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R Healy

Quote Of The Series

"Hello Emily!  My name's Whiff, because I'm a bit smelly!"
Emily's Rubbish / Emily & The Garbage (US)

A Bit About Series 11

Series 11, much in the same respect as Series 7 and 8, heralded many changes and endings for the Thomas and Friends series.

Series 11 has the distinction of being the first Thomas series to be filmed entirely in 'High-Definition' to give better picture quality and clarity.  As a result, a number of scenes were refilmed including the opening and closing sequences, as well as sing-along Engine Roll Call, which plays at the end of every episode.  It wasn't just the film of the opening titles that was changed; the opening theme was replaced by a shortened rendition of "Engine Roll Call".


Series 11 also welcomed a new Executive Producer,  Christopher Skala, who it seems keen to welcome back some old friends to the series.  Among those making re-appearances for the first time in a long time were Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry, Murdoch, Neville, Molly along with the Scottish Twins, Donald and Douglas, both of whom played prominent roles in one of the new episodes.  Sadly though, the series was cut short at 20 episodes broadcast as opposed to the traditional 26, the latter six being released on a special narrow gauge DVD.  No new interactive content or songs were created for the broadcast episodes, apart from filler segments featuring recollections of Engine moments, and the special Narrow Gauge Engine Song for the DVD.


However, it was also due to mark an important ending in the Thomas world.  For both current the UK and US storytellers - Michael Angelis and Michael Brandon, it was supposed to be their final series.  Michael Brandon joined the series in 2004, starting with Series 8 and providing the US narrative for preceding Series 7.  For Michael Angelis, it was the end of a 16 year association that begin in 1991 with Series 3, and saw him stay steadfast in the light of many changes in hands.  However, their departure didn't last long as Pierce Brosnan only appeared as Storyteller for The Great Discovery, and left shortly after.

Characters Introduced In Series 11

Billy The Saddle-Tank Engine
Whiff The Garbage Engine
Madge The Snub-Nosed Lorry

Songs Of The Series

The Narrow Gauge Engines Song
(Engine & Escapades DVD Exclusive)


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

Key Production Team

Christopher Skala
Simon Spencer
Robert Hartshorne
Ed Welch

Steve Asquith

In 2014, we ran a poll on Series 11 to determine what the best episodes of the Series were as well as what else fans enjoyed about it.  Best characters, episodes and aspects of production are included and broken down in our poll results blog!  

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Series 11 Episode Guide

Sharon Miller
Sam Barlow

11.1 – Thomas and the Storyteller

Written by Abi Grant

Thomas is asked to take a famous storyteller on a tour of the Island of Sodor, so that she can create a brand new story to read for the children at the opening of their new library.  However, whenever Thomas thinks of a place that would be inspiring, he finds James, Emily and Percy in trouble and has to help them instead.  Thomas thinks he's wasted the storyteller's time, but she thinks that Thomas's actions would make a wonderful story to tell the children at the library opening.

11.2 – Emily's Rubbish / Emily and the Garbage (US)

Written by Wayne Jackman

Emily is sent to collect rubbish with a new engine called Whiff.  However, instead of being smart and clean like Emily hoped for, Whiff turns out to be very grubby, grimy and smelly, and she's embarrassed to be seen with him.  Emily makes many a mad-dash to and fro across the Island, trying to avoid Whiff.  However, when a train of rubbish trucks are blocking Spencer's way, she knows she'll need help to move them, and there's only one engine who can help - Whiff!  Emily rounds up Whiff and apologises, and together, they move the rubbish trucks from Spencer's way.  The big silver engine thinks Whiff is really useful, and Emily declares him her new good friend!

11.3 – Dream On

Written by Neil Richards

Spencer is back on the Island and causing some ill feeling with Thomas.  Thomas decides that he's going to be as fast, shiny and strong as Spencer to show him up.  However, when going fast, he nearly derails; when he's as shiny, hard work at the quary soon makes him grubby again and when he tries to be strong, he ends up being pulled down Gordon's Hill by the trucks.  But when Spencer's fire won't start in time to get the Duke to the Airport, Thomas is the only engine who can help.  The Duke thanks Thomas for his efforts and commends him for being a reliable engine!

