Series 9: 2005

Series 9

R Healy

Quote Of The Series

MAC: Phew! We made it!
Then why are the passengers all the way over there?
Mighty Mac

A Bit About Series 9

Series 9 follows on from the special episode - Calling All Engines.  The same new format is in place with the BETACam SP technology still in place, and the core 8 characters still being the main focus.
Series 9 saw the reintroduction of the Little engines, albeit minus a few of their classic locations such as sheds, shunting yards and other utilities...and the comeback of Bill and Ben as minor background characters for certain episodes.
The new series also introduced several new characters too - Mr Percival, who is now in charge of the Little Railway; Mighty Mac, a double engine; Neville, an Q1 tender engine who is thought to look like a Diesel; Dennis, the Lazy Diesel and Molly, who is eager to pull full trucks.  And so turning on the ideas set out by the producers last year not to introduce more characters to the fold, however, while this is true, all except Mighty Mac were largely secondary to Thomas in their stories.
And so once again, the slow progression to seeing more classic characters continues with Bill, Ben, Skarloey and co. providing us with hope of seeing more of our favourites return in 2006's Series 10.

Characters Introduced In Series 9

Molly The Yellow Engine
Mighty & Mac / Mighty Mac The Double-Engine
Neville The Black Engine
Dennis The Lazy Diesel
Mr Percival - The Thin Controller

Songs Of The Series


Day and Night

Party Time


Every Day's a Special Day

Sharing (Buffer Up and Share)


The Work Song

One Friendly Family


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

Key Production Team

Jocelyn Stevenson
Simon Spencer
Robert Hartshorne
Ed Welch

Steve Asquith

In 2014, we ran a poll on Series 9 to determine what the best episodes of the Series were as well as what else fans enjoyed about it.  Best characters, episodes, songs and aspects of production are included and broken down in our poll results blog!  

