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“Jet Planes don't have to stop for cows!”

Thomas & The Jet Plane

A Bit About Series 10

Series 10 again followed on from the trend set by Series 9 of introducing new characters, but at the same juncture, focussing particularly upon the main Steam Team character base.  However, in broadcast of the half hour slots, the series 6/7 episode inbetween interstitials and songs was replaced by a segment featuring notable places around the Island of Sodor, and recalling the adventures the engines had there.


One of the most notable things about the new series was that there were now 28 episodes as opposed to the previous standard 26 per series.  This was slightly unusual, but welcomed by the fans of the series.  Others were the use of different scale size models of Thomas and James on a more regular basis.  This was mainly done to fit in with the narrow gauge engines on the new Wharf, and allow for greater interaction between the two sides.


A very welcome change came in the form of a long awaited and highly anticipated return of a classic character - namely Sir Handel, the narrow gauge No.3, who had been absent for around 10 years and five series.  On top of that, four new characters were also introduced, Fearless Freddie, Rocky the Crane, Jeremy the Jet Plane and Rosie the Small Tank Engine.  Each of the new characters featured in their own interstitials within the course of the series.


The major talking point regarding the new series, particularly around Sodor Island Forums was the improvement of storylines and writing.  Despite the numerous episodes where Thomas featured as a main player, greater amounts of air time were given to characters such as Henry than had been previously.  As well as the fact that, a number of catchphrases that were very prominent previously were subsequently cut back – “Confusion and Delay” in particular only occurred once!


Overall, a great improvement on recent series and the new format appears to have come into its own.

Characters Introduced In Series 10

Rosie the Tank Engine
Fearless Freddie the Narrow Gauge Engine
Rocky the Steam Crane
Jeremy the Jet Plane

Songs Of The Series

Doing it Right

Favorite Place

Harold (H is for Harold)


Old and New (There's Always Something New)

Responsibility (Happy and Sad)



Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

Key Production Team

Jocelyn Stevenson
Simon Spencer
Robert Hartshorne
Ed Welch

Steve Asquith

In 2014, we ran a poll on Series 10 to determine what the best episodes of the Series were as well as what else fans enjoyed about it.  Best characters, episodes, songs and aspects of production are included and broken down in our poll results blog!  

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Series 10 Episode Guide

Sharon Miller
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10.1 – Follow That Flour!

Written by Sharon Miller

Thomas becomes jealous of James when he arrives at the Wharf to collect flour for the childrens' Harvest Festival supper.  Thomas decides to hide James's truck of flour from him, but as he attempts to be sneaky, he is unaware that the flour truck has broken open and is spilling its contents all over the Wharf - which leads James to find Thomas every time he goes to hide!  When he realises his mistake, Thomas promises to make it up to his friend and they both work hard to retreive the empty flour truck at the Flour Mill.

10.2 – A Smooth Ride

Written by Simon Nicholson

Sir Handel returns from a long spell of working at the stone quarry with a traction problem which prevents him from climbing hills.  Fearful of his fate, he tries in vain to keep the problem a secret from the Thin Controller - until he has to take him and his wife on a picnic to the top of Culdee Fell.  The Thin Controller ponders the problem, and Sir Handel worries over his future.  But all turns out well when he arranges for a special engineer comes to fix the little engine, who is once again, the smoothest running engine in the hills!

10.3 – Thomas and the Jet Plane / Thomas and the Jet Airplane

Written by Abi Grant

Thomas is sent to collect the children from the Airport to take them to the annual Sodor Summer Picnic.  When there, he meets Jeremy the Jet Plane, who tells Thomas how wonderful it is to fly.  Thomas feels jealous, and on the way to the picnic, keeps thinking about the advantages Jeremy has over him.  But when a summer storm is on its way, Thomas is the only one who can save the day thanks to his reliable rails!  And he and Jeremy become good friends, when the friendly jet plane agrees to allow the children to have their picnic in his hangar.

10.4 – Percy and the Fun Fair / Percy and the Carnival (US)

Written by Abi Grant

Poor Percy feels left out of the festivities when he's given the mundane job of collecting coal for the engines instead of helping deliver the fun fair equipment.  Instead of doing his deliveries, he leaves his coal behind and tries to help the other engines, who all don't need help.  But when there's no coal in the stations for the engines to top up their supplies, the little green engine has to work hard, and realises in the end, how important his job was after all!

