Series 19

R Healy

Quote Of The Series

“Engines can’t get chickenpox!”
“Even chickens can’t get chickenpox!”


Thomas & Gordon
'Henry Spots Trouble'

Series 19 is unique in modern Thomas & Friends respects in that it does not follow on from a preceding special in terms of continuity.  The Series 19 Special – Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure – would follow the series in continuity terms.  Therefore, no new characters from a special were given exposure this series, and revolved largely around existing characters within the fold – providing much needed development to some introduced in recent years, and to classic friends – albeit, not the narrow gauge engines.


Series 19 was treated as the 70th Anniversary Series, and contains the first ever double-length episode the series has had.


Philip the Diesel Boxcab

Songs of the Series

Let's Go!


There's Snow Place Like Home


Race with You


Spring is Here!


Down by the Docks (Robert Hartshorne (2015) Remix)


Engine Roll Call (EggPlant LF (2015) Remix)

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Edward Catchpole

Christopher Keenan



(HIT Entertainment)

Ian McCue



(ARC Productions)

Robert Anderson



Robert Hartshorne



Sharon Miller



Sam Wilkinson


Dianna Basso

David Stoten

Don Spencer

In 2016, we ran a poll on Series 19 to determine what the best episodes of the Series were as well as what else fans enjoyed about it.  Best episodes, and aspects of production are included and broken down in our poll results blog!

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Andrew Brenner

19.1 - Who’s Geoffrey?

Written by Lee Pressman

Thomas is running late with a goods train for Brendam. He’s in such a state that he rushes into the Docks too quickly and bumps into a line of trucks, upsetting a crate of bouncy balls which Cranky is unloading for Salty. No one has seen Thomas cause the accident – but rather than own up about it, he instead blames the accident on an imaginary engine called “Geoffrey”, who he describes as a “large, red steam engine from the Mainland”. While the other engines are wondering about this “new engine”, Thomas makes good his escape...

But word of “Geoffrey” spreads quickly. Before long, everyone is eager to meet him – especially the Fat Controller, who wants to know what this engine is doing on his railway. In a bid to cover his lie, Thomas tells the Fat Controller that “Geoffrey” is very shy, which is why he’s hiding in Henry’s which the Fat Controller orders Thomas to take him there at once. In a panic, Thomas races away backwards along the main line with a terrified Annie and Clarabel in tow.

Thomas reaches Henry’s Tunnel first and hides inside. Not long after the Fat Controller arrives on board Percy, demanding he should talk to “Geoffrey”. Annie and Clarabel are very puzzled indeed as Thomas disguises his voice and promises to the Fat Controller (as “Geoffrey”) to be more careful not to have anymore accidents.

Thomas’ trick almost works...until he hears Spencer coming up suddenly behind him. Both engines are very surprised to see one another, and Thomas hurries out of the tunnel to avoid behind hit. The Fat Controller is concerned about Geoffrey, until Spencer reveals that there was no other engine in the tunnel. At this, Thomas admits that he made up “Geoffrey” all along, realising now that it’s best to own up to your mistakes and to learn from them.

Percy is especially disappointed – he thought that “Geoffrey” sounded like a very nice engine indeed...!

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19.2 - The Truth About Toby

Written by Davey Moore

Henrietta is always fussing over Toby’s well-being, which sometimes irks the old tram. One day, she advises Toby to fill up on more coal before taking a train of scrap to the scrapyards. Toby says he hasn’t got time; he feels he doesn’t need Henrietta to tell him everything.

But of course, when he arrives at the scrapyards, Toby really does run out of coal. All he can do is wait in the hope that another engine will be along to help. Edward and Thomas pass by occasionally, but Reg makes so much noise as he’s unloading the trucks that neither engine can hear him calling for help.

Then Reg has an idea – he decides to wave a piece of red scrap, like a red flag, to try and stop the next engine that comes. When Henry passes by, Reg tries waving an old red car...but he loses his grip, and the “flying car” scares Henry away!

At Brendam Docks, Edward tells Henry, Thomas and Salty of how he’s seen Toby at the scrapyard all day. Salty comes to the sad conclusion that Toby is likely going to be scrapped, but Thomas doesn’t believe a word of it.

When Thomas next passes by the scrapyard, Reg has another idea. He lifts Toby up in the air, hoping that Thomas would see him and stop. But Toby is very indignant on the idea – he screams at Reg to put him down. When Thomas sees this, he realises that Salty must be right. In a very short time, the rumour spreads down the line that “Old Toby is going to be scrapped!

News of the rumour eventually reaches Knapford yards, where Henrietta is still waiting. When she overhears Paxton talking to Emily about it, she’s adamant that it isn’t true. So Emily and Henrietta set off to the scrapyard where they find Toby still waiting for help. Toby, abashed, admits to Henrietta that she had been right about the coal. So Emily shares some of her own to help Toby home.

Later, the Fat Controller gathers all the engines in the yard to confirm the truth that Toby is not going to be scrapped, much to everyone’s delight. Toby can’t understand how the rumour had even started – Thomas can’t imagine either...!

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19.3 - Lost Property

Written by Helen Farrall

At the end of a busy day, the Fat Controller tells Thomas that some Railway Inspectors are coming tomorrow to inspect the engines. Annie and Clarabel insist that they should be cleaned out then as their Guard brings out a box of items left behind by their passengers that day – some of these items include an umbrella, some novelty chattering teeth and a paddle-ball, which accidentally gives the Fat Controller a black eye...!

The Railway Inspectors arrive the following day, and they start their inspection by riding on Thomas’ Branch Line train. But things don’t go well at all. Thomas’ journey is riddles with delays and problems – including a stuck window, cows on the line and some very noise schoolchildren, one of which pulls the emergency cable and brings the train to a stop!

When Thomas returns to the Big Station later that morning, he’s very sorry he couldn’t make up time. The Fat Controller knows it’s not his fault as he follows the snooty Railway Inspectors onto the next train. Thomas leaves Annie and Clarabel at the station for his next job.

Later on, when Thomas returns to Knapford, Annie tells him that their Guard has found more lost property – a gold pocket-watch. Thomas recognises it belonging to one of the Inspectors; he feels sure the railway would get an even worse report if it isn’t returned.

