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“See you later, Gator! In a while...erm...Toad?”


'Toad's Bright Idea'

Series 18 continues the developments that Andrew Brenner and Ian McCue started out with during Series 17.  Bringing back Oliver, Toad, Duncan and giving Henrietta a brand new face to allow for more interaction with Toby.


Sadly, Series 18 marks the final time that Thomas & Friends voice actors, Ben Small and Martin Sherman will be part of the cast.  New actors will take their place for Series 19 onward.


Samson the Strong Tank Engine
The Slip Coaches

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In 2015, we ran a poll on Series 18 to determine what the best episodes of the Series were as well as what else fans enjoyed about it.  Best characters, episodes, and aspects of production are included and broken down in our poll results blog!

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The Fat Controller has heeded the calls from his passengers and begins giving them exactly what they’ve asked him for... only for them to change their minds, and leave him wondering “Is it all worth it?” – but Percy is on hand with words of encouragement to put a spring back in his step!

Thomas & Friends On Demand


Andrew Brenner

18.1 - Old Reliable Edward

Written by Andrew Brenner

Whilst pulling the Express one day, Gordon sees what looks like a red flag planted near his namesake hill. But when he stops halfway up, he realises that it's just a pair of red trousers that had blown off a washing line! Gordon tries to set off again, but finds that he can't restart his heavy train on the steep gradient, and has to wait for Edward to come and give him a push.

Emily and Thomas pass by, and each laugh at Gordon's predicament. By the time Edward arrives to help, Gordon is very cross indeed - he calls him old and unreliable, and doesn't even thank Edward when he manages to push the Express over the hill.

Later, Edward complains to Thomas about how ungrateful Gordon is - the big engine is always teasing him about being old, never thanking him for his help. And so the two engines decide to teach him a lesson…

That night in the shed, the other engines tease Gordon about his mistake with the trousers. Gordon assures them that he didn't really need Edward's help, being the fastest engine on the railway. Thomas decides to let Gordon prove it, and bets that the big engine won't be able to follow him across the Island. The other engines are surprised, but Thomas doesn't seem worried.

The next morning, Gordon allows Thomas a ten-minute head start before following after him as agreed. Annie and Clarabel are nervous, but Thomas knows what he's doing.

Sure enough, ten minutes later, Gordon begins to catch up to them. But before he can overtake, Thomas cheekily crosses in front of Gordon - as per the "arrangement", Gordon is forced to "follow" behind Thomas on the same line!

An indignant Gordon urges Thomas to hurry up, but when they reach the hill Thomas deliberately goes slower and slower…until on the steepest part, Gordon loses his footing and find himself stuck again!

A few minutes later, Edward pulls alongside. Gordon begs Edward to give him a push, but Edward thought that he didn't need help from an "old" and "unreliable" engine, and pretends to leave him stranded…in desperation, Gordon promises not to tease Edward anymore. He even thanks him after the old engine "agrees" to help after all!

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18.2 - Not So Slow Coaches

Written by Laura Beaumont & Paul Larson

Thomas is very fond of his coaches, Annie and Clarabel, but sometimes Thomas does little things that can annoy them. One day, they grumble that Thomas is going too fast, so Thomas, feeling cheeky, deliberately slows down to a crawl, and then picks up speed suddenly. But all his stopping and starting makes him late for his next job.

Meanwhile, Caitlin asks Charlie if she could leave her coaches at the shunting yards while she heads off to the Steamworks to have some loose bolts tightened. But across the yard, at about the same time, Thomas leaves Annie and Clarabel in another siding while he hurries to his next job - delivering empty trucks to the quarry and then bring loaded ones back.

A little later, Annie and Clarabel are dozing quietly as Caitlin arrives to collect her coaches. Charlie offers to fetch them for her, but he's so busy telling her jokes that he accidentally shunts Annie and Clarabel behind Caitlin's train. Caitlin starts away, not realising that Thomas' coaches have been coupled on by mistake.

Annie and Clarabel quickly realise what's happening when they wake up and see Thomas entering the yards to collect them. But it's too late…Caitlin is already picking up speed, and poor Annie and Clarabel find themselves on the fastest ride in their lives!

Thomas desperately chases after Caitlin, but is soon left far behind. At last, Caitlin stops at Wellsworth Station where she meets Connor. Annie and Clarabel are relieved…until Conner and Caitlin decide to have a race up to Ulfstead Castle! And once again, Thomas misses his chance to catch up as the two Streamlined Engine race away faster than ever up the steep hill to Ulfstead Castle.

Poor Annie and Clarabel vow that they'll never complain about Thomas going too fast again…while Thomas, puffed out and worried sick, promises never to tease his coaches if he ever manages to catch them. Unfortunately, just as he reaches the top of the hill, Caitlin races past in the other direction - with Annie and Clarabel still in tow!

Thomas is in a race against time, desperate to stop Caitlin before she crosses the Vicarstown Bridge onto the Mainland. But when he reaches the bridge, he finds to his dismay that the bridge has been raised to allow a ship through, and Caitlin is no where to be seen. As the bridge is lowered again, Hiro crossers over onto Sodor…where, to Thomas' great delight, he presents Annie and Clarabel! Hiro was lucky enough to stop Caitlin from taking them with her on to the 'Other Railway'.

That evening, Thomas, Annie and Clarabel return to their quiet lives on the branch line, where all three share their promises with one another. Even so, Annie and Clarabel still can't resist a friendly tease…!

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18.3 - Flatbeds Of Fear

Written by Laura Beaumont & Paul Larson

One very misty day, Thomas is collecting a load of pipes from Brendam Docks when he hears a strange whistling sound. Salty reckons it might be the "flatbeds of fear" - and goes on to tell a story of how a trainload of flatbeds broke away one night, and that they still roam the rails, "a-whistling and a-wailing, looking for an engine to bump into."

Sure enough, on his way to the shunting yards, Thomas hears the spooky whistling sound all through his journey. When he arrives to drop off the pipes, he warns Emily and Henry about the "flatbeds of fear". Emily thinks it's stuff and nonsense, but Henry isn't so sure…

The next morning, as Henry heads off to collect the pipes from the yards, he tries to name other sounds he can hear in the mist to put his mind at ease - the mooing of cows or a Guard's Whistle. But after he collects the pipes and heads off to Vicarstown, he hears the whistling noise too, and is certain now that the "flatbeds of fear" are after him. He worries so much over this that he begins to slow down, forcing his Driver to stop the train in a goods loop and telephone for help.

