to determine what the best episodes of the Series were as well as what else fans enjoyed about it.  Best characters, episodes  and aspects of production are included and broken down in our poll results blog!


Jack and the Pack Episode Guide

Abi Grant
J.1 - A Tale For Thomas
Written by Paul Larson
Jack and his friends are sent to prop up the "Lightning Tree" in the forest.  But trouble arises when Max and Monty are fooling around and end up hitting the tree, which becomes unsteady.  Alfie, Oliver and Kelly rush to the rescue, and Jack helps them to save the day by getting props to support the tree.

J.2 - On Site With Thomas

Written by Will Ing

There's a big question floating around the construction site among the members of "The Pack" - Who is the most important member?  Patrick makes the boastful claim to Jack and Alfie, who begin to wonder - and get a different answer from every machine they ask!  However, when Max and Monty battle it out on the road to find out who it is, Patrick comes off worse and lands in his own concrete!

J.3 - Jack Owns Up

Written by Paul Larson

When working in the Warehouse area, everyone is warned by Miss Jenny to be very careful, and that anyone causing a mishap will be sent home!  Ned is worried, considering he wasn't the best for being "careful", but Jack on the other hand is reckless and causes an accident, which Ned is blamed for.  Jack tells the truth and spares his friend the trip home, but despite being in disgrace, Jack feels better for telling the truth.

J.4 - Percy's Scary Tale

Written by Jonathan Trueman

One night, when working in the forest, Kelly tells the other members of the Pack the story of the "One Eyed Lorry" who haunts the wood.  Max and Monty laugh off the story at first, until they have to take a trip into the wood themselves and hear and see something coming toward them...!

J.5 - Kelly's Windy Day

Written by Phil Fherle

On a particularly windy day, Kelly topples over and demolishes a shed where the Pack are working.  Frightened he has become a danger, he becomes reluctant to work.  But when Miss Jenny needs him to rescue Isabella, Kelly knows he has to put his fears aside and get to work.  And with a successful rescue complete, Kelly's confidence is restored!

J.6 - A Happy Day For Percy

Written by Paul Larson

Byron the Bulldozer feels forgotten when no-one wants to compliment his digging of foundations.  However, when Max and Monty's carelessness on the muddy building site put Alfie in grave danger, Byron rushes to the rescue and saves the day by pulling the little excavator free.  Byron is the hero of the hour, and feels very proud of himself.

J.7 - Thomas and the Moles

Written by Jan Needle

Buster the steamroller feels left out when everyone else is given a job to do when clearing up after a big storm.  But his chance to be useful comes when Miss Jenny finds out that there is work to be done on the football pitch - which is covered in mole hills!  Buster is the only machine for the job, and feels proud to be useful.

J.8 - Percy Helps Out

Written by Brian Trueman

Nelson the transporter's only wish is to be carried himself for once, as opposed to carrying everyone else!  But one day, when Thomas has an accident and needs taken to the Works, Nelson finally gets his wish when Percy is given the job of taking him back to the yard on his own lowloader!

J.9 - A Visit From Thomas
Written by Paul Dawson
When The Pack are building a new school, Oliver the Excavator makes a startling discovery!  When digging the foundations for the new school swimming pool, he catches something very hard, which turns out to be the skeleton of a dinosaur!  Oliver is hailed to be a hero among The Pack, and gets his picture in the Sodor Times!

J.10 - The Tortoise and The Hare

Written by Will Ing

Buster is sent to flatten the Sodor Rally Track, and dreams of being the fastest Steamroller in the world.  Max and Monty think he's being silly, but when the time comes to check the race course for safe running, Buster shows Max and Monty that his sensibility and steady pace are a better combination than their stupidity and high speeds when he rolls over the finish line first!

J.11 - Alfie Has Kittens

Written by Abi Grant

Alfie doesn't feel very useful when some of the other machines tease him for being small.  But when a family of cats are in trouble in a building due for demolition, Alfie's smaller size becomes his biggest assett in his daring rescue of the kittens!  And after that, Alfie feels proud to be small!

J.12 - Thomas's Trusty Friends

Written by Paul Larson

When Ned and Oliver are sent on a demolition job, Ned is sad when he finds out that he'll only be carrying the bricks and rubble away.  But when each of Oliver's attempts to knock down the building fail, Ned's clumsiness sees the building come down in spectacular fashion...purely by accident!

J.13 - Mud, Glorious Mud

Written by Jonathan Trueman

Isabella is very cautious about her paintwork, but when the Pack are sent to work on a particularly muddy building site and suddenly run out of fuel, Isabella is the only one who can save the day as she is a steam lorry.  She braves the odds to reach Thomas, and even gets her precious paintwork dirty just to help her friends get back to work.