Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

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SODOR'S LEGEND OF THE LOST TREASURE is the ninth Thomas & Friends Direct-To-DVD Special produced by HIT Entertainment.  It is the fourth to be written by Head Writer, Andrew Brenner.

There had been another script drawn up for the 70th Anniversary Special beforehand.  However, for undisclosed reasons, the Executives at HIT Entertainment felt that something else was needed to celebrate such an important milestone, and the story the team initially wanted to tell was scrapped.  Andrew Brenner then took five other ideas he had banked and amalgamated them to create what eventually became Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure

For the first time in twenty years, characters from the Railway Series books created by the Rev. Awdry would be adapted for television – and for the first time ever, they would not debut in a Railway Series story, but a completely original tale.


Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure tells the story of the construction of a new Branch Line up to Harwick, where when he falls victim to his own cheekiness, Thomas finds himself at odds with a new tank engine called Ryan.  And when an attempt to be really useful backfires, Thomas finds a pirate ship lost deep underground, which in turn attracts the attention of the dastardly Sailor John!


Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure was written by Andrew Brenner, the Head Writer for Thomas & Friends.

Songs Of The Special

Never Overlook A Little Engine

Lyrics by Andrew Brenner

Music by Robert & Peter Hartshorne

Performed by Tom Stourton, Tim Whitnall & Keith Wickham


We Make A Team Together

Lyrics by Andrew Brenner

Music by Robert & Peter Hartshorne

Performed by Sam Blewitt & Westfield Infant School

Upon its initial limited run cinematic release, Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure was the first Thomas & Friends Special to be shown across various chains of cinemas in the UK, as opposed to its predecessors, which were screened exclusively at Vue Cinemas.  The initial working title for the special was The Great Treasure Hunt.


It is the first Thomas & Friends Special to have special guest voice-actors, including Oscar Winner, Eddie Redmayne and the legendary John Hurt. 


It’s also the first time that Robert and Peter Hartshorne have had the opportunity to create music with a live orchestra for the movie’s soundtrack.  The father and son team recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in the city of Prague.











Skiff the Rail Boat

Sailor John

Voice Cast





























Key Production Team


Edward Catchpole

Christopher Keenan



(HIT Entertainment)

Ian McCue



(ARC Productions)

Jennifer Hill



Robert & Peter Hartshorne


Performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Conducted by Richard Balcome

Score Preparation by Duncan Lamont

Mixed by Gareth Williams



Sharon Miller



Sam Wilkinson


David Stoten

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It’s a bright sunny day on the Island of Sodor... and it’s time for Thomas and Bertie to have another friendly race to Ffarquhar to see who can get there fastest. 


Thomas is in a cheeky, but confident mood – and narrowly avoids collision twice with some workmen and with Toby and Henrietta coming the other way!  It’s only thanks to a quick thinking Signalman that Thomas is switched to the loop line in time, and ploughs on regardless to catch up to Bertie!

Poor Bertie however, ends up getting stuck behind Oliver the Excavator, and watches helplessly as Thomas races past on his way, whistling triumphantly as he goes.

Annie and Clarabel are less than impressed with Thomas’s silly racing and scold him when they reach the station.  Thomas is dismissive and laughs it off, he’s been racing on the Branch Line for years. 


Clarabel is quick to remind him that although Thomas thoroughly enjoys his escapades, his poor passengers don’t always share his enthusiasm!

Bertie is also upset.  He’s forever getting stuck behind slow vehicles and it’s all down to construction work on the Fat Controller’s new branch line.  Annie and Clarabel are surprised to hear about it – they’ve never heard of such plans and worry what it could mean for their own line. 


Thomas is quick to reassure them that all will be well on their line.  He thinks that their Branch Line is the most important part of the whole railway, and he’ll always be the Fat Controller’s No.1 engine!

Marion the Steamshovel is making her way down Duck’s Branch Line to help with construction of the new Branch Line that will run from Arlesburgh up to Harwick.  She’s captivated by the beauty of the forest and her imagination begins to run wild with thoughts of fairies and other enchanted creatures which might live there.