Thomas, Annie and Clarabel spot the Inspectors travelling on Gordon’s express, and they follow the big engine as far as Kellsthorpe Road. The Grumpy Inspector is very surprised to have his watch returned as he didn’t even realise he had lost it. The watch is very valuable to him, and he commends Thomas for using his initiative, before announcing that the railway will be getting a glowing report as a result of it. Everyone is very happy indeed, especially the Fat Controller!

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19.4 – Henry Spots Trouble

Written by Davey Moore

One morning, Henry arrives at Knapford to find the Fat Controller with his grandchildren, Stephen and Bridget. The Fat Controller explains that they both have chickenpox, and that he’s taking them out for the day in Winston to cheer them up. Henry is nervous about the itchy, scratchy spots on their faces – he starts to wonder if engines could catch chickenpox, too...

Meanwhile, Thomas is collecting chickens from Farmer McColl’s farm as Butch helps to pull a tractor out of the mud close by. But in doing so, he accidentally splashes mud over Thomas. But Thomas sees the funny side; he’ll be able to wash it off later.

Henry is still thinking about chickenpox as he sets off with on passenger run. Not even Emily’s encouragement at Edward’s Station can put his fears at ease. And when Henry sees Thomas passing by, his face covered in “spots” and his trucks full of chickens, he’s convinced that engines really could catch chickenpox!

At the Dieselworks, Paxton is covered in dirty, black smoke by Diesel. As Paxton sets off with a goods train, he comes across Henry – who thinks that the dirt marks on Paxton’s face are more chickenpox! Henry races away as fast as he can, giving his passengers a very uncomfortable ride.

At Kellsthorpe Road, a painter accidentally upsets a tin of red paint onto the track. As Connor flies through the station, he sprays the spilt paint all over Gordon, waiting on the opposite platform. When Henry arrives and sees Gordon’s “spots”, he is so frightened that he backs away in the direction he has come! He feels sure now that he could catch chickenpox next!

The Fat Controller is very surprised to see Henry racing backwards on the main line. When Henry is finally stopped at Wellsworth, Thomas arrives from the washdown. Henry is puzzled to see his “spots” have gone, until Thomas explains how he was covered in mud, and Gordon arrives to explain about the paint. Eventually, the Fat Controller tells Henry that only children can catch chickenpox: even then it’s only for a short time and it’s nothing really to worry about.

After that, Henry never worries about chickenpox again. Even Paxton laughs about it with him later on – but he doesn’t help when he jokes that maybe “Diesels could get Measles...!

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19.5 – Toad & the Whale

Written by Helen Farrall

One Summer’s day, Toad is feeling particularly cheerful as he and Oliver travel along the coastal track. Toad is so happy that he starts singing, which soon annoys Oliver and Duck after a little while! This upsets Toad...but as they pass by Bluff’s Cove, he spots what looks like a whale stranded on the beach. But Oliver doesn’t listen; he thinks that Toad is only imagining things.

Toad is very quiet on the return journey. Oliver is about to apologise for upsetting him when he suddenly sees a crowd of people on the beach at Bluff’s Cove – who have come to see the stranded whale! Oliver is sorry for not believing Toad, and they quickly alert the Search and Rescue Centre.

Butch, Belle, Flynn and Harold arrive at the scene, while Oliver and Toad arrive with water tankers to help keep the whale cool. The initial plan was for Butch to tow the whale closer to the sea, until Harold points out that the tide is too far out. So the workmen cover the whale in a large sheet to protect it from the sun before digging a large trench around it, which Belle and Flynn fill with water to keep it wet enough until the tide comes back in.

Toad realises that could take hours. He thinks that it might be better to bring the whale to Brendam Docks where the water is much deeper. But Oliver reckons it might be best to leave the Rescue Team to handle things from here.

Back at Knapford, all the engines are talking about the whale. Toad is still upset; he feels sure that his plan would be better to try. When Thomas hears about it, he calls the Fat Controller over and urges Toad to tell him as well. The Fat Controller agrees that it’s an excellent idea indeed!

In no time, Rocky is brought to lift the whale on a flatbed. As Oliver and Toad slowly set off to Brendam – with Belle running alongside to keep the whale nice and wet – Toad decides to sing to the whale to keep him happy throughout their journey.

Everyone is surprised to see the whale arriving at the Docks. As soon as Cranky carefully lowers it into the water, it isn’t long before they see it swimming happily back out to sea. The whale is saved, all thanks to Toad!

And whenever he passes by Bluff’s Cove, Toad remembers his friend the whale with a special song of his own!

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19.6 – Very Important Sheep

Written by Helen Farrall

One evening, the Fat Controller announces that tomorrow there is to be a Spring Fair at Maithwaite. Thomas is to take passengers there, and Percy is to collect Farmer McColl’s new spring lambs and ewes. Percy promises to collect the ewes bright and early after his run with the Mail Train.

However, Percy’s mail run takes longer than he thought – he arrives back late the next morning and low on water. When Gordon refuses to let him go in front of him at the water tower, Percy decides to hurry away to collect his livestock wagon. In his haste he bumps the wagon too hard, and doesn’t notice that a hole has appeared in the back.

Even though he is running late, Percy still remembers to be careful as he collect his “very important sheep” from Farmer McColl. He does manage to find a water tower, though. While he’s filling his tank, he doesn’t see one of the lambs escaping through the hole in the wagon. In fact, Percy doesn’t realise that every time he stops or slows down, another sheep jumps out...

A little while later, on the same track, Thomas is on his way to the fair with Annie and Clarabel. He’s very surprised when he finds a lamb wandering on the track close by. It’s too dangerous to leave animals near the line, so Thomas’ Driver picks up the lamb and loads it into Annie, who is not happy at all. A little further on, they find another sheep...and another...and another...before long, Annie has so many sheep on board that the passengers are forced to squeeze into Clarabel! It’s then that Thomas realises that these must be Percy’s sheep...

At Maithwaite, Percy and Farmer McColl are both shocked to find the wagon completely empty. But luckily, Thomas arrives in good time, with his passengers and some very comfortable sheep, all safe and sound. Percy is grateful for Thomas’ help, and so is Annie – who hopes that she’ll never have to carry livestock again!

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 19.7 – Salty All At Sea

Written by Lee Pressman

During a very quiet period at Brendam Docks, the Fat Controller decides to give Salty a special assignment: he is to go and help out at the docksides on the Mainland for a time. As Vicarstown Bridge is under repair, Salty is to travel there by boat. Salty is suddenly nervous by the idea. Before Cranky has the chance to load him on board the next ship bound for the Mainland, Salty mysteriously disappears. Then Edward pulls up, wondering where his trucks are...