10.5 – The Green Controller

Written by Sharon Miller

When the Fat Controller loses his voice, Lady Hatt gives Percy the job of Controller for the day!  But unfortunately the job becomes too much for him, and the wrong orders are given, which result in Gordon pulling slow trucks, James being painted yellow and red, and Toby pulling the Express!  Thomas comes to help his friend by retracing his tracks, and remembering everything Lady Hatt told him.  By the end of the day, everyone is doing the right jobs, and the Fat Controller praises Percy for his good work.

10.6 - Duncan Drops a Clanger

Written by Paul Larson

Duncan is given the job of delivering the clock tower's bell for polishing, but becomes so enthused with the sound it makes he forgets to be careful, and instead goes too quickly and too roughly, which results in him losing the bell!  Luckily, after listening out for it, Duncan finds it hanging on a branch over the track.  He rolls underneath just as it’s about to fall and catches it on the flat truck.  Duncan gets the bell ready for the polishers and it’s ready to chime again in the town square.

10.7 – Thomas's Tricky Tree

Written by Sharon Miller

Thomas arrives at the Wharf to collect the Christmas Tree from Sir Handel, but when he can't find it, Duncan ends up teasing him about not knowing what a Christmas Tree looks like.  Thomas refuses any further help from the little engines and instead, begins moving a truck loaded full of pipes!  Thomas eventually concedes defeat and goes to find Sir Handel, who shows him precisely where the tree is.  Thomas realises that even though he may be big, he can still ask for help.

10.8 - Toby's Afternoon Off

Written by Marc Seal

Toby plans to spend his afternoon at the farm with all the animals, but the Fat Controller gives him three specials to do instead.  Determined to still go and see the animals, he tries to ask his friends for help.  But each Thomas, Mavis and Salty are busy with other jobs and cannot help, leaving Toby feeling sad.  But when he finds Henry in a siding further down the line, he realises why his friends were busy - they were helping Henry instead.  Toby decides to follow their example and helps to pull Henry's coaches back to Knapford for him, knowing deep down that helping a friend is better than afternoon off any day!

10.9 – It's Good To Be Gordon

Written by Abi Grant

When Gordon has the chance to make a new Sodor record, he accidentally takes on Henry's special coal instead of his own, but doesn't tell anyone otherwise.  Henry is left to make do with ordinary coal, which causes problems for him later on, which makes Gordon feel guilty when the two meet later.  But just when Gordon is due to make the record, he decides to go back and help Henry instead.  They swap tenders, and pull in to the station side by side.  Gordon knows that attaining the record didn't matter - he owned the old one anyway!

10.10 – Seeing the Sights

Written by Wayne Jackman

Gordon tells Thomas he'll never show the visitors all the sights of Sodor in one day, and determined to prove him otherwise, Thomas hurries across the Island from place to place.  But this causes a set of new problems - as Thomas begins leaving visitors behind!  Bertie tells him all about what happened and delivers his first set of passengers back to him, while Thomas goes back over his tracks and collects all the visitors again.  But while continuing the tour, Thomas reaches the beach and the visitors decide to spend the rest of the day there instead.  Gordon continues to goad him, but Thomas knows it’s the best thing for everyone to see one place properly, rather than everything at once!

10.11 – Fearless Freddie

Written by Simon Nicholson

Fearless Freddie returns to the narrow gauge railway after many years away, and challenges Skarloey and Rheneas to a race down the mountain.  Freddie, knowing all the old tracks, cheats his way to winning both times.  But the second race down the other side, results in Rheneas coming off the rails and going missing.  It's up to Freddie to use his knowledge of the old tracks and lead the rescue mission to find him.  Later, Freddie feels foolish and guilty, but the engines are forgiving and urge him to tell old tales from the hills.

10.12 - Toby's New Shed

Written by Simon Nicholson

When Thomas notices Toby's roof is riddled with holes, he decides to try and help his friend by rebuilding it.  Toby is less than enthusiastic about the idea, and Thomas soon finds out why when the work is done.  Toby's friends, the birds, now can't get into his shed and be with him.  Thomas feels guilty, but soon decides to make good use of the old wood from the old roof by making it into a bird house specifically for Arlesdale End, so Toby's bird friends can still come and visit.