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9.1 - Percy & The Oil Painting
Written by Abi Grant
A famous artist has come to the Island to paint a picture he calls - The Spirit of Sodor.  Percy is asked by the Fat Controller to take him on a tour of the Island to find somewhere to paint, but each place is rejected by the artist, who is very insistent about finding something special to paint.  Soon, Percy has had enough, and tells the artist just what he thinks.  But in the end, the artist knows what he wants to paint...Percy!
9.2 - Thomas & The Rainbow
Written by Abi Grant
The telephones on the Island are down following a summer storm.  The Fat Controller asks Thomas to deliver the workmen to repair the broken telephone poles, but Thomas becomes pre-occupied by a rainbow in the sky, and starts trying to find the end of it.  However, his lack of attention is his downfall, and he ends up running into a telephone pole and knocking himself off the line.  However, Percy knows what to do and his friends start spreading the word down the line till Harvey comes and rescues him.  And Thomas does find the end of the rainbow, over Tidmouth sheds, with the best pot of gold in the world...his friends.
9.3 - Thomas’s Milkshake Muddle
Written by Marc Seal
It’s time for the children’s summer party, and Thomas is upset when he finds that Emily is taking the children to the party. Thomas, however, is given the job of taking milk to the ice cream factory (for the ice cream for the party) and butter to the baker for him to make cakes for the party. However, whilst taking the milk, he has a race with Emily, and when he arrives at the ice-cream factory, the milk is half-churned to butter. Thomas has to go back and collect more milk, and he worries that he won’t have enough time to collect the butter. Fortunately, the half-churned milk manages to get used after all, after Thomas steams very quickly across the Island, churning it into butter. As a reward for his clever idea, the Fat Controller gives Thomas a very special treat.
9.4 - Mighty Mac
Written by Paul Larson
Mighty Mac is a double-ended locomotive, who comes to help out on the narrow gauge railway.  Their first job is to ferry some holiday-makers up into the mountains.  But neither can agree on which way is the best way to go, which results in the two engines going several different routes!  However, when Mighty and Mac are caught up in a bit of trouble, they soon learn to work together and resolve their differences!
9.5 - Molly’s Special Special
Written by Paul Larson
Molly the new engine doesn't like having the job of taking empty trucks to the coaling plant, and wants instead to pull full ones like the other engines.  Thomas wants to find a way of helping her make her trucks look extra-special.  But a gust of wind ruins the plan, and Molly runs away feeling embarassed.  Thomas finds her and helps her to the coaling plant where when she finds the engines need more empty trucks, she realises the importance of her job after all.
9.6 - Respect For Gordon
Written by James Mason
With a clunk-click in his firebox, Gordon feels underappreciated when the other engines start making fun of him.  So he decides to make sure they appreciate him in future, and begins making unreasonable demands.  But when he loses concentration with the Express and runs into a load of jam, Gordon feels foolish.  But, when Gordon isn't there for a while, the other engines realise his importance after all.
9.7 - Thomas and The Birthday Picnic
Written by Sharon Miller
The Fat Controller's mother arrives on the Island for her birthday, and the Fat Controller is keen to impress her.  Thomas takes them to numerous places to have a special picnic, but each time, something goes wrong and eventually they end up back at Knapford, disappointed.  Thomas then has an idea, and invites all the engines to the station to whistle "Happy Birthday to you!" to Mrs Hatt.
9.8 - Tuneful Toots
Written by Sharon Miller
Rusty the little Diesel's two tone horn is his pride and joy, however, not appreciated by the other engines.  The brass band arrive for a tour of the railway prior to a concert for Mr Percival and the Hatts.  However, this is put in jepoardy by Rusty when he goes too far and runs out of Diesel oil in the middle of nowhere.  However, a good idea soon comes that not only allows the concert to go ahead, but also to help the others enjoy Rusty's horn as much as he does!
9.9 - Thomas and the Toy Shop / Thomas and the Toy Workshop (US) 
Written by James Mason
A new toy shop is opening at Knapford station, and Thomas is very excited. Henry is asked to collect a machine for the factory from the docks, and collect some more toys, whilst Emily is given the job of taking the children to the grand opening. But when Emily breaks down, Thomas is told to collect the children in her place. But when heading to collect them, he finds that Henry is stuck at the docks by a fallen crate which is blocking his line. Thomas offers to do his job as well, but unfortunately, the extra workload takes its toll on him, and he slides back down Gordon’s Hill. Luckily, Henry arrives to give him a helping hand.
9.10 - Rheneas and the Dinosaur
Written by Paul Larson
Some dinosaur bones are uncovered in the hills near the Narrow Gauge railway, and Thomas is taking a photographer to the Transfer Yards to see them. The Thin Controller needs two careful engines to bring the dinosaur bones down. Rheneas manages to prove how careful he is, but Skarloey is not very careful at first, and Rheneas decides to collect the bones by himself. But the heavy load proves too much for him, and drags him back down the hill. So when Skarloey arrives and offers to help, Rheneas gladly accepts.
9.11 - Thomas & The New Engine
Written by Marc Seal
Whilst taking some ironworks to a broken bridge, Thomas sees new engine Neville in the yards, being laughed at by ‘Arry and Bert. However, Thomas misinterprets the situation, believing that the diesels are laughing with Neville, not at him. He then assumes that Neville is friends with the diesels. Later, he tells James about Neville, and soon, the steam engines are all telling each other about Neville. However, each time, the message changes slightly, and soon, Emily accuses Neville of planning to bump into the stem engines. However, when Toby arrives and tells the two engines the truth, Thomas feels bad. Then, he suddenly realizes where Neville that was heading for the broken bridge; Thomas had forgotten to warn him about it! Neville runs into trouble, but luckily, Thomas is on hand to save the day and pull him back to safety.  Thomas apologises and welcomes Neville to the Island.