Salty has made up his mind to keep himself busy and to avoid returning to the Docks. He starts off by taking Edward’s trucks to Wellsworth. Arriving there, he sees some passengers waiting on the platform, grumbling because their train is late...

When Thomas arrives at Wellsworth later, he’s surprised when the Stationmaster tells him that his passengers have already gone – Salty has taken them to Knapford in an old coach. Thomas hurries away after Salty.

After dropping off the passengers at the Main Station, there’s nowhere else for Salty to go. Thomas eventually finds him hiding near Tidmouth Sheds. Salty finally admits that he doesn’t want to go to the Mainland because he’s never really travelled on a boat in his life – he’s terrified of all the scary sea monsters out there.

But Thomas reminds him that he’s always making up stories, like the time he fooled the engines about the “Flatbeds of Fear” and the “Monster of Brendam”. Salty admits that maybe he does let his imagination get away with him sometimes...and decides to brave the sea.

So the following morning, Thomas and the Fat Controller see Salty off as he sets sail on his journey to the Mainland. At first Salty is nervous, but very soon he begins to enjoy the trip, and realises that the sea isn’t so scary after all!

A few weeks later, Salty returns to the Docks where he tells the other engines about his journey to the Mainland – involving “giant sharks”, “whirlpools of doom” and the “engine-eating octopus!”

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19.8 – Den & Dart

Written by Davey Moore

Mavis has an accident whilst loading trucks of stone up at the quarry. She worries who will look after her work as Thomas takes her to the Dieselworks.

The Fat Controller has already decided – he chooses Den to work at the quarry. Den is worried about working by himself, especially as Dart has to stay behind to help with Mavis’ repairs. Dart and Mavis wish him luck as he nervously sets off.

When Den arrives, the quarry is in an awful muddle – trucks and stone are everywhere. The Troublesome Trucks see how nervous Den is, and decide to have some fun. They make things very difficult for the poor diesel, slipping their brakes “on” and “off” to cause delays or derailments. Den doesn’t know what to do, and Toby, watching close by, begins to feel sorry for him.

Meanwhile, Dart is missing his best friend very much. Mavis reassures him that the sooner she’s mended, the sooner she can go back to the quarry and Den can return home. Dart feels much better, and begins work at once.

Back at the quarry, Toby and Henrietta encourage Den to be more firmer with the trucks, the same way Mavis deals with them. Gradually, Den gains enough courage to show the Troublesome Trucks who’s boss, and is soon busy shunting them across the quarry. At one point, he manages to save Toby from being hit by a runaway truck – even going as far as scolding it for being so careless!

By the day’s end, Mavis is repaired and eager to return to the quarry. She is surprised and impressed to find everything neat and tidy. Mavis and Toby congratulate Den on a job well done. Den is pleased with his day’s work, but he’s happiest still to be back at the Dieselworks with his best friend, Dart.

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 19.9 – Helping Hiro

Written by Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler

Thomas is feeling especially chatty one day as he meets Hiro in the yard. The two engines happen to be travelling to Knapford, so Hiro suggests that they could go together. Thomas is so eager to that he doesn’t notice his load of pipes isn’t secured properly...

Thomas and Hiro talk together as they puff along side by side. Eager to show off his strength and speed, Thomas races ahead of Hiro. But he approaches the bend too quickly, and the pipes break loose, tumbling onto Hiro’s line. Hiro cannot stop in time and hits the pipes, falling onto his side.

When Edward arrives with Rocky to rescue Hiro, the Fat Controller sends Hiro to the Steamworks to be mended. Thomas feels terribly guilty for causing the accident. Hiro is an old engine from a far-off land, and it’s very hard to find the spare parts he needs. Thomas remembers when he first found Hiro abandoned in the woods...which gives him an idea!

The next morning, Thomas set off towards ‘Hiro’s Hideout’. He feels sure that some of Hiro’s old parts might still be lying about somewhere. The old track is very overgrown, and Thomas has a hard time trying to find anything. Just as he is thinking of going back, however, the old rails give way beneath him and Thomas falls into the mud, unable to move.

Thomas tries whistling for help, but no one can hear him. As darkness falls, Thomas hears Harold flying overhead. Quickly, he blows lots of steam from his funnel, which soon attracts Harold’s attention. Realising that a steam engine might be stranded there, Harold flies away to find help.

Thomas begins to lose hope of ever being found. The forest becomes very dark and spooky. Then he hears a strange rumbling noise coming towards him...but to Thomas’ relief, he sees it’s only Percy with Rocky and the Fat Controller, all coming to rescue him.

Soon, Thomas is in the Steamworks alongside Hiro, where he tells him about his adventure in the forest. Thomas is still sorry he’s not been able to find any spare parts, but Hiro explains that the Fat Controller had ordered lots of spare parts in case he ever broke down again. Before long, both engines are mended and are back at work!

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19.10 – Snow Place Like Home

Written by Lee Pressman

Heavy snow makes work difficult for the engines. But Kevin thinks the snow looks terrific. Victor doesn’t think so; in his home country (Cuba), there is no snow at all. In fact, he hates the snow – especially as new piston rods for Emily are stranded at the Depot because of the bad weather. Even so, Victor is refusing to go out until the snow has melted away completely.

Despite Victor’s warnings, Kevin decides to slip outside and go exploring. He’s soon having a wonderful time, playing around in the snow. But then he loses control and slides into the side of the Steamworks, disturbing a mound of snow above which almost buries him.

Meanwhile, the Fat Controller decides to send Thomas to the Depot to fetch the truck carrying Emily’s piston rods. The snow falls more heavily as Thomas sets off.

By this time, Victor has noticed that Kevin is missing. Up on her hoist, Emily reckons he may have gone out to collect her piston rods. Victor is worried about Kevin’s safety and, despite hating snow, he bravely sets out to try and find him.

Eventually, Thomas manages to collect the piston rods and sets off towards the Steamworks. The snowstorm becomes so bad, he doesn’t notice Victor passing by, on the lookout for Kevin.

When Kevin hears Thomas arriving at the Steamworks, he tries calling out for help – but Thomas doesn’t hear him. With one last effort, Kevin manages to free his crane arm, which he uses to tap on the nearest window. The noise attracts Thomas’ attention, and soon he finds Kevin trapped in the snow.