11.4 - Dirty Work (2007)

Written by Wayne Jackman

There's a special event at the Scottish Castle, and James is given the special job of bringing the Mayor of Sodor to the celebrations.  Thomas, Emily and Percy are all invited to come too, but only if they finish their jobs in time.  James thinks himself too grand and important to help them, but later realises that if they're not finished in good time, they'll miss his grand entrance at the castle!  James then makes a special effort to help his friends finish their jobs in good time, but ends up arriving at the castle in a horrendous state.  But the Fat Controller is pleased with him, and assures him that being a useful engine is all that matters.

11.5 - Hector The Horrid!
Written by Simon Spencer

Bill and Ben bring a new truck to the Coaling Depot for Thomas to shunt into a special order for James and Edward.  The truck doesn't like being shunted, and refuses to go with Thomas, ordering him to Keep away!

Initially, Thomas is scared of the new truck and decides instead to use the others in the yard, but the yard manager tells him that they will need Hector to complete the order.  Rosie comes to help out and tries to shunt Hector herself, but he roars at her so loud that she runs out of the yard.  Thomas has had enough and shunts Hector off the rails!  Thomas soon finds that Hector is new and scared of being filled with coal.  So Thomas decides to help him by showing him there's nothing to be scared of.  Hector relents and co-operates with Thomas in time for James and Edward arriving, and the two become good friends.

11.6 - Gordon and the Engineer / Gordon and the Mechanic (US)

Written by Paul Larson

Some of the signals on the railway are broken, and the engines are stranded until they can be mended.  Gordon is given the job of taking the important engineer to fix them, but when he reaches Maron Station, he ends up collecting the wrong person!  When he realises his mistake, he's too far gone to return the way he came, so instead, he has to back up along Thomas's line and ends up meeting Douglas who's stuck on the line behind him!  Gordon then suggests that he and Donald back up their sections and collect the engineer at Maron, each ferrying him to Gordon.  The twins do so, and thanks to Gordon the engineer is able to fix the points and return everything to normal.

11.7 - Thomas and the Space Ship
Written by Sharon Miller

When Thomas is bringing Percy home after breaking down, the little green engine spots some strange lights in the sky, which he think belong to a spaceship, Gordon thinks it's all nonsense.  As Percy can't work, Thomas has to take his mail train, and decides he will look for the spaceship to prove Gordon wrong.  But each time Thomas spots strange lights, he finds that every time they belong to something more logical, realising what Percy saw was Jeremy the Jet coming in to land.  Thomas ends up wasting time and running late with his mail run and has to get Gordon to help him out.  The following night, the engines all sit at Tidmouth and watch Jeremy coming in to land, and agree that it's better than seeing any spaceship! 

11.8 – Henry’s Lucky Trucks / Henry’s Lucky Day (US) 

Written by Paul Larson

Its winter and most of the tracks are blocked by snow.  All except Henry’s, who happens to be the only engine to get all of his deliveries done in good time.  Thomas reckons he must have "lucky trucks", and Henry begins to agree with him.  But the following day, when Henry comes to collect his "lucky trucks", he finds that Edward's taken them instead.  Henry then makes a mad dash across the island to find him and retrieve his trucks, but each time, his way is impeded by icy tracks on Gordon's Hill, avalanches or something else blocking his way.  But when he does find Edward and his "lucky trucks", Henry can't stop in time, and finds himself battering into the trucks and wrecking them completely.  Instead, he has to use ordinary trucks to make his deliveries, but seeing the children's happy faces makes him realise how lucky he really is.

11.9 - Thomas and the Lighthouse

Written by Abi Grant

The Harvest Festival is coming, and Thomas wants to see the fireworks.  But first, he has to take a special new bulb to the lighthouse on the far side of the Island, meaning that he might miss the festivities.  Each time he sees one of his friends, he begins to speed up until a sudden stop causes the new bulb to break.  Thomas has to go back to the warehouse and collect another one, and misses the fireworks completely.  But when he rolls over Gordon's Hill and sees the new light doing its job, he takes a lot of pride in a job well done!

11.10 - Thomas and the Big Bang

Written by Abi Grant

Thomas receives a new whistle and begins trying it out at the Wharf, where he's due to pick up a special order.  He and the little engines decide to start playing tricks on the others.  First Thomas scares Rusty, and sends a pile of bricks flying; then he scares Sir Handel and upsets his trucks of flour, and finally, scares Peter Sam who sends a train of logs into the canal!  Mr Percival isn't pleased.  The yard is in a mess and no work has been done.  In the end, the engines go back to work, tidy up the mess and load Thomas's trucks.  But Thomas plays one more trick on Mr Percival by pretending he hasn't picked up his order, and Mr Percival calls him “A very funny engine!