9.12 - Toby Feels Left Out
Written by Simon Brown
The new Sodor museum is being opened, and the Fat Controller is sending all of the engines for a repaint. However, Toby isn’t told anything about going for a repaint by the Fat Controller, and when he hears the other engines talking about their repaints he jumps to the conclusion that he’s being put in the museum. Toby tries to avoid the Fat Controller all day, and sets out to prove to him that he’s far too useful to be put in a museum by helping the other engines out with their work whilst they’re being repainted. But when Toby has an accident whilst running away from the Fat Controller, he learns that the Fat Controller has been trying to tell Toby all day that he needs a special repaint for a very important job!
9.13 - Thomas Tries his Best
Written by James Mason
The fair is coming to Sodor, but Thomas is given the job of collecting some chickens from Farmer McColl and taking them to the docks. When Farmer McColl is late, Thomas worries that he’ll miss out on seeing the fair and the children. Thomas goes quickly later to make up for lost time, but he only frightens the chickens. He then decides to take it slowly, even if it means missing the fair. However, when he arrives at the docks, he hears that the generator at the fair has broken, so Thomas has to take a new one to the fairground; he’ll get to join in the fun after all!
9.14 - The Magic Lamp
Written by Sharon Miller
Skarloey tells the other engines about the story of Proteus; the engine with the magic lamp, who would grant the wishes of any engine who found his lamp. Peter Sam refuses to believe the story. But that night, whilst delivering steel winches and wires to the broken incline, he gets lost in the mist, and goes along the wrong line. Along his journey, he encounters numerous lamps which he thinks belong to Proteus - but instead turn out to be something completely different.  However, his steadfast belief leads him to find Harold the Helicopter, who is more than happy to use his lamp to show Peter Sam the way home to the sheds.
9.15 - Thomas & The Statue
Written by Marc Seal
A statue celebrating the railway has been made, and Thomas is told to collect it. When Thomas arrives, the statue is covered up, although when Cranky jokingly suggests that the statue is of him, Thomas gets very excited, and believes it really is. Thomas boasts constantly to the other engines, to the extent where they can’t stand him. Thomas later feels bad, and when it starts snowing heavily, he offers to clear the lines, even though he hates wearing his snowplough. The engines are glad of Thomas’s help, and everyone (including Thomas) is pleased when they see what the statue is really of; the Fat Controller and all of the Steam Team!
9.16 - Henry & The Flagpole
Written by Paul Larson
The Scottish Castle needs a new flagpole.  Henry is sent to collect one from the docks, but when he gets there, accidently runs over it!  Henry thinks that the only viable replacement will be the tall pine in the forest, his favourite tree.  And when he's asked to take workmen to cut down trees in the forest, Henry decides to go elsewhere on a search for a new flagpole instead.  The Fat Controller is cross and orders Henry to do other work the next day.  But as luck would have it, Henry and Salty realise an old ship's mast would be perfect for the new flagpole, and Henry rushes to save the tall pine!
9.17 - Emily Knows Best
Written by Marc Seal
When Emily takes a trip to a Castle near to where Percy and Toby are shunting, it gives her the idea to be Queen for a day.  Toby isn't keen on Emily being Queen, but she persuades Percy to play along when he can't move some heavy trucks, by commanding him to move to her line to move them.  This ends up causing a pile up between Percy, Mavis and Toby, and Emily realises being Queen isn't as easy or as fun as she'd thought!
9.18 - Thomas’s Day Off
Written by Sharon Miller
Thomas is pleased when the Fat Controller gives him the day off. On his way to the wash down, he comes across a new diesel, Dennis, struggling with his load. Thomas offers to help him, and soon shunts the trucks into a line for Dennis. However, Dennis is a very lazy diesel, and doesn’t want to do deliver the load. He decides to take advantage of Thomas’s generosity, making excuses to get Thomas to do his work. When Thomas goes to find another engine to help Dennis, the diesel decides to leave before the engine arrives, leaving them with the load. But whilst running away, he crashes into a field, and is soon left with a lot of explaining to do to Thomas and the Fat Controller. Dennis promises to be more useful in future.
9.19 - Thomas’s New Trucks
Written by Paul Larson
The Fat Controller gives James and Thomas some shiny new trucks of their own. The two engines both compete against each other to have the shiniest trucks. But Thomas’s trucks want to cause trouble, and try to be as dirty as possible. The next day, Thomas decides to take some old trucks so his new ones stay shiny. But when the couplings of the old trucks break, an accident occurs, and Thomas has to fetch his new trucks. However, Thomas realises that the trucks prefer to be useful then shiny and clean.
9.20 - Duncan & The Old Mine
Written by James Mason
There is a special excursion trip planned to Culdee Caves, and Duncan thinks it'd be great fun for an adventure.  However, he's sent to pull coal trucks with Rusty, and almost misses his chance, but he decides to go and have an adventure anyway by creeping down an old mine-shaft, where he finds himself trapped.  Or so he thinks, and by using his head, Duncan finds a way of getting out of the mine!
9.21 - Bold & Brave
Written by James Mason
One summer, Thomas is given the job of delivering materials to the seaside station. However, when Diesel tells him about ‘Curse of the Cliffs’; when the first engine that goes past the cliffs in the holiday season, the cliffs are covered in fog, and the engine loses its way, and no-one knows where it goes. Thomas is now worried, but later, he comes across Ben, who is afraid to go into the tunnel because Diesel told him that there’s a monster inside. Thomas bravely ventures inside to check it out, and finds out that there is no monster at all; just some workmen fixing the tunnel! Thomas then has to go past the Cliffside, and manages to find that all he has to do to overcome fears is believe in himself.
9.22 - Skarloey The Brave
Written by Paul Larson