Kevin is quickly rescued and brought inside to warm up. He’s very surprised when he learns that Victor has gone out in the snow to look for him. So Thomas sets off to find Victor to tell him that Kevin is safe and sound. When he hears the news, Victor is very relived indeed.

Later that evening, Thomas, Victor, Kevin and Emily are together again in the nice, warm Steamworks. Kevin feels a glow of admiration to Victor, setting out in the snow to look for him – but after all, they are best friends.

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19.11 – The Beast of Sodor

Written by Becky Overton

One winter’s evening, all the engines are in their berths at Tidmouth Sheds, except James – his space is taken by Spencer, who is forced to spend the night on Sodor because the route to Vicarstown Bridge is blocked by heavy snow. Gordon teases Spencer for being afraid of snow, but Spencer brags that he once saved the Duke of Boxford from the “Abominable Snowman”. The other engines laugh at his tall tale, but Henry is worried...

The following day, Spencer is told to help Henry with his goods work until Vicarstown Bridge can be cleared. Spencer is not happy, but he still makes the most of it by teasing poor Henry about the possibility of meeting the Abominable Snowman.

Meanwhile, the Fat Controller is on his way to meet Dowager Hatt for lunch, but gets stuck in a traffic jam. Worried about being late, he decides to take a shortcut. But he loses control on the slippery roads and his car skids into a deep snowdrift. A nearby whistle attracts the Fat Controller’s attention, and he desperately stumbles through the heavy snow towards the railway...

Spencer is still boasting about meeting the Abominable Snowman when Henry sees something something large and white coming towards them. He’s worried that it might be the Yeti itself...but it’s only Emily clearing the snow from the track. She assures Henry that there is no such thing as the Abominable Snowman.

Far off and out of sight, the Fat Controller sees Henry and Spencer. His attempts to catch their eye instead catches the attention of a rather angry bull, which chases the Fat Controller across the field!

Meanwhile, Henry sees another plume of snow coming towards them. He feels sure that this must be the Abominable Snowman. But it isn’t – it’s only Thomas and Dowager Hatt, on the look out for the Fat Controller. Spencer teases Henry that the Abominable Snowman might have got him. Dowager Hatt scoffs at the idea, and continues the search with Thomas.

A little further on, Henry and Spencer hear a strange creaking noise, but only Spencer can see what’s causing it – he sees Rocky’s crane arm on the other side of some tall trees, as the rescue crane helps James out of the snowdrift he had been stuck overnight in.

By the time Henry and Spencer deliver their trucks and make their way home, it’s getting dark. Suddenly, they sees a large, snowy figure stumbling towards them – it’s the Abominable Snowman! Spencer is so frightened that his valve bursts and is unable to run away from the monster. Henry is scared too, but he doesn’t want to leave Spencer. He plucks up courage to whistle loudly at the Abominable Snowman, blowing the snow off it...and discovering it to be the Fat Controller instead! Moments later Thomas arrives with Dowager Hatt, who is most indignant that her son had missed their luncheon!

That evening, Spencer boasts about his encounter with the “Abominable Snowman”. But the others know that it was really Henry who had been the brave engine that day.

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19.12 – A Cranky Christmas

Written by Mark Huckerby & Nick Ostler

It’s almost Christmas Time, and Thomas is delivering a load of salt to Tidmouth Town Hall to prevent people from slipping on the icy pavements. This done, the Fat Controller then sends Thomas to collect a special crate from the Docks.

At Brendam, Cranky is grumpily loading and unloading as usual when he accidentally drops a large crate too hard on the quayside – the Christmas Crate Thomas is sent to deliver. Worried that he might have damaged the cargo, Cranky hides it out of sight. And when Thomas arrives to collect the special crate, Cranky pretends not to have seen it.

Thomas returns to the Town Square and tells the Fat Controller that the special crate hasn’t arrived. The Fat Controller is puzzled and concerned, especially as the Mayor of Sodor is eager to see the special Christmas Surprise planned. Thomas decides to return to the Docks and search everywhere for the crate – he’s in such a rush that he forgets to refill his sandbox...

Despite Cranky’s attempts to keep the Christmas Crate hidden, Thomas is delighted when Salty finds it for him. Thomas races back towards Tidmouth with his special cargo. But as he approaches the Town Hall, his wheels slip on the icy rails – then he realises that he has run out of sand!

Luckily, Edward pours his own sand onto Thomas’s line, and Thomas is able to grip the rails again. But he stops too quickly and the Christmas Crate lands on the platform with a terrible crash! Thomas is sure he has damaged it...but he hasn’t. Inside the crate is everything needed to set up an ice rink in the Town Hall. The noise is just the ice skates rattling about.

Soon the ice rink is set up, and everyone has a fantastic time skating on the ice. Afterwards, Thomas tells his story to Salty, Porter and Cranky. Everyone laughs about it, until Cranky, without thinking, admits out loud that he’s relieved not to have damaged the crate when he had dropped it earlier...!

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19.13 – Slow Stephen

Written by Helen Farrall

When he’s not giving tours around Ulfstead Castle, Stephen sometimes runs special railtours on the Main Line. Gordon thinks it silly that an old, slow engine like Stephen should be allowed to at all.

One day, as Stephen is on his way to pick up some tourists, he hears a strange groaning noise whilst crossing the Suspension Bridge. At Knapford, he asks James and Thomas if they had heard any strange noises at the bridge, but neither of them have.

Sure enough, as Stephen crosses the bridge again, he listens more carefully but can hear nothing. He decides that he probably imagined it, and happily carries on to Brendam Docks to pick up more passengers from a cruise ship. Everyone admires the famous old engine.

However, as Stephen crosses the Suspension Bridge a third time, he hears the strange noise again – and this time he sees a broken piece land in front of him. He realises that the bridge must be damaged, and hurries across it to warn any other engines coming. He manages to stop Thomas and warns him of the danger...but then Annie and Clarabel remember that Gordon is due to cross the bridge any time with the Express!

Leaving his coaches in a siding, Stephen decides to cross the bridge as he’s lighter than Thomas. But as he’s doing so, he becomes stuck on a broken rail, and the bridge seems ready to collapse! When Stephen hears Gordon’s approaching whistle in the distance, he makes one more brave effort and manages to cross the bridge on the other side where his Driver and Fireman wave a red flag to stop Gordon.

