ERS 180 - Gwen the Dockyard Engine

ERS 180 – Gwen the Dockyard Engine – Kyle
Gwen feels frustrated and tired due to the increasing load sizes at the Kirk Ronan harbour, and begins to wonder if she’s cut out for continued work there. After hearing about the success of the NW Freight diesels she begins to get concerned that she may soon be replaced, and her worries are only exacerbated further when she struggles to move a heavy train and crashes into the buffers ahead of her when a coupling breaks.

Gwen becomes convinced that she must give it her all to show that she is still needed around the docks, working herself to the near-point of exhaustion. However, when Croc comes to the docks and causes the little engine to fail her future begins to look very dim indeed.

Whilst Gwen is away at the works a diesel shunter is drafted in to assist with the dock duties. Simon and Alex discuss the situation, and Alex reveals that he’d like to see Gwen return and expresses concern over the way he’s treated her during the past; much to Simon’s shock!

Time passes, and Simon and Alex begin to question to cause of the extended delay – saying that the line just doesn’t feel the same without Gwen. Eventually Simon is sent off to collect a special load from the junction, but ends up stuck at Rolf’s Castle after a car crashes over the bridge onto the line. Alex is left in suspense for several hours while the mess is cleared up, but Simon soon returns with Gwen poised triumphantly on a flat truck. Alex greets her with less hostility than usual, and Gwen explains that her boiler pressure has been increased to allow her to cope with the heavier loads.