Tale Of The Brave

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TALE OF THE BRAVE is the eighth Thomas & Friends Direct-To-DVD Special produced by HIT Entertainment.  It is the second full-length special to be written by Head Writer, Andrew Brenner.

Tale of the Brave marks the first time that Thomas, Percy and James have shared the leading roles of a Thomas & Friends film in any era.  It reintroduces the China Clay Pits at Brendam and the Scrap Yard at Wellsworth, and introduces new friend from overseas, Gator.


The story revolves around the aftermath of Thomas’s discovery of a set of dinosaur footprints in the China Clay Pits, which makes Percy worried about the possibility of a monster on the Island.  With help from his new friend, Gator – he strives to overcome his fears... but James isn’t going to let him do it without a bit of difficulty first!


Tale of the Brave was written by Andrew Brenner, Head Writer for Thomas & Friends.

Songs Of The Special

Monsters Everywhere

Written, Composed & Performed by Robert Hartshorne


Tale of the Brave

Written & Composed by Robert Hartshorne

Performed by Sam Blewitt


Let’s Be Brave

Written & Composed by Eggplant LF

Performed by Casey Manierka & Terry Tompkins

Tale of the Brave went through three title changes before finally settling on the final title.  Other working titles included Tracks to Bravery and The Monster of Sodor.  It’s the last ever Special where Ben Small and Martin T. Sherman voice Thomas.

Voice Cast























Key Production Team

Marion Edwards



Michael Carrington



(HIT Entertainment)

Ian McCue



(ARC Productions)

Brian Lynch

Robert Anderson



Robert & Peter Hartshorne



Sharon Miller



Sam Wilkinson


Rob Silvestri

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When Thomas’s Branch Line is being repaired, he is asked by the Fat Controller to go and work with Bill and Ben at the China Clay Pits whilst the work is done. 

Thomas is pleased to help out, but even he isn’t one to avoid Bill and Ben’s naughty tricks and is taken on a whirlwind chase around the pits before he finally catches up with Bill and Ben in the main yard.

Bill and Ben tell him that he has trucks to take away, but for the sake of a joke, they neglect to tell him that they are already coupled up to Timothy – the little oil burning engine who also works in the China Clay Pits.  Thomas pulls hard on the trucks and gives Timothy a start, which makes both engines feel very embarrassed.


Bill and Ben think it’s very funny, and even Thomas and Timothy find they can laugh about it when the twins scamper away to do other work, and become fast friends.

However, as Thomas is making his way through the Clay Pits, the weather takes a turn for the worse and it begins to rain very heavily.  Timothy had warned Thomas to be careful as the rain can make the walls of the clay pits unsafe. 

All of a sudden, the rain erodes part of the clay wall and sends rocks tumbling to the ground.  Thomas is startled to see what looks like a large footprint embedded in one of the rocks.

Thomas is so mesmerised by the sight that he doesn’t realise that more of the wall is collapsing until it is far too late for him to do anything.  The rocks are tumbling down, but poor Thomas is frozen in fear! 


Thankfully for him, Bill and Ben come rushing in behind and push him clear of the danger zone with a heavy shunt.  The twins narrowly miss being bashed by the falling debris and all three of them make it out safely.

The Fat Controller is so proud of Bill and Ben that he holds a special ceremony at the Shunting Yards to honour their bravery with the other engines present.  Gordon and James are less than impressed, but Bill and Ben are chuffed to be the centre of attention. 


But Thomas is quite preoccupied throughout the event, and Percy asks why he is so distracted.  Thomas tells Percy about the footprints and how unusual they were – almost as if they had come from a monster... 

The Fat Controller had asked Thomas to go and collect trucks from the Docks.  But before he goes to collect them, Thomas decides to go back to the Clay Pits and take a look down the track where he had seen the giant footprint in the rock.  But as he approaches, he finds the area is completely cordoned off – and suddenly, a something very large drops down in front of him!


Thomas is surprised, but it’s only Marion the Steam Shovel who’s come to help clear the debris from the rockfall... once she’s finished talking about digging... and talking about thinking about digging of course!