Gordon is able to stop just in time, but before he has the chance to snap at Stephen for holding him up, the damaged section of the bridge finally collapses. Gordon is so amazed that he’s too stunned to say “thank you” properly!

The Fat Controller praises Stephen and Thomas for being Really Useful Heroes. While the bridge is being repaired, all the engines have to cross it as slowly as Stephen. And when everyone hears the story, it brings even more tourists to Ulfstead Castle than ever.

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19.14 – Two Wheels Good

Written by Lee Pressman

The Duke and Duchess of Boxford have been invited to a special birthday ball at Lord Callan’s castle. As well as bringing a present, the Duke has prepared an important speech. On his way to Callan Castle, Spencer has to stop at Knapford where he meets Thomas and Bertie. On the platform, all three listen to the Fat Controller talking about the Thin Controller’s bicycle. The Thin Controller prefers riding on his bike as he believes that “two wheels are best”.

Bertie disagrees, thinking that four wheels are better. Thomas thinks that six wheels are best, while Spencer boasts that twenty wheels are best of all before setting off on his journey.

Along the way, however, Spencer’s valve gear snaps and he is unable to continue his journey. Thomas arrives and teases Spencer about his “twenty wheels” before offering to take the Duke and Duchess the rest of the way to the castle.

Thomas is making good time, until he’s held up by a fallen tree on his line. Luckily, Bertie happens to be passing and offers to take the Duke and Duchess for him. As he hurries along the long country roads, Bertie suddenly runs over a nail, puncturing one of his tyres. The Duke loses hope of ever getting to the castle in time when the Thin Controller arrives on his bicycle. The Duchess is doubtful that they could find room to ride on his bike...

But the Thin Controller has a better idea. He cycles away to the nearest telephone box and calls for the Rescue Centre. Soon, Harold arrives to pick up the Duke and Duchess and flies them all the way to the castle.

That evening, Spencer’s valve gear and Bertie’s flat tyre are both mended. Spencer, Thomas and Bertie meet up at Knapford again to talk about their day’s events Thomas decides that it was Harold who saved the day – and he didn’t need any wheels at all!

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19.15 – Reds vs. Blues

Written by Davey Moore

Sodor United are having a football match against Barrow, with the Fat Controller acting as referee. He tells Thomas and James that they are responsible for taking passengers to the football field at Dryaw.

The Sodor Football fans cheer for Thomas because their team colours are blue, and James realises that the Barrow fans are cheering him because their team colours are red. Pretty soon, the two engines become competitive to see which team is the best, and to see which engine would arrive first at Dryaw as they puff backwards and forwards with their “football trains”.

On his last journey to Brendam Docks, James becomes so impatient that he decides to leave anyway – not realising that the last set of “passengers” are actually the Barrow football team players. And Thomas so eager to arrive at Dryaw first, he refuses to stop at Kellsthorpe, unaware that the Fat Controller is waiting there for him!

Thomas and James are soon racing side by side and both arrive at Dryaw FC first, but they still can’t agree on who had won. Then they realise that not only has the Barrow football team not arrived, but there’s no referee either...but then they do arrive, on board Percy’s train.

Thomas and James realise their mistakes, and the Fat Controller gives the two engines a “yellow card” – warning them that if they don’t remember to work together, then they’ll both receive a “red card” and be sent back to the sheds. With that, Thomas and James make amends and decide to work together again, no matter which team they support.

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19.16 – Best Engine Ever

Written by Andrew Brenner

Connor and Caitlin are racing towards Ulfstead Castle, until Caitlin has to stop suddenly. Emily has broken down on her line, and she asks Caitlin to push her into the nearby siding out of the way. But Caitlin is hesitant, and changes tracks to get around her instead, much to Emily’s surprise.

However, it’s not long before Caitlin drops off her passengers and comes back to help Emily to the Steamworks. Along the way they meet Connor again, and Caitlin decides to treat Emily to a high-speed trip. She only manages to win the race when Connor has to stop at Kellsthorpe Road.

At the Steamworks, Emily is impressed by how fast and strong Caitlin is, and thinks of her as the best engine ever. Victor reminds Emily that speed isn’t everything, but she can’t help imagining herself as a sleek streamlined engine...

A few days later, Emily is mended and back at work. Caitlin is pleased to see Emily again and remarks on how well she looks. Even so, Emily begins to feel sorry for herself. Compared to Caitlin, who seems to do everything better than her, she doesn’t feel special at all. The other engines try to cheer her up, but nothing works.

The one day, Emily meets Caitlin again at Ulfstead Castle. Caitlin is being examined after her Driver claims to have heard a strange noise. After dropping off her trucks, Emily sets off down the steep hill from the castle. Suddenly, she hears Caitlin calling for help – her brakes and failed and she can’t stop! She runs into the back of Emily, who uses her own brakes to slow Caitlin down before she has an accident. At the bottom of the hill, both engines come to a safe stop, very shaken but unhurt.

This time, it’s Emily who helps Caitlin to the Steamworks. As well as her brakes, Caitlin’s skirt has been damaged, too. Emily now understands why Caitlin didn’t push her onto the siding. Caitlin wishes that she had buffers on her front, and thanks Emily for saving her. Emily feels much better, and considers herself lucky to have a friend like Caitlin.

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19.17 – The Little Engine Who Raced Ahead

Written by Andrew Brenner

One day, Thomas and Percy see a “small yellow thing” scuttling about at Knapford. They soon find that it’s actually a new engine – a chirpy little green-and-yellow diesel boxcab called Philip, who has come to shunt in the yard. He’s very excited and keen to make a good impression.

Whilst busily shunting, the next engine Philip meets is Gordon. He’s impressed when he hears Gordon boasting of how fast he is, and wants to show the “big engine” how fast he can be, too. Gordon isn’t interested, and rolls away to collect his Express.

Philip is so excited that he tries to race after Gordon, and only stops when Thomas warns him about the red signal ahead of him. Philip is delighted when he is told that Gordon would be back later, and keeps checking on the station clock to wait for his return.

When at last he hears Gordon’s whistle, Philip is so excited that he rushes right through the station and out into the Junction. Suddenly, Philip realises that he’s on the same track as Gordon, and backs hastily to the station again, just managing to keep ahead and to prevent Gordon from running into him. Both Gordon and the Fat Controller are very cross. Philip is sorry at once and promises to be more careful in future – but he’s still keen to show Gordon how fast he can go.