Emily arrives to take over the train, but she tells Henry that there is no such thing as the "flatbeds of fear". However, as she resumes the journey, the spooky whistling noise starts up again. Emily tries to find a logical explanation…but on finding none, her own fears get the better of her. In desperation, she picks up speed, trying to escape the "flatbeds of fear" - but she goes too fast on a tight bend, and the stack of pipes spill out onto the Main Line.

Emily is embarrassed about the accident, as Edward brings Rocky to clear the mess, but at least the whistling noises have stopped…

or have they? At the Docks, Thomas is collecting another shipment of pipes when he hears the "flatbeds of fear" again. Only this time, Cranky tells Thomas that the strange whistling is just the wind blowing through the pipes. Salty happily admits that he was only teasing!

That night in the shed, Emily still feels silly about the accident, but Thomas and Henry remind her that she had been right all along. So the other engines decide never to talk about the "flatbeds of fear" again…except for Salty on occasion!

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18.4 – Disappearing Diesels

Written by Andrew Brenner

One day, Diesel persuades Den, Dart and Sidney to play a joke on Paxton - they all hide around the Dieselworks so Paxton can't find them. Paxton looks in every shed and siding, but the other Diesels keep hiding in different places, until Paxton becomes convinced that they must have all mysteriously disappeared

When he hurries away from the Dieselworks in a panic, Den, Dart and Sidney realise that they've taken the joke too far - but Diesel doesn't care one bit.

Paxton tries to find the other Diesels, looking everywhere he can. He searches through the Blue Mountain Quarry (just missing Rusty), Knapford Station and then Brendam Docks. It's at the Docks that he manages to find Salty, who assures him that the other Diesels will turn up eventually.

Paxton feels reassured by this. After all his rushing about, Porter kindly offers him some fuel to top up his tank. Just as Paxton is finishing his drink, Cranky remarks that Diesel himself has turned up. Diesel doesn't want to see Paxton just yet and rushes off, but Paxton gives chase all the same.

The two shunters race along Edward's Branch Line. Diesel tries to hide at the Scrapyards, until Reg the Crane gives him away. Just as Diesel decides to try hiding up at the quarry, he suddenly runs out of fuel, allowing Paxton to catch up.

Paxton is relieved that Diesel is all right - but when he learns that Diesel has run out of fuel, he kindly pushes him to the next station to refill his tank.

Diesel is taken aback; he can't believe that Paxton still wants to be friends after his bad behaviour towards him…but he's not used to kindness, so he doesn't thank Paxton for helping him.

When Paxton returns to the Dieselworks that evening, he is delighted to see his friends waiting for him. And when Diesel arrives he parks in the berth next to Paxton. He still doesn't say "thank you", but he does manage a friendly smile…which is good enough for Paxton! 

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18.5 – Signals Crossed

Written by Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler

Toby is always nervous whenever he and Henrietta have to collect the Workmen from Knapford Junction - there are so many points and signals there, he feels dizzy trying to remember which is his.

On one particularly busy morning, Toby has a hard time trying to find his signal again. Each time one shows the line is "clear", he has to stop suddenly to allow the right engine through. All morning he bumps backwards and forwards as Henrietta tries to help calm him down. Finally, Toby takes a risk and charges through the station throat…reaching the right platform at last, but overshooting it as a result and missing his chance to collect the Quarrymen!

Thomas sees what's happened and goes after Toby, where he finds him hiding in a siding. Toby insists that he's just counting the bricks on the side of the signalbox…but with Thomas and Henrietta's encouragement, he comes clean and admits that he is afraid of the Junction. Thomas explains that the only signal he has to look out for is the one directly above him; the rest would be down to the Signalman.

His mind set at ease, Toby feels confident enough to return to work. He picks up the Quarrymen then waits for his signal to turn green…but it doesn't. Toby waits and waits, but the Workmen grumble at the delay. Then James pulls in behind, and orders Toby to move forward. Henrietta tells James that they're waiting for their path - but James becomes impatient and tries to push Toby and Henrietta out of his way. Toby sets his brakes on hard, avoiding a collision with Gordon and the Express.

To make matters worse, the Fat Controller turns up and asks why Toby hasn't left yet. Toby explains that his signal is still at red…then the Fat Controller realises that the signal is broken! He congratulates Toby for remembering his signals…as a very embarrassed James apologises to Toby and Henrietta.

While the signals are being mended, workmen with flags help the engines on their way. After that, Toby never worries about travelling around Knapford Junction again.

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18.6 – Toad's Adventure

Written by Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler

Oliver never tires of telling everyone about his daring escape from the scrapyards. But Toad has become bored with hearing the same story over and over. The little brake van wishes he could have his own adventure story to tell for a change…

One afternoon, Oliver sets off on his passenger run, leaving Toad by himself in the shunting yards. But Toad still wants to have an adventure, and so encourages a reluctant James to take him along on his next journey to Vicarstown. James feels sure that HE doesn't need a brake van. But he finally gives in, and they set off together on the Main Line.

After a time, James begins showing off to Toad, boasting about his red paint and showing how fast he can go. But James' rough riding makes the journey very bumpy, and Toad's hopes for an adventure soon begin to wane…

As James thunders up Gordon's Hill, he doesn't see the broken branch near the summit until it's too late. The fallen branch is dragged under the train and uncouples the coal truck nearest to James. Next moment, Toad and the heavy train begin to roll back down the steep hill!

Further down the line, Thomas is taking the Fat Controller and Dowager Hatt to see the Opera on the Mainland. Thomas sees the breakaways heading towards them and tries to back away to safety - but Percy comes up behind suddenly with a goods train.

Toad realises that Thomas and Percy won't be able to clear the line in time and, with the Guard's help, he sets his brakes on as hard as he can, forcing his weight against the trucks.

It's a very close call, but Toad manages to stop the trucks in the nick of time! James arrives and is faced by a very angry Fat Controller, who demands an explanation. James is about to admit that it was his own fault…until Toad explains about how the fallen branch had caused the breakaway. Dowager Hatt is clearly impressed, and calls Toad a "Really Useful and brave brake van". The Fat Controller can't help but agree.

Toad feels very proud after Dowager Hatt's praise - but James decides to be extra careful all day. They finish their journey safely, and James thanks Toad for his help.

Back at the shunting yards, Oliver is ready with another story to tell Toad, until James suggests asking Toad about HIS day instead. So Toad begins to talk about his adventure on the Main Line while the other engines gather round to listen - including Oliver, who is clearly impressed! 