All of a sudden, she’s taken aback by a sudden rush from through the trees!  She’s completed startled, and a little scared, so she shuts her eyes to save her worry...

...only to run into Toad the Brake Van, who’s at the rear of Oliver the Western Engine’s ballast train heading for the extension.   Oliver is dazed, but Toad is seemingly unperturbed - it's only Marion after all!


Marion tries to apologise and explain why she was so startled, when she’s caught out again by the sight of something she’s never seen before and rushes backward to hide from it.

Toad laughs – it’s only Mike, Rex and Bert, the Small Railway Engines!

Marion has never seen such small engines before – and she begins to wonder if they’re real at all!  The Small Engines tell Marion they are quite real indeed, and explain that they bring ballast and wool for making clothes down from the hills, as well as taking passengers on excursion trips up the line.


Marion is impressed, and speculates that the Small Engines must be some “sort of magic”.

Duck the Great Western Engine is shunting trucks up at the Construction Yard, and meets Donald and Douglas who are delivering supplies of sleepers and rails to help lay more track.


The workmen at the Construction Team are busy working with Jack, Alfie and Oliver the Excavator from the Sodor Construction Company, blasting away rock from the hillside to clear the path through.

The following morning at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas is slow to wake and the other engines are concerned that he won’t be in time to fetch Gordon’s coaches for that morning’s Express service.


Thomas isn’t worried – he’s prepared to let Gordon and his passengers wait as long as it takes to build up enough steam and get to the platform.

Gordon is fuming at the platform waiting for Thomas and the coaches to arrive.  When Thomas does arrive, he cheekily calls Gordon lazy and suggests that he should be fetching his own coaches instead!


Gordon firmly reminds Thomas that tender engines are too big for shunting.  He also reminds Thomas of his place in the yard – “That’s what silly little tank engines are for!”

But Thomas has had enough.  He decides it’s time to teach Grand Gordon a lesson!  Thomas races through the station, propelling the Express Coaches as he goes, right past Gordon and out onto the Main Line, and through a red signal!


Gordon gives chase, and Thomas tells him if he wants his coaches, he’ll have to catch him first!  But Thomas’s confidence is shortlived when Toby calls out to him.

He doesn’t realise Emily is coming into his path, and she brakes hard to avoid hitting the coaches.  Thomas stops abruptly and the entire compliment of Express Coaches fly off the track and land in a heap all over Knapford Station yard – halting all traffic in and out of the station.

Up on the new Branch Line, Marion is helping to widen a cutting.  With a shovel full of rocks, she asks Donald if he’d like to play her favourite game – “Guess What’s In My Shovel?”  Donald politely declines and carries on up the Branch Line with his delivery, so Marion turns her attention to a new friend...


She calls out to the Excavator digging the other side of the cutting and asks if he would like to play her game instead.  As the two have never met before, she asks him his name – and is surprised to find he’s called Oliver.  Marion is convinced it’s Oliver the Western Engine, and won’t listen to Oliver the Excavator when he tries to explain that the two simply share a name.  She’s convinced it’s the work of the Small Engines and ‘magic’!

At Knapford Station, the Fat Controller is cross with the mess that Thomas has caused.  Thomas tries to shift the blame to Gordon and Emily, but the Fat Controller isn’t convinced, and tells Thomas that he will be going to work on the new Branch Line, shunting trucks in the Construction Yard as a consequence of his cheekiness.


Gordon is delighted with the arrangement, but Thomas is concerned about who will take care of his branch line whilst he’s gone. 

Just then, a new engine puffs into the yard.  This is Ryan, the Fat Controller’s new tank engine.

On the new Branch Line, at the new cutting that Marion and Oliver the Excavator have just been digging, the ground has become unstable, and engines are ordered to stop running on it post-haste to avoid any trouble.


Signs were put up to warn everyone of the danger, and plans are put in place to carve out a new route which will avoid the danger zone completely.

At Arlesburgh Junction, Rex, Mike and Bert are working in their yard when Thomas puffs in looking very upset.  They ask what the matter is and he tells them what happened at Knapford, still blaming Gordon for the accident.  He’s crosser still that a new engine called Ryan will be taking over his duties on the Ffarquhar Branch Line in his place.