10.13 - Big Strong Henry

Written by Simon Nicholson

Gordon is given the job of delivering heavy goods to Farmer McColl instead of Henry, insisting that he is stronger than the big green engine.  But the other engines try to boost Henry's confidence and tell him that he's just as good as Gordon by calling him "Big Strong Henry".  But in doing this, Henry gets too puffed up in the boiler, which leads to him taking some heavy trucks of hay bales, losing control of the train and crashing.  When Henry begins taking the trucks back, he meets Gordon, whose truck doors haven't been securely fastened.  The cows inside break loose, but Henry knows what to do, and leads them back to their new field by allowing them to eat the hay from his truck!

10.14 - Sticky Toffee Thomas / Sticky Taffy Thomas (US)

Written by Paul Larson

Thomas is to give train rides to the children at their fancy dress party, and decides to come in fancy dress too.  He tries going as a bubble, but crashes into Toby when the soap gets in his eyes.  With Toby's axle broken as a result, Thomas has to take the sticky toffee for him to the party.  Thomas begins day dreaming again, and ends up causing another accident, with him getting covered in sticky toffee.  To avoid being late, he decides to cut along an old branch line, where he becomes covered in branches and muck.  Thomas feels silly when he arrives, but the children think he's got the best fancy dress of all!

10.15 - Which Way Now?

Written by James Mason

Rusty has two jobs - the first is to help the workmen put up sign posts in the hills, and the other, is to take the Fat Controller and his family to the hills for a day out.  Rusty is impatient with the workmen and urges them to hurry so he can get back for the Fat Controller arriving.  But when Rusty comes back later to collect the Hatts from their day out, they're nowhere to be found.  And when Rusty finds other people in very odd places, he realises the sign posts are in all the wrong places!  The only way to find them is to follow the signs they followed, which leads him nicely to Hill Farm where the Hatts have had a grand day out with the animals.  Later on his way home, Rusty offers to take the workmen back up into the hills to allow them to fix the signs, and promises this time, not to rush!

10.16 - Thomas and the Shooting Star

Written by Abi Grant

Thomas is taking some engineers to the Power Station, but at the same time really wants to see a special shooting star, which will be soaring across the sky.  Thomas tries to make sure he'll see it by travelling down lines that will not block his view of the sky.  But he keeps detracting from the quickest route to the Power Station.  When all seems lost, Thomas wishes he could find his way there, just as the shooting star lights up the sky and shows him the way!

10.17 - Edward Strikes Out

Written by Sharon Miller

When a new crane called Rocky arrives on Sodor, Edward and Gordon are quick to dismiss him as “new fangled nonsense”.  But when Edward runs into trouble with a train of pipes, Harvey proves too small to clear the mess on his own in good time, which results in Gordon hitting the pipes and coming off the line!  The engines know Rocky will be the only one who can help, so they urge Edward to go and fetch him.  Rocky manages to clear the pipes and helps Gordon back onto the track, and is hailed a hero by all the engines who see how useful he is at last!

10.18 - Topped Off Thomas

Written by Sharon Miller

One of Thomas's autumn hobbies is to "race the wind".  But when he challenges Spencer to a race to Kelsthorpe Station and ends up blowing the Fat Controller's hat off as he flies through the station, Thomas has to try and get the hat back for him.  But each time he tries, the wind blows it away time and again!  Eventually though, the wind relents and Thomas brings the hat home safely.

10.19 - Wharf and Peace

Written by Abi Grant

Skarloey dislikes using the Wharf, finding it too big and unfamiliar.  And when a noise there frightens him, James and the trucks call him a scaredy little engine.  Skarloey spends the rest of the day wondering if he really is a scaredy engine, but after unwittingly helping his friends through their problems - Rusty with the bridge, Duncan with the stream and Rheneas with a set of renegade logs - Rheneas makes him fully aware of what a brave engine he really is.  And when Skarloey returns to the Wharf, he's not afraid any more.

10.20 - Thomas's Frosty Friend

Written by Sharon Miller

The children are playing with a giant inflatable snowman, which, when a high wind blows, comes loose and hooks itself on to Thomas's buffers!  Thomas is unaware of how the snowman got there, and despite questions from Emily, James and Farmer McColl as to why its attatched to him, he thinks it’s following him of its own accord!  After numerous attempts to persuade the snowman to go back to the children, Thomas goes to the Fat Controller for help, and he explains everything.  A relieved Thomas, then takes Mr Snowman back to the children!