Later, Philip finds Gordon resting in a siding and tries to coax him into a race. As Gordon angrily shouts “GO...”, Philip thinks that he’s started the race. But he rushes off before Gordon can add “...AWAY!”

As Philip flies along the main line, he meets first Edward and then Emily, explaining to them both about his race with Gordon. He races all the way to Brendam Docks. Just to humour him, however, Edward and Emily cheer him on as the “winner”.

That night, Philip follows his new friends back to Tidmouth Sheds where he boasts about winning the “race” against Gordon. Gordon is not impressed, and offers to show Philip just how fast he can really go. Philip doesn’t mind having another race, but reminds Gordon that he “won the first time!

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19.18 – Philip To The Rescue

Written by Andrew Brenner

Philip soon settles down in the yard. Some of the engines are fond of him, but others are still not impressed...

One of these engines happens to be James, who is feeling grumpy about having to pull goods trains that day. Philip happily shows James and Thomas how fast and strong he is. James thinks Philip is nothing but a show off, and decides to him some real strength With this thought in mind, he collects as many trucks as he can find until he sets off with a very long, very heavy train.

At Knapford, Thomas sees Philip pulling a long line of empty trucks. Philip explains that they’re needed up at the quarry, but it’s “still more than James!” Thomas fondly thinks Philip as a rather cheeky engine. Edward agrees, especially as Philip reminds him of a certain little tank engine who wanted to see the world...

Meanwhile, James regrets trying to take more trucks than he can manage. He has a very hard job climbing Gordon’s Hill, but his troubles really begin when he tries to slow down on the other side. The heavy trucks push James out of control down the hill. He comes off the rails at a sharp bend and crashes into a nearby bridge, leaving him dangling precariously over the edge!

As James calls for help, he hears another engine coming up under the bridge. It’s Philip, on his way back from the quarry. James feels himself beginning to slip, but Philip races under the bridge and helps to prop James up with his roof. James’ Guard hurries to a nearby cottage to telephone the Fat Controller.

Soon, Percy and Rocky arrive to lift James back to safety. James bemoans the state he’s in, until Rocky reminds him that he could have been worst off if Philip hadn’t been close by. James apologies to Philip and is scolded by the Fat Controller before being taken to the Steamworks to be mended.

Before being sent for repairs himself, Philip returns to Tidmouth Sheds and tells the other engines what had happened. He laughs about the Fat Controller calling James a show off, but Edwards reminds him that right now he’s the one being a show off. Philip agrees, but adds quickly; “Not as much as James, though!

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19.19 – The Other Side Of The Mountain

Written by Andrew Brenner

Thomas is surprised not to find Bertie on his usual route, and then he sees why – workmen are busy mending the road. At Ffarquhar, Bertie explains that he has to take a different route, which goes round the other side of the mountain. Thomas becomes curious and asks what the view is like there. Bertie describes it as having “jungly trees, sparkling waterfalls and a rainbow”.

Thomas wonders if what Bertie says is true, but he’ll never know because his rails don’t go round the other side of the mountain. And Bertie doesn’t help either when he keeps teasing Thomas about it...

The following day, Thomas is pulling a goods train when he meets Bertie again at a level crossing. He’s convinced now that Bertie is just making it all up. Startled, Bertie admits that he hasn’t really made it up, but before he gets a chance to finish Thomas storms off in a very bad temper. He is so cross that he misses a red signal and almost runs into Toby. But the Troublesome Trucks make him derail at a set of points, and poor Thomas tumbles down a hillside, crashing through bushes and branches, until he becomes wedged between two trees near a country road.

The Fat Controller is most annoyed. Thomas has slipped too far from the track to be rescued, so Butch takes him to the Steamworks by road. To Thomas’ delight, he realises that the road Butch is taking goes round the other side of the mountain – and it’s there that Thomas realised that Bertie hadn’t been teasing him after all. The “jungly trees, sparkling waterfalls and rainbow” are all on a billboard!

Later, Bertie visits Thomas at the Steamworks where the two friends make up again. Although Thomas can’t help teasing Bertie back by saying that the workmen are going to add wings and make him into an aeroplane...!

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19.20 – Thomas The Babysitter

Written by Helen Farrall

Thomas, Annie and Clarabel have one more journey to make before taking their break. One of their passengers is a woman pushing a pram with a crying baby inside, much to Annie and Clarabel’s dismay.

As soon as Thomas sets off from Knapford, the baby stops crying. He and the coaches wonder why before having to stop at Dryaw. At once, the baby starts crying again just as Toby and Henrietta arrive. Henrietta suggests singing a lullaby, so Annie starts singing ‘Rock-A-Bye Baby’ as Thomas leaves the station. It seems to work – the crying stops.

But when Thomas stops at a red signal, the baby resumes crying, and the lullaby doesn’t work this time. It’s only when Thomas sets off again that the baby calms down, and he realises that it’s him that stops the baby crying.

The rest of the journey is the same – every time Thomas stops, the baby starts to cry. The other passengers becomes irritated as they disembark, but the Mother and her Baby travel all the way to Ffarquhar where they leave the train. Thomas, Annie and Clarabel are relieved as they turn around on the loop for the return journey...

...but to their horror, they find the Mother and Baby waiting on the platform. And the baby is still crying! Thomas remembers that the baby only cries whenever he stops, and decides not to stop at any stations. But Annie and Clarabel convince him not to, and so they put up with the crying all through the journey.

Everyone is exhausted by the time they return to Knapford. Annie and Clarabel are looking forward to their break, but Thomas has other thoughts. He sees the Mother trying to calm her baby, and has an idea. He asks the Fat Controller if he can miss his break and instead make a special journey without stopping anywhere – with luck, the Mother and her baby could both get some rest. Annie and Clarabel are startled, but the Fat Controller thinks it’s a very kind idea.

So Thomas sets off along his Branch Line without stopping at any stations, and soon both Mother and Baby are fast asleep. When Thomas returns to Knapford he’s met by a workman called Albert, who turns out to be the Father of the Mother and Baby. They’d been so busy they they hadn’t even picked a name for their baby yet. After the day’s events, the Mother decides to call her baby boy “Thomas”.

Thomas apologies to Annie and Clarabel for making them miss their break, but they don’t reply – the two coaches are already fast asleep!