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 18.7 – Duck In The Water

Written by Andrew Brenner

On a cold winter's day, James boasts about pulling passengers, seeing that Duck has been given a goods train. Duck points out that James pulls trucks too - though James is sure the passengers would think otherwise…

Later that morning, Harold Helicopter sees that heavy rains have flooded part of Duck's Branch Line, and flies off to warn the Fat Controller. But he's too late to stop Duck - the Great Western engine runs into the floodwaters, which put his fire out.

James is resting at the Big Station when the Fat Controller arrives and asks him to fetch Rocky so that he can rescue Duck. James is indignant; his next train is a passenger one - the Fat Controller points out that the sooner he rescues Duck, the sooner he can be back in time for his next train.

Grumpily, James bustles off to find Rocky, who is just finishing up a job. But James pulls away before Rocky's arm is properly secured. It starts to swing about dangerously as James hurries along - ignoring poor Rocky's requests to stop and secure his arm as it knocks into almost everything that they pass.

As they near where Duck is stranded, Rocky's arm finally knocks over a signal. Unaware of what's happened, James positions the rescue crane into place so that he can lift Duck out of the water. Cheekily, James remarks that he thought "that ducks liked the water!"

Suddenly, Oliver comes up behind James and bumps into him - causing Rocky to drop Duck in the water again. James is cross until Oliver points out that he didn't see the signal warning him that the line was blocked. As Oliver backs away so his Driver can a warning flag behind them…Percy appears suddenly and bumps into him!

By this time, Harold has seen all, and flies off to find the Fat Controller again. They return just as Rocky manages to rescue Duck at last, but the Fat Controller is annoyed by the delay. Rocky admits that his arm wasn't properly secured, which must have knocked over the signal. James tries to explain that no one was to blame…until it slowly dawns on him that it had been someone's fault - his!

The Fat Controller isn't happy at the damage James has done to the signal, but he is proud that he at least owned up about it. So he orders James to pull Duck's trucks while his firebox dries out to make up for it. James, rather reluctantly, agrees that it would be best.

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18.8 – Duck & The Slip Coaches

Written by Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler

 It's a very busy Summer, and the engines have lots of holidaymakers to carry around the Island of Sodor. The Fat Controller is worried of how to get all the passengers to their stations on time.

One evening, Duck stays overnight at Tidmouth Sheds to help with the extra work, and begins to chat away about the old days when he worked on the Great Western Railway. He remembers when he used to pull special rolling stock called Slip Coaches - carriages which could be uncoupled at particular stations without the need to stop. All the engines think they sound splendid…but James is tired of hearing Duck's stories for one evening.

Later that night, however, James overhears the Fat Controller talking to the Foreman about managing tomorrow's workload. This gives him an idea - checking that the other engines are fast asleep, James suggests to the Fat Controller of using Slip Coaches…

In the morning, the other engines are very impressed when they see three Great Western Slip Coaches in their yard. Duck recognises them, much to his delight, and tries to grab their attention, but can't get past the engines crowding round to get a good look. The Fat Controller announces that he brought the Slip Coaches over from the Mainland to help cope with the Summer work - all thanks to James' clever idea. Duck is suddenly disappointed; he tries to explain that it was his idea, not James'…but everyone leaves before he can get the chance.

James sets off proudly on his first run with the Slip Coaches, pleased at the attention he is receiving. The Slip Coaches are nervous, though, hoping that James knows what he's doing.

Duck is waiting sadly at Bluff's Cove when James arrives. As the first Slip Coach is uncoupled, James can't resist slowing down to show off his paintwork to the passengers on the platform…the coach can't slow down in time, and bumps into the rest. The passengers aren't hurt, but are very cross - they complain to the Fat Controller, who is starting to have doubts over James' "splendid idea".

But when Duck offers to help, the Slip Coaches recognise their old friend at once. Duck manages to explain how James got the idea of Slip Coaches from him last night…and so the Fat Controller decides to let Duck pull the "Slippies" instead, much to James' embarrassment.

Thanks to Duck - who knows how to handle Slip Coaches properly - all the passengers reach their destinations on time. Everyone agrees that Slip Coaches are Really Useful indeed…with Duck proving that at times it IS best to do things "The Great Western Way!"

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 18.9 – Thomas The Quarry Engine

Written by Andrew Brenner

Thomas and Diesel are sent to collect a big load of stone from Ffarquhar Quarry to take to the Docks, but neither can agree on who should be the Back Engine. Hearing the two engines arguing, Mavis wishes that she could go to the Docks for a change and see the seaside, compared to her boring life up at the quarry.

Thomas kindly suggests that Mavis could help him deliver the stone trucks down to the Docks, whilst Diesel looks after things in her place. But Diesel has other ideas - he persuades Mavis to let HIM deliver the stone as Diesels are "revolutionary". Mavis warily agrees, and they leave an unwilling Thomas to look after the quarry.

While Thomas arranges the next load of stone, Mavis is in awe as she arrives at Brendam Docks. This gives Diesel a naughty idea, and urges her to accompany him on his next job, leading her further and further away from the quarry…

Meanwhile, Thomas waits for Mavis and Diesel to return. But the two engines take a long time getting back, and Thomas worries that the next stone train will be late. In the end, tired of waiting, he decides to try and pull the train by himself.

However, the Troublesome Trucks take advantage of the fact that Thomas doesn't have a Back Engine to help him. As they approach the hill they deliberately hold back…and then all push Thomas down the other side. Thomas tries to stop, but the train is too heavy - he nearly runs into Toby and Henrietta at the station before a vigilant Signalman sends the runaway train into a siding.

Thomas and the trucks lay derailed along the siding just as Mavis and Diesel turn up. Mavis is horrified at the accident, and then indignant when Diesel tries to put the blame on Mavis for straying so far from the quarry…

Unluckily, the Fat Controller soon hears all, and orders Mavis and Diesel to clear up the mess. But he also reprimands Thomas for trying to take the heavy train by himself.

Afterwards, Mavis returns to her work at the quarry. However, the Fat Controller does allow her to make journeys to the Docks now and again as a treat. Mavis is delighted to be "beside the seaside" after all!

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18.10 – Thomas & The Emergency Cable

Written by Andrew Brenner

For a time, Annie and Clarabel notice that one of their regular passengers acting very strangely - a man with a pair of binoculars gets off at every station, apparently looking for something. Thomas thinks he might be a Station Inspector…but just to make sure, he decides to asks the man next time they see him. The man with the binoculars explains that he is a Bird Watcher, and is looking for a very rare bird in the local area.