10.21 - Emily and the Special Coaches / Emily and the Special Coaches (US)

Written by James Mason

Gordon has set a new record for pulling the Express, and is being rewarded with brand new coaches.  Emily is given the job of collecting them for the ceremony, when she meets Diesel who tells her that Gordon's not the only one who's set a record.  But when Emily won't listen to him, Diesel decides to take drastic action and scupper her important job by taking the coaches himself.  A long and tiring chase later, Diesel returns the coaches, and tells Emily that he too has set a record - for shunting the most trucks in one day.  Emily is sympathetic and decides to give Diesel a reward of his own - a brand new engine!

10.22 - Thomas and the Colours / Thomas and the Team Colors (US)

Written by Marc Seal

Thomas is jealous when James is given the job of taking the Sodor School Football team to the important match instead of him!  Thomas tries all sorts of things to persuade James to give him the job, but James refuses.  Then, Thomas sends James down the wrong line and he ends up ruining all the decorations covering him.  But the children are on hand to help out and get James back to looking splendid again by using their own flags and scarves to decorate him in time for pulling the team coaches!

10.23 - Thomas and The Birthday Mail

Written by James Mason

Thomas has to deliver special birthday mail to Alice at High Farm, but on the way, meets Rosie the small engine, who tries to follow him up to the farm.  Thomas does all he can to avoid Rosie, and decides to take a steeper and more difficult line so she cannot follow.  However, Thomas runs into trouble, but Rosie is luckily close behind to help out and deliver the mail in his place.

10.24 - Duncan's Bluff

Written by Paul Larson

Duncan challenges James to see who can deliver coal the fastest - Duncan to the villagers, or James to the Wharf!  When James arrives back first, Duncan decides to resort to a spot of cheating by hiding some of his own trucks to fool him.  Both are determined not to lose, but James uses up too much of his own coal in the process of delivering to the Wharf.  This means that he won't be able to take the children to their concert, unless of course Duncan helps him out!

10.25 - Missing Trucks / Missing Cars (US)

Written by Wayne Jackman

Rheneas, in an act of kindness, decides to take Skarloey's trucks in his place with his own.  But when Rheneas cannot climb a hill with both loads, he leaves Skarloey's trucks in a siding, which, when he returns to collect them, are gone.  Everyone is worried about what has happened, until Peter Sam puffs in with the missing trucks, having found them in the siding!

10.26 - Thomas and the Treasure

Written by Marc Seal

When Thomas is given the job of taking the Admiral to the opening of the new Sodor Maratime Museum, Salty tells the engines about a missing treasure on the Island.  Thomas decides to try and solve the clues and find the treasure on his way to the museum opening; looking for the "Eagle of the Mountains", "Clouds not in the Sky" and finally the "Skull and Crossbones" where the treasure lies.  But Thomas ends up taking too long and nearly makes the Admiral late, so Harold takes him the rest of the way.  But Thomas continues to follow the clues and finds himself at the Maratime Museum, where coincidentally, the treasure lies!

10.27 - James The Second Best

Written by Paul Larson

Edward is chosen to go on a poster to promote the railway, and James becomes envious.  So to show everyone how deserving HE is, James tries to be as good as Edward in everything he does...but ends up being messier and later than Edward in the process!  And when James tries to make up time for collecting his passenger train, he causes an accident with Edward running into the back of him and hitting one of the posters!  James then offers to be Edward's back engine when the old blue engine suffers a broken cylinder, and everyone agrees he is good enough to be on a poster!

10.28 - Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out

Written by Paul Larson

Skarloey needs to go to the menders, and Thomas is the only engine who can take him.  To make the best of a bad situation, Thomas decides to show Skarloey all the beautiful sights of Sodor that he'd never see in the mountains.  But the detours don't seem to work, as Skarloey has seen a lot of similar ones in the mountains already!  Then when the coupling breaks on the flatbed, Thomas has to go straight to the menders after all, but on the way, Skarloey notices the beach - one sight he's never seen before in the mountains!  And Skarloey has to agree, it was the best day out ever!