Rex, Bert and Mike are sympathetic and remind Thomas that big engines don’t always win – and that you should never overlook a little engine!

Feeling better, Thomas takes another train of ballast to the Construction Yard, and finds a train of sleepers and rails waiting on an adjacent siding.  Bert the Small Engine has told Thomas that the construction team needs to lay the rails first, so Thomas thinks he’s being helpful when he shunts the trucks out of the Construction Yard and up the Branch Line.


As he leaves the yard, the workmen wave and shout at him.  Thomas thinks they’re just excited to see him and carries on without stopping!

Thomas bursts through the barrier, stopping engines from entering the danger zone, and doesn’t realise the danger he’s in until it’s much too late!


The ground from beneath the rails gives way under the weight of the heavily loaded trucks, and leaves the rails hanging precariously over the abyss.  Thomas brakes, but it’s much too late to stop the inevitable.  One by one, the trucks fall into the cavern below!

Thomas tries hard to pull back the last remaining truck he’s coupled to, but he can’t manage.  He ends up being dragged in as well, rolling down the various rails and sleepers before landing in a muddy heap, deep in the darkness.


It’s here that Thomas sees something extraordinary... a huge Pirate Ship, buried deep beneath the ground!

Duck and Emily bring Rocky to lift Thomas and the trucks out of the pit.  The Fat Controller speaks severely to him, and when Thomas tries to explain that no-one warned him about the danger zone, he simply isn’t interested.


And when Thomas tries to tell him about the Pirate Ship buried down in the cavern below, the Fat Controller dismisses him completely and orders Emily to take him to the Steamworks.

But down in the sea below, there’s someone who is very interested in hearing what Thomas might have to say about the Pirate Ship...!

At the Steamworks, Victor and Kevin are sympathetic and try to reassure Thomas that everything will be all right.  But Thomas is still despondent and convinced that the Fat Controller has given his Branch Line away to Ryan as a punishment.


Victor assures him that the Fat Controller wants Thomas back at work as soon as possible, and Kevin tells him that dropping the trucks down the cavern was an accident – and reminds Thomas that he makes mistakes all the time, and still has a place working on the railway.

Soon, Edward bustles into the Steamworks and tells them that something incredible has happened – Rocky has discovered an old Pirate Ship in the bottom of the cavern.


Thomas is fuming.  He had found the Pirate Ship, and the Fat Controller wouldn’t listen to him when he tried to explain.  Now, Rocky is going to be given all the credit for discovering the Pirate Ship instead of him!

The Fat Controller is delighted with the discovery, and the engines and Construction Vehicles look on in awe as it’s lifted from the ground and onto a flatbed for Donald and Douglas to take to Arlesburgh Harbour to go on display.


They all speculate on how the Pirate Ship could have gotten into the cavern in the first place.  Donald and Douglas are convinced that the ship sailed in through an entrance which has since collapsed.

Marion is particularly enthused – if there’s a Pirate Ship, there’s bound to be buried treasure, and she knows how she can dig it up before anyone else!

The Small Engines are working in their yard when Marion steams in eagerly calling out to the “Magic Engines”!  Bert is confused by what she means, but Rex knows exactly what she’s referring to – and decides to leave poor Mike to suffer at her shovel!


Mike, who is stuck on top of the chute dropping more ballast into the Standard Gauge trucks is caught unawares as Marion arrives and stops him from moving down again.

He protests, but she’s adamant!  She wants to make a wish!  Mike doesn’t know what to make of this and struggles to get free – whilst Marion wishes she can be the one who digs up the Pirate treasure.  When she opens her eyes again, Mike has managed to get free and hurries away up the line away from Marion!


Marion is fully convinced that Mike has magicked himself away – when in fact, all he’s done is break free of her bucket!

At Arlesburgh, Donald and Douglas create a sensation when they bring the Pirate Ship through the town.  Everyone stops to admire it, including a mysterious figure from the Harbour.

That night, Henry is pulling a goods train when he sees something mysterious coming toward him from the opposite track.  He cannot fathom what it might be other than a ghostly sail boat, sailing along in the moonlight!