Their minds set at ease, Thomas, Annie and Clarabel set off on their return journey to Knapford. But suddenly, someone pulls the Emergency Cable, and the Guard applies the carriages' brakes. Thinking there might be trouble, Thomas stops while the Guard goes to investigate. He finds that the person who pulled the cable was the Bird Watcher. The man sheepishly explains that he thought he heard the rare bird he was looking for and, in a state of excitement, pulled the cord to get a look at it…

The Guard, Thomas, Annie and Clarabel are most annoyed, but there is more trouble as they try to restart their journey - one of Annie's wheels develops a "flat" after braking suddenly, and won't turn at all. Annie is uncoupled and left behind while all of the passengers squeeze into Clarabel.

Everyone is crosser still - none more so than the Fat Controller, who reprimands the Bird Watcher for his careless actions. The Bird Watcher apologises and promises to use the emergency cable properly from now on.

That evening, Thomas collects Rocky to lift Annie onto a flatbed and take her to the Steamworks to have her damaged wheel replaced. Unfortunately, Victor is unable to find any carriage wheels in Annie's size - until more can be ordered, Thomas has to be content with carrying passengers with only Clarabel.

They miss Annie terribly, which makes Thomas angry about the Bird Watcher. As they approach Dryaw station, they see the Bird Watcher again, waiting for them on the platform…but Thomas refuses to stop for him. But hardly have they passed the station then someone pulls the emergency cable again. This time, it's by a woman in a big hat, indigent that Thomas almost missed her stop! Thomas is forced to back up to the station to let her off, and allow the Bird Watcher on board.

Later, it's Thomas's turn to receive a dressing down - the Fat Controller tells Thomas that the Bird Watcher has truly learnt his lesson about the emergency cord, and that in future he must stop at every station "whether you're in a bad mood or not!" But Thomas and Clarabel are happy again when Annie returns to work…and the Bird Watcher even manages to find his rare bird, too!

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18.11 – Duncan & The Grumpy Passenger

Written by Davey Moore

One morning at Glennock, Duncan complains to Rheneas about his wobbly wheel, the track at Cros-ny-Cuirn, and to top it all off, a grumpy passenger who tells him he isn’t doing his job properly. Rheneas quips that Duncan is running rather late, and Duncan leaves the station indignantly.

But Duncan is right about his grumpy passenger, who complains almost as much as Duncan – when Duncan runs late, when the coaches are too full, when Duncan goes too slowly and when he goes too quickly.

Upon reaching Crovan’s Gate, the passenger moans to the Stationmaster and then departs in a huff. Whilst there, Duncan meets Peter Sam, and he informs him that he is going to make sure the grumpy passenger will have nothing to complain about in future.

Duncan heads over to the Depot, where he collects two extra coaches to make more room, so that the grumpy passenger will not complain. However, just as Duncan is leaving, Rusty calls after him, saying that the coaches Duncan has taken were meant for Skarloey’s train!

That evening, Duncan collects his passengers from Crovan’s Gate as usual. But after he leaves the station, an angry Skarloey arrives, with no coaches to take his passengers home...who begin complaining to the Stationmaster about the predicament they have been left in.

Meanwhile, Duncan approaches a section of line where workmen are busy by the track. Duncan spots the warning flags, but fails to slow down in case the grumpy passenger starts complaining. The workmen are very cross indeed when they see Duncan speeding past!

Even so, he arrives back at Glennock on time, and the passengers are pleased – all except for one.

The following morning, the grumpy passenger is nowhere to be seen. The Guard blows his whistle, but Duncan doesn’t depart, fearing the passenger will moan if he leaves without him. Eventually, the passenger scrambles onto the train, and Duncan feels sure that this time, he will have nothing to complain about. But the other passengers grumble at being late! Then, Skarloey arrives behind Duncan; unable to enter the station, Duncan has made him late, too.

At the end of his journey, the Thin Controller tells Duncan that it is better to concentrate on doing his job properly rather than trying to please the one passenger who will never stop complaining no matter what happens. Duncan apologises for his previous behaviour, and on his return journey he slows down when he sees the warning flags, despite the grumbles from the passenger!

When he arrives back at Glennock, Duncan tells Rheneas about the lesson he has learnt – but upon leaving the station, his old ways creep in and he starts grumbling all over again!

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18.12 – Marion & The Pipe

Written by Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler

Marion is repairing an embankment along the main line. Percy notices her and slows down in the hope she won’t notice him...but Marion spots him trying to creep by, and plunges straight into one of her stories about Roman coins. Percy quickly makes his excuses and pulls away, leaving Marion to continue digging.

Later, Gordon approaches the embankment with the express. Marion, unaware of this, swings her bucket away from her so that it is overhanging Gordon’s line, and he is forced to stop to avoid a nasty collision. Gordon tells Marion to be careful, but Marion is uninterested and attempts to tell another story, this time involving a woolly mammoth. Gordon scoffs and departs, claiming “the express waits for no story”.

Marion has nearly finished repairing the embankment when Thomas arrives with a goods train. Unlike most of the other engines, Thomas enjoys hearing Marion’s stories, and asks her to tell him the time she dug up a treasure chest. But as she's doing so, Marion hits something in the embankment. Thomas informs her that it’s a water pipe, but Marion thinks it might be the mast of a Viking longship.

Somewhat confused, Thomas leaves, but as he does so water begins to gush out from the object, and Marion realises that Thomas was right – it was a water pipe. Seeing that the Workmen haven't noticed what has happened, Marion quickly drops a shovelful of mud over the leaking pipe in order to stop the water flow, and leaves.

The next day, Thomas is passing the embankment again, when he notices water leaking out from the area Marion discovered the pipe. Realising the possible danger of the situation, he heads to the China Clay Works to find Marion, who is busy playing “Guess What’s In My Shovel” with Bill and Ben. Upon Thomas’ confrontation, Marion feigns ignorance at first, but eventually she follows Thomas back to the embankment.

They discover that the water appears to have stopped, and Marion declares the situation as “perfectly fine”. ..until with a ominous rumbling, the water bursts through the mud, washing a large heap of rocks onto the main line.

Marion instantly apologies, and stays there to clear the lines whilst Thomas reverses to warn the other engines. No sooner has Thomas left, however, when Gordon passes him with the express, heading towards the embankment.

Marion notices Gordon approaching and shovels faster than ever, but there is still a large rock on the track. Realising that Gordon is unable to stop in time, Marion swings her shovel and knocks the boulder out of his way – like a golfer striking a golf ball!

On their way back to work, Marion thanks Thomas for his help and tells him that the next time she makes a mistake, she will be sure to tell somebody. She returns to the Clay Pits, feeling very tired and a little silly. Bill and Ben notice this, and ask for a game of “Guess What’s In My Shovel” – which cheers Marion up instantly!