Timothy soon arrives with empty trucks and equipment to help Marion clear the rubble.  Thomas begins to quiz him on whether or not he has seen any big animals in the Clay Pits, but Timothy says the largest animals he’s aware of on Sodor are cows and deer, save for the giraffes and elephants in the Animal Park.  Marion then suggests Dinosaurs, but makes note that they don’t exist anymore – they lived a very long time ago.


Timothy is curious as to why Thomas is asking about ‘big animals’.  Thomas doesn’t want to say, and shrugs it off as just a fleeting thought in his mind.  Meanwhile, unknown to Thomas, Timothy or herself, Marion has dug up a large rock with a footprint in it... the same one that Thomas saw drop to the ground...

Thomas eventually makes his way to the Docks, where Cranky asks where he has been all morning.  Again, Thomas is not keen to discuss his discovery in the Clay Pits, and doesn’t tell Cranky the truth. 


But when Percy arrives in and asks if he has been back at the Clay Pits and found out what caused the landslide, Thomas tells him he couldn’t find out because the area was closed off.  Cranky reprimands Thomas for not paying enough attention to his railway jobs, and tells him to focus on those as opposed to going chasing footprints around the Island.

Percy wants to know more and asks Thomas why he is so curious about the footprints.  Thomas tells him that the footprints were so large he doesn’t know what could have made them – they were bigger than any animal he had ever seen on Sodor... and Percy begins to wonder... could they have been made by a monster?


Both Thomas and Cranky laugh off the suggestion of monsters, saying that there’s no such thing.  Percy is still slightly unsure, and puffs off nervously – hoping that Thomas is right.  Deep down inside, poor Thomas hopes he is right too!

As Percy leaves the Docks, an eerie fog rolls in from the sea.  He’s worried – he’s beginning to wonder if there really is a monster on the Island!  But for all his attempts to convince himself otherwise, he’s still very unsure.


Rolling down a hill, the fog thickens and Percy can see a strange shape making its way through the mist.  It’s big, it’s bulky and it doesn’t look friendly.  Percy thinks it can only be one thing – the giant monster from the Clay Pits is on the loose and slithering up the track ready to pounce at the first thing it sees. 

Percy makes a mad dash back up the hill and hurries back to the Docks.  Cranky has just finished loading Thomas’s trucks, when Porter comes rushing in warning of runaway trucks coming in.  Percy’s train bashes a brake van, and he cries in terror warning of a ‘Monster’ approaching!  Cranky is so surprised that he drops a bag of sand, which bursts everywhere causing another cloud which masks the monster, already shrouded in the mist.


When the dust settles and the mist clears, Thomas, Salty, Percy and Cranky are greeted by the sight of... a smiling, friendly and charming new engine!

The new engine laughs off the suggestion that he’s a monster, but does say that in the past, some have thought that his unusual sloping boiler makes him look like an Alligator!  This has won him the nickname, Gator, which he prefers to be called to his real name – Gerald.


The engines introduce themselves, and even Percy begins to warm to Gator.  Gator apologises for giving Percy a fright, and explains that he was in a hurry to catch a ship.  Percy puffs away again feeling a little better, but still curious and a little bit scared about monsters on the Island.

That night as he pulls the Mail Train across the Island – everywhere around him seems to conjure up strange shapes and sights, which aren’t all they seem.  Haystacks, houses, signal junctions and shadows appear to take on forms that aren’t all they seem...

Once again, Thomas returns to the Clay Pits in the early morning to investigate.  Bill, Ben, Timothy and Marion are all hard at work.  Thomas asks Timothy if he’d seen anything unusual – but Timothy can’t account for anything out of the ordinary. 


Thomas creeps along one of the clay pit lines, looking all along the walls to see if he can find anything unusual... he is so engrossed in his own thoughts that he doesn’t realise Bill and Ben are sidling up along on either side of him... and catch him completely unawares at the points and give him a big fright!  The twins think it a great joke, but Thomas thinks they’re being very silly indeed!