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19.21 – No Help At All

Written by Davey Moore

Timothy sometimes finds it difficult working with Bill and Ben, who are always playing tricks on him and Marion. One day, Timothy goes so far to say that sometimes the twins are “no help at all”. This makes Bill and Ben very cross.

Later, when Bill and Ben deliver some china clay to Knapford, they overhear the Fat Controller talking to Thomas. With Salty away on the Mainland, Brendam Docks has become busy again, and he needs to find another engine to help out Porter. Bill and Ben quickly offer Timothy, cheekily adding that he’s been “no help at all!” Thomas knows that they’re only teasing, but the Fat Controller thinks it’s a good idea.

So Timothy is sent to the Docks, glad to be away from Bill and Ben for a while. When the Fat Controller comes to see how Timothy is getting on, Cranky and Porter are full of praise for the little engine, who has helped to keep things in good order. But Timothy is surprised when he finds out that it was Bill and Ben’s idea to send him to the Docks...

Meanwhile, without Timothy around to stop their fun, Bill and Ben are free to do as they like. But they spend so much time arguing that the clay pits gets into an awful muddle, and even Marion struggles to help out. So the twins head to the Docks and ask Timothy to come back. But Timothy says that he can’t leave Porter to work on his own again, not until Salty returns. Porter suggests that the twins should try working together, but Bill and Ben take no notice and head crossly back to the clay pits.

However, a few days later, Salty does return from the Mainland, allowing Timothy to go back to the clay pits. When he arrives, it’s in an even bigger mess than before. The Fat Controller is furious with Bill and Ben, who are sorry for not doing a better job. Fortunately, Timothy has brought Salty and Porter to help out. And with all the engines working together, the clay pits are cleared up in no time.

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19.22 – Wild Water Rescue

Written by Becky Overton

The Sodor Search and Rescue team have been very busy after a big storm on Sodor, rescuing anyone in need of help. In doing so, they have complete their 1000th rescue. The Fat Controller announces that to celebrate it, the Mayor is to award the rescue centre with a new alarm bell.

Percy tells Thomas about it, and hopes that he might get his photograph taken for the Sodor Newspaper. Thomas is sure that it would be the rescue team who will be in the newspaper, but Percy hopes that he might be included. Unknown to either of them, Diesel is eavesdropping close by; he wants to get his picture in the newspaper too...

Later, Percy is on his way to Knapford to pick up the Mayor when Diesel tells him of a change in plan – the Mayor is waiting for him at the old quarry. Percy is puzzled, but decides to head towards there anyway, unaware that Diesel has sent him on a wild goose chase. Diesel, delighted that his trick has worked, heads to Knapford to pick up the Mayor, explaining that Percy has had a “steam enginey-type problem” and can’t go.

At the old quarry, Percy is so busy looking for the Mayor that he forgets to watch where he’s going. Too late, he puffs straight into a section of flooded track, which puts out his firebox. Poor Percy is stranded!

Meanwhile at the rescue centre, the Mayor proudly unveils the new alarm bell, and the Photographer asks the rescue vehicles to gather for the photograph. Diesel tries to get into the photograph too, but is immediately ushered away!

That evening, Diesel brings the Fat Controller and the Mayor back to Knapford, but he’s still sulking that he didn’t get his photograph taken. Thomas is puzzled; he thought Percy was taking the Mayor. Diesel remembers that he sent Percy to the old quarry, and realises that he hasn’t come back...

Poor Percy is still stranded at the old quarry when Diesel arrives. He offers to help, confident that the water won’t affect his generator – but it does. His generator short-circuits, and now both engines are stuck in the flooded track. Diesel feels suddenly ashamed; he confesses to Percy that he tricked him into coming to the quarry, but can’t quite bring himself to say “sorry”.

Suddenly, a bright spotlight shines over them – it’s Harold the Helicopter, who alerts the rescue team that he’s found Percy and Diesel. The Fat Controller, the photographer and the Mayor happily observe the team’s 1001st rescue.

The next day, Percy visits Diesel at the Dieselworks. Even though Diesel had tricked him, he still thanks him for trying to save him anyway. Diesel feels rather bashful, especially when the Fat Controller arrives with a copy of today’s newspaper – on the cover is a photograph of Diesel being lifted out of the water by Rocky!

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19.23 / 19.24 – Diesel’s Ghostly Christmas

Written by Becky Overton

It’s Christmas time on Sodor, and the Earl is making plans for a grand Christmas party at Ulfstead Castle. Thomas is preparing to take a group of carol singers to their rehearsal when he sees the Fat Controller in a crutch. He has twisted his ankle and can’t drive to Brendam Docks. Thomas is too busy to help, but is sure he can find another engine to take him instead. Thomas finds Diesel and asks if he could, but Diesel rudely tells him that he’s too busy. So Thomas asks Emily, who is happy to do so.

At the Docks, Cranky is having difficulty unloading a large Christmas Tree. Worst still, Salty’s fuel line is frozen, and is unable to shunt the flatbed into place for Cranky to unload. When Diesel arrives, he ignores Cranky’s plea for help. At that moment, Salty’s engine roars into life and he rushes over to help Cranky – but he’s a little too late. Cranky loses his grip on the Christmas Tree, which lands on Salty instead of the flatbed. Cranky and Salty are furious, but Diesel doesn’t care one bit.

Eventually, the Christmas tree is properly loaded and Paxton arrives to take it up to Ulfstead Castle. But the tree is too heavy for him to manage. Thomas suggests that Diesel could help, but yet again Diesel refuses.

So Paxton tries to manage alone. However, with no Back Engine to warn him, the chains holding the tree down suddenly snap, and the weight of the fallen tree tips Paxton over, damaging part of the track. Diesel passes by some hours later, but not even the sight of Paxton lying in the snow can convince him to help.

When Thomas finds out what’s happened, he is frustrated with Diesel’s selflessness. He and the other engines make a plan to teach him a lesson...

One dark night, Diesel returns to the Dieselworks to find it strangely empty. He’s wondering where everyone is...when suddenly a bright light comes on, revealing a ghostly engine draped in chains and surrounded by smoke. ‘E-Marley’s Ghost’ warns Diesel that he will be visited by three more ghostly engines tonight, unless he goes to the Docks to meet the Fat Controller.

As soon as Diesel is gone, obviously terrified by the sight, Emily and Thomas reveal themselves, pleased that the first part of their plan has worked well!