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18.13 – Missing Gator

Written by Andrew Brenner

One day, Salty notices Percy looking out to sea at Brendam Docks, with a glum look on his face. Percy tells him that he was thinking of Gator, and recounts what happened when they first met. But now, Gator has gone away and Percy is missing his friend.

On his way to deliver his trucks, Percy decides to try not to think of Gator at all – that way, he won’t feel sad. But as he climbs up Gordon’s Hill, he can’t help but remember how Gator made pulling trucks look so easy. And when he returns to the docks,he remembers Gator’s wise advice;

Being brave is not the same as not feeling scared. Being brave is about what you do, even when you do feel scared”.

Salty catches Percy looking glum again, and Cranky advises him to keep busy to take his mind off Gator.

So Percy keeps himself very busy indeed. But his rushing about makes him rather carless, when he accidentally bumps his trucks into Stafford whilst at the Shunting Yards.

Then one day, Percy is sent to Ulfstead Castle to collect some valuable sculptures and paintings, which are to be delivered to the Docks. Still in a hurry, Percy buffers up to his trucks, but doesn't wait to be coupled up to them...

As he begins to push the trucks down the hill, they begin to roll away! Percy chases after them, but they roll onto the old track leading to the mine shaft, which had only recently been re-boarded up. Percy stops as the trucks crash through and disappear into the mine. Percy is too frightened to go in after them and, taking the opportunity to calm down, he stops to think for a moment – but of course, he starts thinking about Gator, and remembers his words of bravery.

With his new found confidence, Percy heads off into the mine shaft. After much searching he finds the trucks, who are are scared of the dark and want to be pulled out the mine again! Percy is coupled up to the trucks, and pulls them safely out. He realises that it was only by thinking of Gator that he was able to overcome his fears and be brave.

Later when Percy arrives at the docks, Salty spots him looking out to sea again. But Percy admits that thinking about Gator makes him sad, but happy too, as he learnt a great deal from him. Salty laughs, and reckons that Gator may well return to Sodor one day...

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18.14 – No Steam Without Coal

Written by Davey Moore

Bill and Ben are at Brendam Docks. Bill is to collect equipment for the Clay Pits, whilst Ben is waiting for his trucks to be loaded with coal. Bill is quick to tease Ben about the time it is taking for his coal trucks to be loaded, and claims that he’ll be first back to the Clay Pits. Angered, Ben steams off after him, before his trucks have been filled up!

Whilst heading back to the Clay Pits, Ben pulls ahead of Bill and then switches over to his line, so that Bill cannot regain the lead. Ben is full of pride after winning the race, but Bill defends himself, as he had loaded trucks while Ben’s were empty. Marion overhears this, and Bill explains to her that Ben didn’t collect the coal from the Docks. Marion is not impressed, and states that coal is needed to keep them going. But the twins remind her of Timothy – the “odd one one”. Timothy is the only oil-burner on the whole of Sodor!

But Marion tells Ben to go back and collect the coal. The twins won’t have any of it, as they're sure that the hopper is still full. But Ben relents and tells her that he will go back… eventually! Timothy intervenes to tell Bill and Ben that there is a big order of clay for the docks, so they will both be burning a lot of coal. But the twins take no notice.

Instead of following Timothy's advice, Bill and Ben start playing around, which burns a lot of coal in the process. No matter what Timothy says, the twins don't take him seriously, and call him “boring”.

But later Bill and Ben go to load their bunkers up with coal – they find the hopper empty! They don’t even have enough steam to puff away from one another, and begin to squabble. Marion wonders what they should do – and everybody looks to Timothy for help. Timothy obliges, and he heads to Brendam to drop off the clay delivery and then returns to the Clay Works with trucks loaded with coal.

Marion is stern with Bill and Ben when Timothy arrives, and forces them to apologise for making fun of him. They even go as far as to tell him that being one of a kind is special, and really useful – when they’ve run out of coal! 

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18.15 – Spencer's VIP

Written by Andrew Brenner

The Fat Controller informs his engines at Tidmouth Sheds that a VIP is coming to the Island, and wants them all to be on their very best behaviour. He explains that this VIP is a Deputy Minister from the Mainland, who is coming to present the Fat Controller with an award for “Services to Transport”. All the engines are very pleased - until the Fat Controller reveals that Spencer is taking the Deputy Minister to Sodor.

As Spencer crosses the Vicarstown Bridge, he boasts to his VIP that he will have him there on time. But along the way, he doesn't pay attention to any of the signals, and overtakes Edward at a junction. As a result of this, at Wellsworth Junction, the Signalman accidentally sends Spencer along Edward's branch line...where the big engine ends up at the Claypits!

When Spencer finally arrives at Knapford, he is very late indeed. The Fat Controller is greeted with an unimpressed Deputy Minister, who insists that he will not travel back to the Mainland on Spencer. Gordon, James and Thomas hear this, and each reckon they could be chosen to take the Deputy Minister home.

Soon all the engines are racing about the Island, trying to impress the Minister. But in doing so, they start to make silly mistakes – Thomas makes the silliest mistake of all when he pulls away from the coal hopper too soon, and coal pours out all over Annie and Clarabel!

All this time, Spencer is left feeling very sorry for himself, lamenting over his mistake as he watches the other engines rushing around.

At the end of the day, the Fat Controller assembles his engines at Knapford, and addresses them bluntly. He is very annoyed, and feels that none of them deserve to take the Deputy Minister home. Spencer pipes up and humbly asks to be given a second chance. The Deputy Minister agrees, saying that everybody deserves a second chance, including the other engines. As such, he promises to return the next day.

When he does return, all the engines concentrate on their jobs this time. The Minister is very impressed, and finally presents the Fat Controller with his special reward, as all the engines cheer in delight!

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18.16 – Toad's Bright Idea

Written by Davey Moore

Gator is waiting at Brendam Docks for his ship to come in. He becomes bored of sitting around doing nothing...until that evening, the Dock Manager tells Gator that Oliver has broken down on the Little Western on the way to the docks. He asks if Gator can go collect his trucks and bring them back before first light. Gator is overjoyed at having something to do, and hurries off.

On his way, he is so excited that he doesn’t notice when his lamp goes out. Oliver is given a surprise when Gator pulls up – he didn't see Gator approaching with his lamp out. Gator is surprised by this, but once his Driver turns it back on, he turns himself around on the loop and puffs away with Oliver's trucks, as well as Toad the brake van.