Henry gets such a fright, that he lapses concentration and ends up battering into the buffers on a siding and spends the rest of the night there.

The next morning at Brendam Docks, James laughs and suggests Henry was dreaming it all.  But Salty suggests it’s all to do with ‘The Lost Pirate’...

Salty tells the engines that long ago, the Lost Pirate sailed the seven seas attacking merchant ships and stealing their valuables to have as his treasure.  When the merchants and the navy tried to retrieve the treasure, the Pirate hid his ship and buried the treasure deep in the ground where no-one could ever find it.


But as he sailed away from Sodor, the map was lost to the four winds and was blown away.  Now, the ghost of the Lost Pirate roams the Island of Sodor, trying to find his treasure forever more!

The engines are amazed, but Cranky laughs it off – calling it one of Salty’s tallest tales ever!  But Henry is still convinced – he’s confident about what he saw the night before.

At the new Branch Line, Thomas is puffing back to work.  Dirty, scratched but repaired sufficiently for work.  At the Construction Yard, he takes on some fresh coal from the old Hopper, when he sees Ryan talking to the Fat Controller.


Thomas sees his chance and hurries over to speak to the Fat Controller about going back to the Branch Line again.  But the Fat Controller says no.  Percy is looking after the Branch Line and Thomas still has plenty of work to do at the Construction Site.

By the time Thomas arrives at Arlesburgh Junction, the smoke coming from his funnel is thick and black, and full of sparks.  The Small Engines are concerned, and Thomas blames Ryan for making his “firebox fizz”.


The Small Engines keenly remind Thomas that Ryan’s not to blame – it’s all down to a batch of bad coal, and that he should go and get some fresh coal to replace it as soon as he possibly can.


That night, after having his firebox cleared out and filling up with fresh coal, Thomas prepares to settle down for the night in the sheds at the Construction Yard.  However, despite a warm welcome from Ryan, Thomas is not so keen on sharing a shed with him and puffs away to sleep on a siding alone.


Ryan is disappointed – he only wants to be friends and can’t understand why Thomas is so upset with him.

It’s when Thomas is trying to rest that he hears something whoosh past him – it looks like a ghostly boat!  Thomas quietly follows the mysterious boat out of the Construction Yard and onto the new Branch Line.  It’s only when Thomas gets closer that he discovers it’s not a ghost boat at all – it’s got wheels!

When he finally catches up with it, he finds the Rail Boat has a captain too.  He shines a light in Thomas’s face and demands to know who he is and why he’s following them.  Thomas tells the sailor all about how he discovered the cavern and the Pirate Ship – and the sailor is delighted, he says it makes them “friends”.

He introduces himself as Sailor John, and his Sailboat introduces himself as Skiff, and accidentally lets slip that they’re trying to find ‘the treasure’.  Thomas is surprised, he never knew about any treasure, but Sailor John insists they’re merely acting on a hunch.


But the pair are pretty keen.  Sailor John and Skiff invite Thomas to help them look for the treasure, and given that Thomas is looking for approval and good friends, he agrees to assist them.

Thomas helps lower Sailor John into the cavern to have a good look down there.  Skiff explains that they’ve been sailing up and down the same coast for years looking for the entrance to the cavern, and couldn’t believe their luck when Thomas fell into it.


Sailor John can’t believe his luck either when he makes another important discovery – deep in the cavern, he finds the map and is overcome with glee!  His treasure hunt can now begin properly!

As dawn breaks, Sailor John and Skiff are keen to get on their way.  Try as he might, Skiff can’t roll on back to the sea – there’s no wind to carry him.  But Thomas knows a way of getting his new friends back to sea!


Thomas pushes Skiff along the new Branch Line, down to Arlesburgh Port, and into the sea, where they sail on again until night. 

Thomas arrives back at the yard to find Ryan up and running.  He hadn’t realised at the time, but Ryan had seen him pushing Skiff and Sailor John.  Thomas denies the claim and Ryan dismisses it as just being a dream.