11.11 - Smoke and Mirrors

Written by Neil Richards

Thomas is asked to collect some important items for an important magician, but is too busy daydreaming to remember what the items are!  Instead, Thomas goes round the Island collecting things of similar colour, but not the items that the Magician needs to complete his grand finale.  When he shows the magician what he has collected, he's not pleased.  Thomas has to go round the Island again and collect the correct items instead, and gets back just in time for the grand finale, where Thomas becomes part of the show!

11.12 - Thomas Sets Sail

Written by Sharon Miller

Thomas is given the important job of delivering a brand new sailing boat for the Mayor of Sodor.  However, he becomes somewhat impatient and decides to just go without the masts being tied down to the boat.  As he travels along, he finds the boat is too tall to pass under a bridge enroute to the fishing village - so he has to take another route, which passes through a forest, and sees the masts getting caught in the trees, causing the sails to open!  A high wind gets up and Thomas is taken along, when it eventually dies down, he goes to fetch the engineer to lower the masts so he can take it safely to the launch party.

11.13 - Don't Be Silly, Billy

Written by Sharon Miller

Thomas is asked to show a new engine called Billy around the Island and help him with his jobs.  However, Billy thinks he doesn't need Thomas's help and calls him “A very bossy engine!”  Billy fails to complete all of his tasks properly, and later ends up running out of coal and water.  It's up to Thomas to help him put things right, and Billy later admits that Thomas isn't such a bad engine after all!

11.14 - Edward and the Mail

Written by Paul Larson

Edward has a lapse of confidence when he's asked to take the Mail train in Percy's place.  Regarded as being one of the most efficient and reliable engines on Sodor, he doesn't want to admit that he doesn't know how to do the mail run and ask for help.  He soon finds himself in a terrible muddle, and in the end, realises that the only way of getting the job done right is to ask Percy.  When he does, the job becomes all the easier, and Edward feels a lot better.

11.15 - Hide and Peep

Written by Simon Spencer

Thomas and Percy are waiting at Brendam Docks for a cargo ship.  However, the ship is running late and so they decide to play ‘Hide and Peep’.  When Percy goes off to hide, Thomas continually tricks him into disclosing his hiding place.  Percy gets fed up of this, and goes off to hide again.  But soon, the ship has arrived and Thomas can't find Percy anywhere.  Thomas asks Cranky to look for Percy, who's being hidden in a dry-dock by Rocky!  Thomas apologises for cheating, and the two engines go off to deliver their cargo.

11.16 - Toby's Triumph

Written by Abi Grant

Toby is asked to take Alicia Botti to a special event, and becomes very nervous about doing a good job.  So much so that he becomes distracted and begins to cause trouble for himself.  By the time he finally reaches the airport, Toby is in a terrible mess, but Miss Botti understands and tells him that all he needs is a good washdown.  With that done, Toby finishes his job in good time and knows not to be nervous about taking VIPs again!

11.17 - Thomas and the Runaway Car

Written by Sharon Miller

Thomas is sent to collect the Fat Controller's new car from the docks, and Gordon boasts that he'll be there before Thomas is.  Thomas doesn't want to be second best and chases after Gordon before the flatbed the car is on is coupled to him.  All goes well until Thomas reaches the top of Gordon's Hill, and the car slips away from him!  Thomas goes into pursuit, with the runaway flatbed covering Rosie in mud and causing Arthur to crash, upsetting his fish trucks.  The flatbed itself lands in a field in front of Gordon, and the car is stranded.  Thomas feels foolish, and asks Gordon to bring Rocky from the docks to retrieve the car.  And to say thank you, he allows Gordon to deliver the car to the party.

11.18 - Thomas In Trouble (2007)

Written by Wayne Jackman

Thomas has been sent for repairs and is waiting for his final inspection when the Fat Controller comes to see if he is ready to collect the choir.  Feeling under pressure, Thomas pretends to be ready and heads off to collect the choir without his final inspection.  He soon begins to make very unusual noises and later breaks down.  James has to take the choir to the concert, and Henry takes Thomas back to the repair yard to be mended properly.