They haven't gone far before Gator’s lamp flickers off again. Toad informs Gator of the dangers of travelling at night without a light, and asks to have his lamp switched back on again. Gator agrees and stops at a junction to do so – at that moment, James passes by with the Flying Kipper. Because Gator’s lamp is off, he mistakes Gator's odd shape for a monster, and flies away in a panic!

But no sooner does Gator restart his journey when his lamp goes out again. He doesn’t want to be late, so keeps quiet about it to Toad...until Percy, passing by, points out that Gator's lamp isn't on.

Toad insists that Gator should stop to relight his lamp, but Gator is having none of it. And when he ignores Toad's advice to slow down at the junction near the gravel pits, Toad has had enough – he applies his brakes and forces Gator to stop.

Gator, infuriated, decides to leave Toad behind, hoping to finish his journey more quickly. But without his lamp to see what lies ahead, he is startled to find the track is lined with spilt gravel. Feeling embarrassed, he returns to Toad and apologises, realising that the little brake van had been right about everything. But without a working lamp, he knows they that he won’t make it to the docks on time.

And then Toad has a very bright idea – he offers Gator one of his tail-lamps so that he can see where he is going and warn other engines. So once the Driver changes the lens from red to white, Gator finishes his journey to the docks without anymore trouble. The Dock Manager praises Toad for his ingenuity, and Toad and Gator make amends.

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18.17 – Long Lost Friend

Written by Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler

Cranky is unloading a ship, a few days before Christmas, when he feels an especially heavy load on his hook. To the surprise of Cranky and Salty, the "heavy load" is Gator, who has come to visit Sodor for Christmas - and in particular, to find Percy.

The ship has also brought a load of rock salt, but the order form had become wet and smudged during the journey - no one can be sure of where the salt is meant to go. The Dock Manager assumes it might be for the Blue Mountain Quarry, and asks Gator to take it there.

Along the way, Gator meets Thomas, who is very surprised to see Gator has returned. Thomas wastes no time in telling Percy, who excitedly hurries up to the quarry to find Gator.

But the Quarry Manager tells Gator's Driver that they didn't order the rock salt, and is sure it's meant for the Steamworks. So Gator heads there instead…but he's not gone long before Percy arrives, and is disappointed at having just missed Gator.

At the Steamworks, Gator learns that the rock salt wasn't meant to go there either. The Steamworks Manager thinks it might be for Knapford to stop the platforms being slippery. But of course, when Gator heads off, he misses seeing Percy again. Each engine begins to think that the other doesn't really want to see him…

Gator meets Thomas again at Knapford, feeling very sad. He thinks that Percy hasn't really missed him at all when he went away. Then the Fat Controller arrives and, learning about the rock salt delivery, explains that it was meant for Brendam Docks to keep ice off the quayside. So Gator heads back to the Docks.

As Thomas pulls out, he meets Percy coming the other way. Percy is sad, too, as he thinks Gator doesn't want to see him again - but Thomas explains that he does and is heading back to the Docks. Thinking that Gator might be going away again, Percy rushes to Brendam as fast as he can.

But Percy arrives in the Docks too quickly. He slips on the icy rails and crashes into the trucks, spilling rock salt everywhere. He feels very upset…until he sees, to his delight, his old friend Gator at the other of the train - covered in rock salt. At last, the two engines have found each other and are happy once again as they begin to catch up. 

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18.18 – Last Train For Christmas

Written by Andrew Brenner

It is Christmas Eve, and people are rushing home to be with their families for the festive season. Thomas meets Duck and Oliver at a junction, where Oliver complains about the snow. Thomas quips that they won’t have to wear their snowploughs tomorrow, as tomorrow is Christmas Day, when no trains will run!

Connor is on the Mainland, collecting passengers to be taken to Sodor. But there are still lots of people wanting to get home, and his train is already full. Connor promises to be back for them. When he returns at Knapford, he urges the Fat Controller to allow him one more trip to the Mainland to ensure that everybody gets home for Christmas. The Fat Controller agrees but warns him to be quick, as there is more heavy snow coming.

As Connor is looking for coaches, Thomas offers the Slip Coaches – which could be uncoupled on the move without stopping. Connor delightedly agrees to take them.

He hurries back across the Island, but the snow is getting heavier, and the engines are struggling to keep the tracks clear. At last, the snow becomes so heavy that the main line is blocked. The Fat Controller informs the other engines that the last train will have to be cancelled.

Thomas and Percy remain optimistic; they feel sure if they all work together, they can clear the line for Connor's last train. At this, the Fat Controller quickly changes his mind, and sends his engines off into the snow.

Thomas and Percy work hard clearing the line around Wellsworth, when Percy spots a red light in the sky. He gets excited, thinking it might be Father Christmas – but Thomas quickly points out it’s only Harold the Helicopter, searching for anyone stuck in the snow.

Edward and Henry clear the track beyond Maron, but the snow is thicker towards Vicarstown. Emily is unable to clear the line by herself and is ready to give up...when suddenly, Hiro bursts through the snowdrifts, clearing the snow from the other side. He crosses the Vicarstown bridge, and clears the line for Connor to make his way onto Sodor.

Connor releases the first Slip Coach at Kellsthorpe Road, and the second at Maron. He releases the last coach at Wellsworth, but he drops the coupling too late and the coach overruns the platform. Luckily, Thomas is on hand to shunt the coach back into the station, so that the passengers can alight safely.

Connor arrives at Knapford safely, and the Fat Controller praises all the engines for their hard work. They wish one another a Merry Christmas as they all return home. As he is leaving, Thomas sees bright lights in the sky, and whistles a “Merry Christmas” to Harold.

...or who he thinks is Harold, anyway!

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18.19 – Duncan The Humbug

Written by Davey Moore

All the Narrow Gauge engines are excited about Christmas - except Duncan. Whichever the engines enjoy about Christmas, Duncan finds something of it to complain about - icy rails, noisy carols, not even the sight of the Depot decorated can cheer him up. His grumbling starts to get to Skarloey, Rheneas and Rusty. Only when they mention that the Thin Controller is giving them all a fresh coat of paint does Duncan seem to brighten up.

However, the Thin Controller hears about Duncan's moaning from Rusty - and tells him that he will only receive a new coat of paint if he can avoid grumbling for one whole day. It's easier said than done, as the other engines are told to keep an eye on Duncan. But no matter what happens to Duncan, he tries his hardest not to complain.

But when he gets stuck behind Luke, struggling up a slippery hill, Duncan finally lose his temper. However, his outburst upsets Luke, whose sandbox has run out. Realising what he's done, Duncan uses his own sand to help push Luke and his train over the hill.