Thomas isn’t the only engine who’s preoccupied.  Poor Percy is more nervous than ever, and not paying attention when coming to collect his trucks at Brendam Docks.  He’s so tired from not sleeping the night before, that he is drifting off to sleep as he’s backing down.  When he hits the front truck, he’s so startled that he races forward in alarm with the shunter’s pole in tow, and without the trucks, who are laughing and giggling manically far behind!


Gator is sympathetic and comes over to ask if he’s all right.  Percy begins to explain about what Thomas had said about the footprints in the Clay Pits, but then decides against it – he’s not sure if Gator, or anyone else, would believe him.

Thomas is helping Marion to clear the tracks again.  As she loads more rocks, he looks curiously for any more unusual footprints in the stone.  But as she loads, and he looks, the rocks all look very ordinary.  There’s nothing unusual about them.  Thomas begins to wonder if he had saw anything unusual after all, and thinks maybe the light was playing tricks on him...


...then he spots two other engines who like playing tricks.  He wonders if it had been Bill and Ben playing a trick on him instead that night.

Thomas puffs over when Bill and Ben are taking on water at the water column, and asks if they had been up to their old tricks on the night of the landslide.  The twins are quite upset at the suggestion that they would cause such trouble, and tell Thomas as such.  Thomas tries to explain about the rock with the giant footprint, but the twins are having none of it and refuse to listen.

When Thomas returns to Tidmouth sheds, he’s surprised to find Percy hasn’t left to take the Mail Train.  When Thomas asks, Percy explains that he kept seeing strange sights in ordinary things in the night.  Percy is still worried about the possibility of a monster roaming the Island.  James thinks it’s very funny, but Thomas is sympathetic, and when Percy asks him to take the Mail Train in his place, he agrees.


Percy waits anxiously for Thomas to return, and when he does, Thomas kindly informs him that there’s been no monsters or anything unusual in the night.  Percy asks about what Thomas saw in the Clay Pits, but Thomas shrugs it off – he’s not sure if he saw anything that night given the stormy conditions and encourages Percy to rest.

The following morning, Thomas’s Branch Line is reopened and he sets off to work with Annie and Clarabel.  James meanwhile is rather displeased – he’s being sent for scrap... truck loads of scrap metal from the Scrap Yard on Edward’s Branch Line, that is.

On the way, James meets Percy and seizes the opportunity for a tease about Percy being a “Scaredy Engine” and asks if he’s seen any monsters.  Percy is firm with him and tells him about the giant footprints Thomas saw, and how no-one knows what made them. 


Percy is convinced that there is credence to Thomas’s story, and even James begins to wonder if there might be something in it.

All of a sudden, James swerves off the Main Line and onto the Branch Line, right into the Scrap Yard sidings, and bashes the buffers of a large, foreboding tower of scrap metal, which is being piled higher by a large mechanical claw.  James flinches and cowers in terror, before hearing a friendly voice on the other side of the trucks calling to say “Hello!”


Reg the Scrap Yard Crane is unloading trucks of scrap metal from loaded trucks, and asks if the scrap had given James a bit of a fright.  James tries to pretend it hadn’t bothered him, but Reg can see through the facade very clearly, despite his protests!

At the Docks, Percy meets Gator, who’s missed his ship home.  He tells Percy that he’s going to be helping out on Duck’s Branch Line that evening, and Percy asks if he is afraid of monsters lurking in the dark.  Gator laughs off the suggestion, saying that monsters would likely be afraid of him!


Percy admires his new friend’s bravery, but Gator tells Percy that he wasn’t always as brave as he is now – and tells him a story of something that happened a long time ago...

Gator was built with a sloping boiler to help him when climbing high mountains in a far off land.  Unfortunately for him, he found out that he was afraid of heights when trying to cross a high bridge to a small rural village.  Gator remembers being scared, but knowing that the villagers needed the supplies he was carrying, he decided he would be brave and cross the bridge to help them.


Gator tells Percy that being brave is all about what you do even when you feel scared.  Percy understands perfectly, and puffs off at once.  He’s got work to do!

That night, Percy decides he’s going to be brave and take the Mail Train.  He doesn’t care if there’s monsters hiding in the undergrowth and roaming the Island – he’s going to follow Gator’s wise words and do a good job regardless.