During winter, the Narrow Gauge Engines have to bring coal from the mines to keep the Mountain Village warm. The trucks—like the Slate Mines—are transported up and down the steep incline. Skarloey boasts that he’s not afraid of it, until one day trucks break away and chase him down the line. Rusty bravely manages to stop the runaway trucks and is hailed a hero. Skarloey feels bad at running away and wants to be a hero too.

So the next time he delivers empty trucks to the mines, he decides to be hauled up the incline with the empty trucks. Unfortunately, despite getting the other engines’ eager attention, Skarloey’s additional weight damages the winch, sending him flying back down the track and into a snowdrift! The Thin Controller scolds Skarloey for being silly, and far from brave. With the incline damaged, the villagers won’t get their coal.

Skarloey feels ashamed and decides to deliver all the coal himself, and realises that hard work is much better than being brave.

9.23 - Saving Edward
Written by James Mason
Edward is constantly having trouble getting up steam. So when the Fat Controller gives him the important job of delivering fruit and vegetables, he worries that he’ll struggle doing it, and the Fat Controller may scrap him. He confides in Thomas, who offers to do the job for him once he’s finished all of his work. But with all the extra work, Thomas runs late, and the Fat Controller is very cross, especially when he sees that Edward isn’t pulling it. Thomas tries to cover for Edward, but the Fat Controller is having none of it. When Edward hears about Thomas’s excuse, he decides to set things right for the sake of his friend.
9.24 - Thomas & The Golden Eagle
Written by Abi Grant
The engines are excited when they heard that a Golden Eagle has been seen on Sodor. Thomas and Percy want to see the bird for themselves, but they’ve got a lot of work to do. So they decide to make an arrangement: One engine will do half the work of the other whilst he goes off to see the eagle. But whenever Thomas tries to see the Eagle, it keeps flying off elsewhere and so forgets his promise to Percy, who end up doing both their work. Soon, he’s so worn out runs out of water. Once Thomas realises what has happened, he soon helps his friend by completing his job, and as he helps Percy back to the shed, they are surprised to see TWO Golden Eagles, much to their delight.
9.25 - Keeping Up With James
Written by Abi Grant
It’s winter, and the engines are all having to help clean the lines. The Fat Controller is looking for an engine to pull the presents train to the party at Knapford; a job that all of the engines want to do. James is not pleased when he is paired up with Edward, believing that the old engine will slow him down, and dashing his hopes of pulling the presents train. Whilst clearing the lines, James skids on the icy rails, making him slide out of control. At first, James finds it rather fun, so decides to slide along for all of jobs to get them done faster. But when he comes off the track whilst pulling a train with Edward, the Fat Controller is cross, and gives Edward the job of taking the presents train.  However, James is sorry now, and offers to be the back engine for Edward, and both he and the Fat Controller agree to let James join in the fun.
9.26 - Flour Power
Written by Abi Grant
One Halloween night, Thomas and Diesel are sent to collect flour from the mill and take it to the bakery. On the way to the flour mill, Diesel tries to scare Thomas as best he can, and the spooky locations that the two engines pass through don’t make things any better for Thomas. However, when Thomas arrives at the flour mill, he comes up with a plan that will prove how brave Diesel really is by using the flour to appear like a ghost!  Diesel is so frightened, he runs out of the Flour Mill and back to the Fat Controller, leaving Thomas to do the work alone - but as Thomas works his way home, he realises what all the strange noises and sounds were, and knows not to be scared of the dark anymore.