Next morning, Duncan is very upset as he feels sure that he won't get his repaint. But Rusty had seen what had happened yesterday and tells the Thin Controller, who is pleased that Duncan has rediscovered his Christmas spirit to help out Luke. And for that he gives Duncan his new coat of paint…but that doesn't stop him grumbling for long!

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18.20 – The Perfect Gift

Written by Davey Moore

Of all the engines on Sodor, Percy enjoys Christmas more than any other. But he feels sorry for Reg the Crane - the Scrapyard where he works isn't the most cheerful of places, even at Christmas. Reg doesn't mind; he's only too happy when Percy brings "lovely scrap" for him to lift and load. But Percy becomes determined to bring some Christmas cheer to the scrapyards.

At Tidmouth Sheds, Percy finds an old Christmas laid aside, and asks if he could take it for Reg to decorate his Scrapyard. But Reg doesn't recognise it as a Christmas Tree and drops it into a wood chipper machine!

Next, Percy is asked to take some Christmas Carollers to Wellsworth Station, and this gives him an idea. On the way, he stops by the Scrapyard and asks the puzzled Carollers to start singing. But the noise of the scrap being crushed and dropped startles them, and distracts Reg as a result.

Percy refuses to give up - he decides the best he can do is find Reg a present he is sure to like. But no matter how hard he thinks or looks, nothing comes to mind…

That evening, Percy sadly brings his next load scrap for Reg, who is more pleased than usual. Percy then realises why - next to his usual work, Reg has quietly been building his own "Christmas Tree" out of scrap - and Percy had just brought the very piece he was looking for to finish his "master piece". Reg explains that he's still able to celebrate Christmas in his own way, and even gives Percy a gift himself - a special star-shaped piece of scrap to hang above his shed berth.

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18.21 – Marion & The Dinosaurs

Written by Andrew Brenner

Marion loves talking about all the things that she has dug up over the years. She is especially proud of the dinosaur skeleton she helped to dig up from the claypits, which stands on display at the Town Square.

One day, Marion is working in a siding, clearing the area for some new sheds. Thomas passes by with a delivery of stones and plants to Ulfstead Castle. Upon arriving at the Estate, Millie and Stephen puff out excitedly - but are rather disappointed when they see it is only Thomas. Stephen explains that the Earl has ordered a special shipment from the Mainland, but they don't know what it is…

That night, Marion is asleep in the siding when she hears the sound of a passing steam engine. When she opens her eyes, however, she's startled to find a line of dinosaurs coming towards her! Marion thinks that she's dreaming and calls for the dinosaurs to go away…she's rather surprised when they do!

The following morning, when Thomas passes by again, Marion tells him what she saw last night. Thomas reminds Marion that dinosaurs don't exist anymore, and that she probably had a nightmare.

But later that day, Marion is horrified to see the dinosaurs again - realising that she's not dreaming this time, she reverses away from them as fast as she could all the way up the hill to Ulfstead Castle.

Stephen and Millie are just as frightened when they see Marion being "chased" by the dinosaurs, and all three hide in the castle. As they hear the dinosaurs coming nearer, the three engines suddenly the Earl whooping with joy.

Very bravely, Stephen, Millie and Marion venture out to investigate and realise that the special delivery has arrived - the dinosaurs are just giant models on flatbeds, pulled by a sturdy tank engine called Samson. Samson was meant to have arrived last night, but he sheepishly admits that he got "lost" and ended up at the Blue Mountain Quarry by mistake.

The Earl explains that he wants to build a Dinosaur Park near Ulfstead Castle to show visitors what they looked like thousands of years ago. Marion feels silly for being scared, but cheers up immediately when the Earl asks her to keep a look out for anymore dinosaur bones she may dig up in future, and hurries of to start right away!

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18.22 – Millie & The Volcano

Written by Andrew Brenner

Work on the new Dinosaur Park at the Earl's Estate is underway - Millie brings lots of plants and trees for decoration around the model dinosaurs, which Harvey and Samson are helping to set up.

But Millie gets a shock when Harvey accidentally swings the head of the Megalosarus too near her. Samson laughs at this and calls Millie a "silly little engine" for being frightened of models.

Millie is upset, and tells the Earl what happened. This gives the Earl an idea, but doesn't tell her exactly why or how…

Later, Millie is helping the Groundsman again when she sees Harvey and Samson working on another giant model. Samson, believing himself an expert on all things prehistoric, explains to Harvey that this model is be a volcano - a giant mountain that sprouts out lava and smoke. This gives Millie a cheeky idea to pay them back for teasing her.

After she helps the Groundsman collect all the old branches and leaves, Millie suggests that they should make a bonfire near the model volcano. So when Harvey and Samson approach the model, they see the smoke and think that the volcano is erupting! They hurry away, calling for help, until Millie tells the "silly big engines" about her trick.

However, the Earl is not happy about Millie tricking Harvey and Samson. He knows that Millie is really a very clever little engine, and with that the three engines decide to make up.

When the Dinosaur Park finally opens, the Fat Controller and Dowager Hatt are given the first tour by Millie and the Earl. Amongst all the fantastical models, they admire the model volcano smoking just like a real one - as well as the Megalosaurus, which has been built to move its head towards the passengers and gives them a friendly fright!

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18.23 – Timothy & the Rainbow Truck

Written by Davey Moore

Of all the engines on Sodor, Bill and Ben love playing tricks on Timothy as he's the most gullible. One day, the twins ask him to look for a very special truck - which is all the colours of the rainbow, and part of a "surprise" for the Fat Controller. Thinking that he's helping his friends, Timothy begins his search for the rainbow truck.

Timothy looks everywhere for the special truck all along Edward's Branch Line - he sees trucks of all different colours at the Docks (but none multi-coloured), he passes a colourful parrot at the Animal Park, the Duchess of Boxford wearing a colourful dress, and even some children flying rainbow-coloured kites. But he can't find the rainbow truck anywhere.

Finally, Timothy decides to try looking at the Shunting Yards. But the Fat Controller finds him, and asks why he's not working at the claypits. Feeling ashamed and silly, Timothy sadly makes his way back home.

Along the way, he decides to try searching Brendam Docks again. Cranky doesn't know where to find a "rainbow" truck - but Salty does, and takes Timothy to a corner of the dockyards where a smelly rubbish truck is standing, covered in "all the colours of the rainbow!" When Salty realises that Bill and Ben have been playing tricks again, he suggests to Timothy that he should take the truck anyway, whether they want it or not!