James teases Percy as he prepares to leave for the night, and mockingly warns him about monsters.  Percy calls back confidently and ignores James, puffing proudly off to a good night’s work.  Emily scolds James, but he doesn’t listen.

But James has little time to rest as the Fat Controller comes to tell him he’ll be pulling the Flying Kipper in Henry’s place that evening.  James protests, but the Fat Controller gives him no option. 

This time, Emily turns James’s teasing back on him – much to the splendid red engine’s fury.

As Percy puffs through the night – he realises that the things he thought were spooky and scary are just mundane and non-threatening.  He’s being brave and he’s loving it!


James is at the Docks getting ready to take the Flying Kipper – and he’s hating it.

As he makes his way through the night, he spies a mysterious shape in the darkness, poking out from one of the branch line junctions.  It’s Gator.  He calls to James to say hello, and James is quite startled.  So startled that he races away as fast as his wheels will carry him – down the line wailing in a state of panic. 


He races so fast that he bounces off the track at the fenland, down the embankment and into the river.  Percy and Gator find him, and James is very embarrassed indeed.

The next morning, Percy is feeling great – he’s taken the Mail Train, James has got his comeuppance, and he’s got his new friend Gator working on the Island with him. 


James, however, is feeling embarrassed.  Emily and Henry tease him when they meet him at Knapford Station, which makes Thomas and Gordon laugh too.  James is furious – he decides to show the others just who the ‘Scaredy Engine’ is, and begins making a plan to play a trick on Percy.

That night, when Percy goes out to take the Mail Train, James slips out when he thinks the other engines are asleep.  Percy is completely unaware and carries on working as usual.


But out on the Main Line, James has taken Reg’s pile of scrap out from the sidings and shunted it onto Percy’s line.  James lies in wait and then slips away just as Percy comes around the bend.

Percy is confronted by the towering pile of scrap iron, silhouetted in the cold light of the moon, and looming large above him. 


He hits the truck with a bash, and the jolt brings it’s swinging ‘arms’ and wheels to life, thrashing around as Percy watches helplessly, unable to make sense of what it could be – other than the form of a hideous, nasty monster out to get him!  Percy races away as fast as he can, terrified of what he’s seen.

James returns quietly, satisfied with his night’s work, and careful not to wake the other engines.  He closes his eyes and pretends to be asleep.  Then, Percy comes rushing in wailing about the monster.

Gordon, James and Henry think it’s a great joke.  Emily tries to comfort Percy and help him rationalise the situation, and orders the others to stop teasing him.  Percy tries desperately to explain what he saw, but the other engines don’t believe him.  He pleads with Thomas to tell them about the monster in the Clay Pits, but even he isn’t sure if it was a monster or just his imagination.


Edward and Henry tell him that there’s no such thing as monsters.  Thomas suggests that maybe it was something he thought looked like a monster, just like when he first met Gator.  But James continues to heckle Percy and calls him a “Scaredy Engine”.  Thomas firmly reminds him that he got a fright when he saw Gator too, which James defensively plays down!

Percy is angry and disappointed with his friends.  None of them believe him.  But he admits he was scared... and he knows what he saw.

The following morning, the Fat Controller comes to the shed and reprimands James for leaving a truck of scrap on the Main Line. 


James sheepishly goes to collect it and take it away, whilst the Fat Controller enquires as to where Percy is too.  His mail delivery wasn’t done the night before and there have been complaints.

Percy is trying to make up for lost time.  He’s upset that no-one believes him – but he’s very relieved and happy to find Gator is nearby and going the same route.  He decides to puff along with him whilst he delivers the Mail Train.


The two work well together, keeping pace and racing ahead.  But when Gator reaches the Suspension Bridge, he stops when he looks to the chasm below... but then he watches as Percy rushes past, freely and confidently, and with a sense of assurance he races after him!  Percy is delighted that Gator is there for him, but is deeply saddened when Gator tells him that he is going away – his ship leaves that evening.  With that, Gator glides down Gordon’s Hill, leaving Percy to watch him puff away...

Thomas is out pulling ‘The Local’.  He calls to Percy, but Percy ignores him and looks away.  Thomas is sad, he feels he’s let his friend down – Annie and Clarabel try to comfort him, but it’s no good.