Ryan puffs up to the Coal Hopper with the bad coal.  Thomas asks what he’s doing, and then realises that Ryan doesn’t know.  Instead of warning him, Thomas puffs away, leaving Ryan to take on the bad coal instead.

Meanwhile, Marion and the Construction Vehicles are waiting on a train of dynamite to blast their way through the rocky cutting.


When Ryan arrives with the trucks loaded with dynamite, he’s suffering the effects of the bad coal – puffing black smoke and sparks from his funnel.  Thomas is smug about it, until he and Ryan discover that one of the sparks from the bad coal has flown into one of Ryan’s trucks!  It’s lit the fuses for the dynamite!

Ryan tries to biff the trucks away as hard and as far as he can – but Marion stops them and pulls out a box of fizzing, lit fuses!  She tosses it to Alfie, who throws it to Jack, who flings it back in the truck it came from.


Marion swats the trucks back to Ryan and Thomas.  A workman changes the points in time to avoid a collision with Ryan, and Thomas buffers up and runs the dangerous load down the branch line and out of the way of the engines and crew stationed at the Construction Yard.

Unknown to Thomas, Ryan is right in front of him as he’s pushing the trucks along!  He urges Ryan to get out of the way and forces him onto the diversion route out of the way, whilst he carries on down the old route toward the cavern and the danger zone.


The trucks hit the buffers and tumble over the edge, into the abyss below where the dynamite explodes on impact.  Everyone is safe, and the Construction Vehicles come rushing to cheer Thomas for saving them from a nasty accident.

But the Fat Controller has seen Thomas chasing Ryan down the Branch Line with the loaded trucks.  He didn’t realise the trucks were loaded with dynamite ready to blow up, and thinks that Thomas was just being silly again.


Thomas tries desperately to explain about Ryan’s sparking funnel, and to make the Fat Controller listen to him again.  But he’s having none of it and orders Thomas to go back to the Construction Yard and stay in his shed until he’s called out again.

Marion, Alfie, Jack and Oliver the Excavator try to dig away at the rock, but without the dynamite, they’re limited to what they can do.  Marion is still eager to continue working, and ends up digging out something rather unusual... a wooden box.


She calls to the others, but they’ve decided to call it a day and go home for some rest before starting work again in the morning.

That night, Thomas leaves the Construction Yard again whilst the other engines are asleep to rejoin Sailor John and Skiff again as they look for the buried treasure.


Thomas helps move Skiff to the point where Sailor John suspects the treasure is hidden and together, the three work together through the night to try and find the missing loot.  But despite their best efforts, and Sailor John looking everywhere he can think of, there’s no sign of the treasure at all!

By the time morning comes, Sailor John is frustrated and tired.  He’s convinced he’s dug everywhere, and the treasure should be where he’s been digging.  There’s only one explanation – someone’s beaten them to it... and he suspects that Thomas has told his friends and had it dug up before Sailor John and Skiff can reach it.


Skiff isn’t so sure, but Sailor John is convinced that Thomas has been working against them.  Instead of asking Thomas to escort them back to Arlesburgh as he had before, Sailor John begins propelling Skiff down the line himself using an oar, whilst Thomas looks on, worried.

As Thomas puffs back to the Construction Yard, Marion is woken by the dawn breaking and calls out to him as he passes her by.  She’s so eager to show Thomas what’s in her shovel, that neither of them stop in time when they reach the points leading to the junction!


They clash with a clang and the impact causes the box inside Marion’s shovel to come loose, spilling its contents all over Thomas!

Thomas finds himself covered in gold coins, chains and gems – Marion has uncovered the lost treasure!  Marion is overjoyed, she’s convinced that her wish has actually came true!

The Fat Controller praises Marion for her discovery and says that the Pirate treasure will make an excellent display at the Sodor Museum.


Thomas is still in disgrace.  When Ryan is sent to Brendam Docks to collect more dynamite, this time with some nice clean coal, Thomas is sent to deliver construction waste to Whiff’s Waste Dump instead.

It’s on the way to the Dump that he sees Henry racing past on the coastal run, wailing about ‘The Lost Pirate’ as he hurries past.  Thomas is unmoved by this and carries on regardless... and then he sees why Henry was so scared.