When Diesel arrives at the Docks, he can’t find the Fat Controller. Instead he meets ‘The Ghost of Christmas Past’ (who is really Salty in disguise), who reminds Diesel of some of his past wrongdoings – like the time he pushed the trucks of china clay into the sea, the time he spilled milk over the Fat Controller, and when he refused to help “poor old Salty” with the Christmas Tree.

More frightened than before, Diesel runs screaming from the Cranky and Salty laugh at how well their trick is going so far!

When he is far enough away, Diesel stops by a lonely siding to reassure himself that there are no ghosts. But then he sees a strange glowing light emerging from a tunnel, followed by another ghostly voice – ‘The Ghost of Christmas Present’ (who is really Paxton at the other end, covered in lights). This ‘Ghost’ tells Diesel that he should try and enjoy the good that comes from doing extra work at Christmas time, such as thinking of others, and the happiness it brings, and...

...but before Paxton can finish, he sees that Diesel has already gone!

Diesel is so frightened by now that he doesn’t notice the damaged track where Paxton had derailed earlier. Too late, he hits the broken rail and ends up stuck in a snowdrift...

Very early the next morning, Thomas has one more trick to pull. After being covered in rubbish at the Waste Dump – enough to resemble a large cloak – Thomas goes to where Diesel has derailed, pretending to be ‘The Ghost of Christmas Future’. In a wailing voice, he warns Diesel that if he doesn’t try to help others then no one will bother to help him...and he’ll be left all alone, where he has derailed, forever and ever...

Poor Diesel feels very afraid indeed as the ‘Ghost’ slips away.

At Ulfstead Castle, everyone is very busy helping to prepare for the Earl’s Christmas luncheon. But the Earl is concerned that his guests haven’t arrived yet.

After a quick wash down, Thomas returns with Rocky to rescue Diesel. His trick seems to have worked; Diesel becomes uncharacteristically happy, feeling “as light as a feather” and “as merry as a schoolboy” as he’s lifted back on the rails, promising to help with any other jobs that need doing. He starts by taking Rocky back to the Rescue Centre as Thomas is already late with bringing the guests up to the castle.

Later, Diesel returns to Knapford only to hear someone moaning and groaning close by. At first, he’s terrified that it might be another ghost...but it turns out to be the Fat Controller instead. He’s unhappy because Thomas had left him behind by mistake, and he has no way of getting to Ulfstead Castle. So Diesel does another good deed by taking the Fat Controller there himself.

That night, everyone has a fantastic time at Ulfstead Castle. The other engines are pleased with Thomas’ plan; Diesel is now the happiest, friendliest engine at the least until after Christmas, anyway!

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19.25 – Rocky Rescue

Written by Davey Moore

Whilst waiting for another emergency, the rescue vehicles pass the time by showing off to one another. Flynn boasts of how he can run on roads as well as rails, Belle boasts about her water cannons, Butch his strength, Harold his ability to fly and even Captain of his coastal patrols. Only Rocky remains modest; he’s more content with just being part of the team.

Suddenly, the alarm goes off, and everyone argues about who will go to save the day. Thomas arrives and explains that only Rocky is needed – Henry has derailed on the hill to Ulfstead Castle by a rock on the line.

Rocky wastes no time in lifting Henry back on the rails, whilst the workmen set about trying move the heavy rock off the track. But as Rocky is preparing to head home, the rock suddenly rolls towards the crane and knocks into him, causing the coupling between him and Thomas to snap. Unable to stop, Rocky rolls out of control down the hill and derails at a sharp bend, falling onto his side.

Rocky isn’t hurt, but Thomas is greatly alarmed – how on earth are they going to rescue the rescue crane? More importantly, who should? He doesn’t know who to ask back at the rescue centre, and decides that maybe all of them should come...except Captain, as there is no water anywhere near the scene.

When Thomas and the other rescue vehicles return to Rocky, Butch tries to drag Rocky onto the rails, but he’s not strong enough. Neither is Harold, who tries to lift him from the air. Between them, Belle and Flynn try to pull him back, but only succeed in dragging him further away.

Soon, everyone is arguing with one another, until finally Rocky calls for their attention. It’s important that they all work together as he gives out instructions on who should do what. And by pulling and pushing as instructed, they succeed in finally lifting Rocky back onto the line.

Back at the rescue centre, Rocky congratulates Belle, Flynn, Butch, Harold and Thomas for their teamwork. At that moment the alarm bell goes off again – this time, the emergency is at the Docks, so for once Captain is able to follow the team to the rescue!

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19.26 – Goodbye Fat Controller / Goodbye Sir Topham Hatt (US)

Written by Andrew Brenner

Early one morning, Percy returns to Knapford from his mail run when he hears a group of people talking outside the Fat Controller’s office – one of them remarks that they’ll soon find out when Sir Topham Hatt will be leaving. Percy is shocked, and jumps to the conclusion that the Fat Controller must be leaving the railway!

By the end of the day, all the engines are talking about it. They feel that perhaps he’s leaving because they’re always causing “confusion and delay”. So they decide to convince him to stay by being as reliable as possible.

All of the next day, the engines work like they have never worked before – arriving earlier than usual and avoiding any arguments, much to the Fat Controller’s puzzlement. Eventually, he asks Henry why everyone is behaving so strangely. When Henry tells him how happy they are that he’s running the railway, the Fat Controller replies that he loves the railway very much indeed.

That night, Henry tells the others what the Fat Controller said, and they all begin to think that maybe he won’t leave Sodor after all.

But the next morning, Percy is horrified to see the same group of men from before emptying the Fat Controller’s office. He rushes to the sheds to tell the other engines; perhaps he is leaving after all! But Thomas encourages them that they have to persuade the Fat Controller to going on strike!

Later that morning, the Big Station is full of passengers complaining that their trains haven’t arrived. The Stationmaster tells the Fat Controller that there’s “trouble in the shed”: none of the engines are refusing to work. Sir Topham goes to sort things out.

When Thomas explains the purpose of their strike, the Fat Controller tells them that he isn’t leaving at all – his office is being redecorated, and that his belongings are to be moved to a temporary workspace. All the engines, especially Percy, feel very silly indeed. And because of their strike, they really have caused confusion and delay. But they all work together to make up lost time, pleased in the knowing that the Fat Controller isn’t going anywhere after all.

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