Further down the line, he finds James shunting the ‘Scrap Monster’ back to the Scrap Yards.  Even in the daylight, he is taken aback by the intimidating form of the scrap, and realises that James played a nasty trick on Percy.  He orders James to find Percy, tell him what he did and above all else – apologise!

The Fat Controller finally catches up with Percy at Knapford Station, and begins telling him off for causing confusion and delay by not delivering the Mail Train the night before.  Percy tries to explain what happened and why he couldn’t complete his duties when the Fat Controller is called away to answer a telephone call.

Thomas arrives in the station and tries to apologise for the night before.  Percy is still cross with Thomas and refuses to listen.  He doesn’t think it was fair that Thomas didn’t believe him, when he had supported him about the footprints. 


Furious, Percy puffs away, telling Thomas that he wants to go to a far away land and make new friends like Gator.  The Fat Controller returns and calls for him to come back, but Percy isn’t listening.

Out on the Main Line, James tries to apologise and explain about the night before.  But, Percy doesn’t give him the chance.  He defiantly tells James that he’s going to do something brave that will surprise everyone, and slips onto a Branch Line away from him.

That night, James tells Thomas what Percy had said.  Thomas is worried – James thinks it a great joke, but the other engines now feel sorry for Percy and don’t approve of James’ jokes at his expense. 


Thomas isn’t the only one who’s concerned – the Fat Controller is beginning to worry about him and his erratic behaviour as well.  More importantly, no-one has seen Percy all evening, and he hasn’t collected the Mail Trucks from Tidmouth Sheds.

Thomas volunteers to take the Mail Train in Percy’s place, and offers to look for him when he’s out on the delivery.


Whilst Thomas is out, he looks for Percy and wonders where he could be.  On his travels, he meets Gator, who’s heading for the Docks to catch his ship home.  He hasn’t seen Percy either – and is quite disappointed as he wanted to say goodbye before he left.  The two exchange goodbyes and Gator continues on his way to the Docks.

At the Docks, Cranky is loading Gator’s ship with a special load... Percy! 

Cranky asks if this is right, but Percy tells him that it is and that he wants to be useful on other railways too.  Cranky reluctantly agrees and loads Percy onboard.


Soon after, Gator arrives and is surprised to find Percy sitting beside him.  Percy tells him that he’s going to go and work in a far away land just like Gator, and show everyone how brave he can truly be.  But Gator is sceptical and encourages Percy not to run away from his problems, but to face them head-on instead.  Percy looks at his buffers – he knows Gator is right.

Back at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas is frustrated to find that Percy still hasn’t come back.  He demands answers from James, who is reluctant to help or think.  He then suggests in a blasť manner that Percy has likely gone up to the Clay Pits to catch a monster or something. 


This gives Thomas a boost and he is encouraged to continue looking.  He hurries off and wills James to come with him, but James refuses – claiming he’s too sleepy.  Thomas is firm with him, and asks if he’s ‘scared’...

James, determined to prove he’s not scared, leads the charge to the Clay Pits to find Percy.  But as they make their way down Edward’s Branch Line, Thomas hears the sound of a ship’s horn at the Docks.  He suddenly remembers what Percy had said at Knapford Station about going off to a far-away land!

Thomas races into the Docks just as the ship is sailing out.  He cries frantically for it to stop and come back, but they can’t hear him.  He calls to Cranky and pleads with him to stop the ship, emphasising strongly that this is an emergency.  


Cranky swings himself around with great speed, and throws out his hook like a fishing line, which catches hold of the ship.  Thomas and Cranky celebrate his excellent shot, but their victory is short-lived when the rest of Cranky’s cable unravels very quickly as the ship speeds away.

The strain of holding the ship begins to cause damage to Cranky as he begins to lean over with rivets and metal-work bursting.  Salty and Porter cry to him to let her go for his own safety, but Cranky knows he can’t let go.


Thankfully, the captain of the ship stops before Cranky suffers any further damage, and draws back into Port.  Everyone is very relieved, and Thomas is delighted that his friend won’t be leaving the island after all... but Cranky is cross to find that he has risked his own safety for someone he unloaded half-an-hour before!