Sailor John and Skiff are waiting around the bend, blocking Thomas’s path.  Sailor John demands to know where the treasure is, and he is apoplectic when Thomas tells him that it’s being given to the museum.  Thomas is firm with Sailor John and pushes both him and Skiff into a siding, before carrying on to the Dump.  Skiff is apologetic – he doesn’t want to be part of Sailor John’s plan.

On the way back to the Construction Yard, Thomas overhears the Fat Controller talking to the curator of the museum about the treasure, offering to keep it in the safe in his office overnight before transporting it there the next day.


But Thomas isn’t sure that it will be safe in the Fat Controller’s office overnight.  He returns to the Construction Yard feeling heavy-hearted and rather anxious.  Sailor John is out there and he’s determined he’s going to have the treasure.

At the sheds, Ryan thanks Thomas for saving him from the dynamite, and apologises for getting him into trouble.  Thomas concedes that he should have warned Ryan about the bad coal in the first place, and the two quietly make up their quarrel.


Ryan invites Thomas to share the shed with him that night, but Thomas politely declines this time.  Thomas tells Ryan he’s going to be spending the night in Knapford station – just in case.  Ryan doesn’t know what Thomas means by this and is left wondering what’s going on.

Thomas hides behind one of the Knapford Station buildings, determined to keep an eye out for Sailor John.  Sure enough, in the early hours of the morning, Sailor John and Skiff sail into the yard when Thomas is asleep in his hiding place.


Sailor John blasts his way into the Fat Controller’s office and breaks the safe open, stealing the treasure and heading off quietly into the night.  Skiff’s loud protests to Sailor John’s behaviour wake Thomas, and he proceeds to give chase down the line!

Sailor John and Skiff get a headstart as Thomas tries to get his fire burning.  The other engines, along with Annie and Clarabel, are woken by Henry’s wailing as he races past Tidmouth Sheds – being chased through the night by what he thinks is ‘The Ghost Ship’.


At first, Annie and Clarabel think they’re dreaming!  Then, they see Thomas racing past them calling out to Sailor John and demanding that he gives the treasure back at once!

Thomas chases after Sailor John and Skiff as fast as his wheels will carry him.  He almost loses them when he has go race right through a red signal, narrowly avoiding a collision with Gordon and the Express!

As Thomas catches up, he emerges from a tunnel to find something large and unnerving waiting for him at the top of the hill!  Sailor John has gotten hold of the Pirate Ship, unfurled the sails and is now preparing to make his way out to sea with “Superior Sail Power!”


Sailor John raises the anchor and lets the weight of the Pirate Ship on a flatbed and the open sails take him and Skiff on a high speed run down the Little Western Branch toward Arlesburgh Harbour – whilst Thomas frantically gives chase, doggedly trying to catch up and stop them from getting away!

Further along the line, Ryan is at Alresburgh Junction and making his way toward Knapford.  He’s concerned about Thomas – he can’t sleep for wondering what was worrying him so much that he would choose to sleep in a siding at Knapford instead of at the Construction Yard.


He thinks Thomas could be in trouble, and wants to help him.  Then, he sees the large Pirate Ship, rolling down the line toward him!  Poor Ryan is so startled that he goes quickly into reverse to avoid it.

The Small Engines, being readied for the day’s work, hear Thomas crying out to them to help stop the Pirate Ship.  Sailor John scoffs at the suggestion that these Small Engines could stop a ship of this size!


But Rex, Mike and Bert are very sure they can make a big impact in slowing Sailor John down and help Thomas to put a stop to his dastardly plan once and for all.  Together, they race up their chute and bash some trucks over the edge – sending them crashing to the rails and blocking the line!

The Pirate Ship keeps on going, but with a Small Ballast wagon trapped under its wheels, it loses momentum and begins to slow Sailor John and Skiff down.


By chance, a rope is hanging from the Pirate Ship, which lasoo’s itself around Ryan’s buffer.  Thomas tells Ryan to brake hard and stop the ship.  Ryan is caught completely unawares, but does as Thomas says and brakes as hard as he can before hitting a set of buffers and causing the ship to topple.