11.19 - Thomas and the Stinky Cheese

Written by Paul Larson

Thomas is being teased by ‘Arry, Bert and Diesel at the coaling yards about being a “stinky steam engine” when he's asked to go and collect a special load of cheese to take to the docks.  The cheese gives off an awful pong, and Thomas goes out of his way to avoid the three Diesels, which leads him back to the Dairy!  Thomas then has the misfortune of bumping into ‘Arry and Bert and sending the stinky cheese everywhere.  The Dairy manager sends him on his way with a fresh batch, and Thomas is praised by the Fat Controller for delivering the Stinky Sodor Cheese!

11.20 - Percy and the Left Luggage / Percy and the Baggage (US)

Written by Abi Grant

Percy is asked to do several different jobs in one day by the Fat Controller, one of which is to collect his mother's luggage from Maithwaite and take it to the airport.  However, thinking that will be an easy job, Percy neglects it in order to take the Mail and the children to a party.  However, when he sees the Fat Controller driving his mother to the airport, he knows he'll have to hurry.  He asks Edward to take the children in his place and rushes off to collect the luggage.  Percy makes it just in time, and realises in future, it doesn't pay to leave things till the last minute!

Engines & Escapades

Six of the episodes from Series 11 were reserved for a special DVD release featuring the Narrow Gauge Engines, which also included the introduction of new character - Madge the Snubnosed Lorry.  The DVD was released in the UK in October 2007, and in the USA in March 2008.

11.21 - Duncan Does It All

Written by Wayne Jackman

Duncan is sick and tired of delivering straw to the farm and wants to do something more exciting, so when Rusty tells him he's worn out, Duncan offers to take his passengers, leaving his own job in the process.  Then, he meets Skarloey by the lake, and offers to take his sheep for him, leaving his passengers behind!  But after he offers to do Sir Handel's job too, he finds that he's taken on too much and not got anything done, which has gotten his friends into trouble.  Duncan returns to the Wharf and takes his straw to the Farmer, and realises that doing one job well is reward enough.

11.22 - Sir Handel In Charge

Written by Simon Spencer

When Mr Percival has to go to an important meeting with The Fat Controller, he leaves Sir Handel in charge of organising an important special for him.  However, when addressing Mighty Mac, Rusty, Peter Sam and Duncan, Sir Handel becomes so overcome with power madness that he neglects to send the engines on their way to do the special, and nearly holds everything up!

11.23 - Cool Truckings

Written by Paul Larson

The lines to the Transfer Yards are blocked and Madge needs to deliver Duncan to shunt some coal trucks for Thomas.  Duncan finds the journey boring as Madge wants to get there safely and surely.  However, she begins to show Duncan what fun they can have on the roads, which leads to a near-disaster as they teeter over a cliff!  Luckily, quick thinking saves the day, and Duncan tells everyone of the fun he had on his day out with Madge.

11.24 - Ding-A-Ling

Written by Sharon Miller

Freddie is to deliver a brand new bicycle to Mr Percival, but doesn't know where to find a bell for it, and doesn't want to say so in front of James or the other engines.  So instead, he trawls through numerous solutions - cow bells, clown bells and a school bell, but no-one takes notice of them... until the school bell topples the bicycle and attracts the attention of Mighty Mac, Peter Sam and James!  However, Freddie soon discovers the solution when Thomas shows him an old foghorn that's going back into service.  He suggests that Mr Percival uses his old bell instead, and it works just as well!

11.25 - Skarloey Storms Through

Written by Neil Richards

Skarloey is waved down by the Farmer to bring sheep down off the hills for him before a storm.  He goes back to the yard to get Rheneas and Peter Sam to help, but when the thunder and lightning starts, Skarloey is too scared to go up the hill again.  He hides in a shed while the others do the work and eventually run out of coal.  Skarloey then knows it's up to him to finish the job, and that the little sheep will be scared too.  Bravely, he ventures up the hill again and again, untill all the sheep are rescued, and overcomes his fear of the storm.

11.26 - Wash Behind Your Buffers!

Written by Paul Larson

There is to be a Engine Rally and Country Show, and Skarloey and Rheneas are to lead the Rally.  The Thin Controller asks Madge to deliver brushes and soap to make sure the two little engines clean for the event.  However, Madge spends so much time making sure that they're both clean, that she doesn't have time to get clean herself and ends up at the rally looking filthy.  However, when the workmen begin cleaning them all up again, the two little engines return the favour and THEY instruct the workmen!