Bill and Ben are aghast when they see Timothy pulling in with the "colourful" rubbish truck, and hastily explain that they had only sent him on a fool's errand. The Fat Controller arrives in time to hear this, and punishes Bill and Ben by putting them on waste collecting duty - starting by taking the dockyard scrap to the Waste Dump, complaining all the way!

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18.24 – Samson At Your Service

Written by Davey Moore

Whilst delivering the Dinosaur models to Ulfstead Castle, Samson’s first trip to Sodor resulted in him getting lost, and staying the night at the Blue Mountain Quarry.

A short while after, the Fat Controller entrusts Samson with the job of delivering stone from the Blue Mountain Quarry to the Mainland. Samson promises that he will not foul up again – now that he knows where the Blue Mountain Quarry is!

Samson heads off to fill up with coal at the Shunting Yards, but Duck, Percy and Diesel tease him for his silly mistake. Samson is so cross about it that he becomes distracted, and is coupled to the Express coaches by mistake. Stanley tries to warn him, but Samson is having none of it and departs with the Express.

When Thomas arrives to collect Gordon’s coaches, he's very surprised when Stanley explains the situation to him. Gordon isn't happy either as he is already twenty minutes late with his Express run.

Meanwhile, Samson carries on along the main line towards the quarry. He rolls straight through Wellsworth station, with the passengers looking on in bewilderment! James notices this and tries to warn Samson, but Samson is insistent that he is still in the right. When Samson comes across Bill and Ben, they tease him instead, but the proud tank engine thinks they are praising him.

By now, Gordon is so late that he is forced to take Annie and Clarabel instead! They dislike travelling at high-speeds and shriek in horror as they are pulled along.

Samson finally arrives at the Quarry, where Skarloey tells him about his mistake. Samson now feels very silly indeed. He heads back over to the shunting yards, but he meets the Fat Controller along the way, who tells him that everyone makes mistakes...but they make more mistakes when they don’t ask for help!

Finally, Samson collects the trucks and takes them to the Quarry, where they are loaded. But he is too late to take them to the mainland, and so has to spend another night at the quarry. The narrow gauge engines tease him again, and for once even Samson sees the funny side.

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18.25 – Emily Saves The World

Written by Laura Beaumont & Paul Larson

At Crovan’s Gate, Emily overhears Rheneas and Duncan boasting about some of the special jobs they’ve had over the years: Duncan once took an elephant statue, and Rheneas pulled a dinosaur skeleton. Emily is only pulling sand, and can’t help but feel left out.

At Maron, she sees Gordon, who tells her about all his special trains – amongst them, collecting Alicia Botti and the Queen of England.

At the docks, Thomas tells her of the time he was once sent flying around the Island by a jet engine, but insists Emily must have had something exciting. But all she can think of is the time she took Sodor United's dirty laundry...

The next day, Emily is sent to the yard to collect a special. She is overjoyed when she sees it is a giant globe for the Animal park, and can’t wait to show it off to the others. She takes it to the Steamworks, but Victor and Kevin are nowhere to be seen. Neither are any of the narrow gauge engines when she goes to Crovan’s Gate, and at Maron she pulls in just as Gordon is departing with the Express.

Desperate to show off the globe, Emily doesn’t go straight to the animal park, and switches tracks at the junction to try and find other engines. But on this line, a low bridge breaks the strap holding the globe onto the flatbed. As Emily crosses over another bridge, the globe wobbles off the flatbed, over the side and lands on one of Hiro’s wagons underneath.

Ahead, Emily sees Thomas, and proudly shows off her special. Thomas is bewildered – the flatbed is empty! Emily is horrified and scampers off to find the globe again.

Unbeknownst to her, the globe is still on Hiro’s train. Eventually, it hits a signal gantry and rolls off over a hill. Emily is still searching, but doesn’t see it roll through Wellsworth station and up Gordon’s Hill, where it crawls to a halt and starts to roll back down again. This time, Emily spots it, but it speeds straight through the station.

Meanwhile, Thomas is pulling Annie and Clarabel, all three are laughing at how silly Emily was to make up her special… until they see the giant globe rolling behind them! They pull into a siding out of the way, and see the globe flash past, followed by Emily.

The globe reaches the Docks, where Cranky attempts to stop it, but only sends it back in the other direction. It bounces off Thomas, then Emily before falling into the sea. Luckily, Captain the Lifeboat is close by, and brings the globe back to shore, where it is loaded back onto Emily’s flatbed.

Emily hurries off to the Animal Park without further incident. The globe is soon on display, and Thomas tells Emily how exciting her special really was. Emily reckons it may have been too exciting!

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18.26 – Samson Sent For Scrap

Written by Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler

One day, Scruff is struggling to pull a heavy train of scrap to the scrapyard when he suddenly blows a gasket. Luckily, Samson is available and he hauls Scruff away to the Steamworks. Samson brags on a job well done, and so the Fat Controller chooses him to work with Harvey, clearing away line-side scrap, until Scruff is repaired.

Harvey and Samson are soon busy stopping at various track repair sites, where Harvey eagerly loads the scrap metal into Samson’s truck.

But Samson starts to get carried away with his new duties. He spots a bike by the line, and, thinking it to be scrap, orders Harvey to load it into the truck. Harvey isn’t convinced, but does so anyway...and they depart just as the horrified postman arrives to find that Samson has stolen his bike!

Next, Samson pressures Harvey into taking away a bus stop sign. Bertie arrives in time to see that his stop sign has gone. The postman hurries up and orders Bertie to follow Samson and Harvey.

Further ahead, the Fat Controller is in his car when it runs over a pin and gives his tyre a puncture. Lacking a spare, he and his driver head off for a new tyre. While they are gone, Samson spots the car and, mistaking it for scrap, tells Harvey to put it in the truck. Harvey is positive that it’s the Fat Controller’s car, but Samson refuses to be told otherwise, and so Harvey loads the car anyway.

Soon, the Fat Controller and his driver return to find that their car has gone. Bertie arrives and tells Sir Topham that Samson has taken his bus stop, and the postman's bike. The Fat Controller realises that Samson has taken his car too, and begins to worry when Scruff, fully repaired, pulls up. He says that he knows a shortcut to the scrapyard, and rushes off to save the Fat Controller’s car.

At the scrapyard, Reg is very excited about the scrap brought in by Samson. But as he is just about to dig his claw into the truck, Scruff puffs up in time to tell Reg that the car is the Fat Controller’s. Samson isn’t convinced…until Bertie pulls in, with the Fat Controller and the postman.

Samson is very sorry for causing confusion, and the Fat Controller is quick to point out that his car is anything but scrap...until the wing mirror suddenly falls off, causing everybody to laugh!

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