Sailor John is frustrated, but it’s not stopped him completely.  He and Skiff race on toward Arlesburgh Harbour, and Thomas finally reaches them.  He calls to Skiff to stop, but Skiff can’t.  He has no brakes.


Sailor John proceeds to throw a shovel and Skiff’s anchor at Thomas, before finally reaching for a batch of dynamite, which he proceeds to light and tosses that instead!  Skiff wobbles enough to put Sailor John off-balance and the dynamite ends up missing Thomas completely and landing by the side of the track instead.

Thomas tries hard to derail Skiff, whilst Sailor John tries to hit him with the oar of the boat again.  Thomas gives Skiff a hard biff and puts him on a different track, and the two end up going different paths to the Port.


Thomas is now on the track running through the town, whilst Sailor John and Skiff are below nearest the water.  Sailor John is confident of his victory and bids Thomas farewell, thinking he’s won!

But he’s reckoned without the cross-roads at the bottom of the hill.  Thomas puffs down the line and finds Skiff and Sailor John again, and hits Skiff with a huge CRASH – putting them on the same track again.


Thomas and Skiff are both relieved – but it’s shortlived when Thomas discovers the track they’re on leads directly into the sea!  He brakes hard, but it’s no use, he ends up landing right in the water, whilst Sailor John and Skiff sail on with the treasure.

Skiff begs Sailor John to help Thomas, but instead he threatens to scuttle Skiff if he doesn’t stop his mutinous talk!


Then there’s trouble!  Skiff begins to take on water.  The treasure is weighing him down and causing him to list.  He tells Sailor John he needs to throw it overboard or they’ll sink, but Sailor John won’t do it, and orders Skiff to “Sail on!”

But when Skiff sees a huge wave sweeping toward them... he takes his chance and finally defies Sailor John, sending him overboard into the sea, and losing the treasure in the process.


Thomas has seen everything and is sure that Skiff has been lost to the wave.  But thankfully, Skiff is all right and bobs back up to the surface – smiling and laughing to his new friend.  Whilst Sailor John gives up his hopes of retrieving the treasure and returns to hang onto Skiff until he can reach dry land.

When morning comes, Captain escorts the Police out to sea to apprehend Sailor John and place him under arrest.

Thomas is rescued by Rocky and greeted once again by the Fat Controller.  Thomas thinks that the Fat Controller will be cross with him, and tries to explain, but the Fat Controller is smiling.  Ryan has told him everything, and he’s very proud of Thomas for being so brave.


Thomas apologises for not being quick enough to save the treasure, but the Fat Controller tells him that his engines are more important than any treasure.  Thomas is back to being the railway’s No.1 engine once again!

A few days later, Thomas is repaired and returns to join the other engines for the grand opening of the new Branch Line.  Marion is gushing with pride over her achievements, and musing to the Construction Vehicles.


But she’s most surprised to find Oliver the Western Engine and Oliver the Excavator aren’t the same individual.  The two namesakes laugh and confirm that, yes, there CAN be two Olivers on the Island of Sodor!

Thomas arrives with Annie and Clarabel, the opening ceremony begins, with the Fat Controller addressing the engines, Construction Vehicles and the important guests present, and makes a speech.


As well as giving Ryan the job of goods traffic work, he has a special friend in mind to take care of the passengers.  At first Thomas is convinced he’ll be doing it – but the Fat Controller has someone else in mind instead...

Daisy the Diesel Rail-Car will be the mainstay of the passenger services between Arlesburgh and Harwick!

The Fat Controller gives Thomas the honour of cutting the ceremonial ribbon.  Thomas is delighted and puffs forward proudly, leading the cavalcade of engines up the new Branch Line toward Harwick on its first official run!


The Construction Vehicles raise their buckets in a salute to Thomas and his friends, and Marion is surprised to find she’s got a little souvenir of her time as a treasure hunter!

Everything has worked out nicely.  Skiff now takes Rail-Boat tours along Arlesburgh Port, and the treasure is safely retrieved from the sea, ready to be taken to the museum.