Up at the Clay Pits, Percy is puffing around in the dark, looking for clues about Thomas’s monster.  However, the sound of his puffing around wakes Bill who accuses Ben of making puffing noises in his sleep!

Percy stops at the Danger Sign ahead of the track where Thomas saw the footprints in the landslide, just as James arrives and finds him.  At first James teases Percy and calls him “Scaredy Engine”, but then tries to apologise and explain himself, but Percy cuts him off and tells him that he’s braver than James will ever be.


James scoffs and suggests that Percy should go down the line and look for the monster.  Percy tells him it’s dangerous to go past the sign, but James is cocky and slips past – saying that only a “Scaredy Engine” wouldn’t go down there.

At the entrance to the Clay Pits, Thomas puffs in and calls for Percy.  This wakes Bill and Ben again – who assume it’s Timothy dreaming and talking in his sleep!

Further up inside the Clay Pits, James is mockingly ‘searching’ for the monster, calling out to ‘it’ on the dangerous track with Percy following cautiously behind. 

He blows his whistle, and ignores Percy’s cautionary pleas for him to be careful.  James’s noise causes a small rockslide, and one of the rocks falls down beside Percy – with yet another giant footprint embedded in the rock.

James is proud of himself, he thinks he’s brave for venturing onto the dangerous track – but when he sees a rockslide beginning to fall ahead of him, he’s not so confident.  There, buried inside the falling clay, is a huge brown skeleton with very sharp teeth and razor claws, staring down at James.


James is so taken aback, he races back down the line to escape it, blowing his whistle and crying for help.  Thomas and Percy hear him and they’re worried too.  But James’s panic is causing the rockslide to worsen.  But as he rounds a bend, a large block of clay falls down onto the track and blocks his way out.  James is trapped!

Percy calls to James to go forward, but he doesn’t listen – he’s too scared of the monster.  Thomas encourages Percy to back out of there, but Percy realises that it’s up to him to save James.  He races over, still crying to him to go forward, and emphasising that he will be caught in the landslide if he doesn’t.


With a great effort, Percy bashes into the back of James and forces him down the track, through the landslide, which is now following them like a giant wave of mud and rubble, destroying everything in its path.

Eventually it catches up with Percy and sweeps him from the rails, sending him surfing along on the wave of clay.  James manages to clear the track without incident, but Percy is stuck fast with no chance of moving under his own power.  To make matters worse, the head of the ‘monster’ has been shaken loose and is falling directly toward him.


Percy closes his eyes and waits for it to hit him, but with expert timing and skill, Marion manages to catch it in her bucket!

Percy looks up at the spectacle in Marion’s bucket and gasps in awe – it’s not a monster, it’s a dinosaur fossil!


Marion thinks it a great joke and begins recreating a scene from Hamlet, and musing on where the rest of the dinosaur could be and what fun she’ll have digging it up.  Poor Percy takes it upon himself to remind her that he needs digging out first!

Percy is taken to the Steamworks, where Thomas and James come to apologise.  Percy forgives them both, and all three engines go back to work as the best of friends again.

In a little while, Thomas, James and Percy arrive at the Town Hall Station for the grand unveiling of the newly recreated dinosaur skeleton.  The Fat Controller is giving a speech, dedicated to Percy and his brave actions, when Emily puffs in and tells them that Gator is leaving again.


Instead of staying for the dedication, Percy decides to go and say goodbye to his friend and wish him well for his journey home – much to the Fat Controller’s bewilderment!

Percy puffs in just in time to see Big Mickey lifting Gator onto the Cargo Ship.  The two engines thank each other for everything they’ve learned from one another, and Percy wishes Gator a safe journey home.  Gator is looking forward to going home – after seeing how brave Percy could be, he thinks he’s ready for the highest of high bridges now!

Percy looks on sadly as Gator is lifted onboard the ship, and watches sadly as it sails out of the docks.  Thomas and James arrive soon after and whistle their goodbyes to Gator as well.  Then, together, the three engines puff back to work, pleased to be friends again – and proud to be brave!