ERS 175 - Tales from the Branch Lines

ERS 175 - Tales from the Branch Lines
Initiated by Ian, this volume started work as a competition piece, based on the theme of 'Branch Lines'. Written in the vein of 'The Eight Famous Engines' and 'Really Useful Engines', it allowed entrants to write standalone stories that suited the ERS and would potentially groom entrants to submit a volume of their own...

Written by LNERandBR
Thomas is approaching his next washout, and looks forward to his overhaul. Percy teases his lethargic nature, saying he and Brad have heavier trains to handle than Thomas. The next day, however, the tank engine's injectors falter on the way to Ulfstead, a disappointed Percy must runs the trains to cover for his friend. Soon he realises that Thomas wasn't exaggerating, as boiler sludge cascades from his boiler during his (now early) washout.

Written by rellevart
Bill and Ben find life boring at the Harbour so are delighted to hear people are visiting BoCo, which provides a change of routine. Of course, when Bill notices that far from inspecting their friend, the men are moving parts about, the Twins decide to take action. This leads to an unexpected surprise for Bill and Ben as it is reveals who the men are...

Written by Joshua
The Summer Season brings a great deal of traffic to the Little Western, so Pegasus is reassigned to help Duck and Oliver. His lack of ability to talk riles Duck and Oliver, who already have short tempers thanks to the heat and extra workload. Luckily, Pegasus is able to stop Oliver from hitting an empty pram that had fallen from the Station. It leaves the Western Engines in no doubt that Pegasus has his own way of communicating too.

Written by TARDISRescue
A travelling theatre troupe come to the Island and while due to act at Norramby, Eagle is less than enthused by the actors. Even so, things take a turn for the farcical as his Driver disappears before his Special Train to Crovan's Gate and the actors decide to take things into their own hands, performing on the platform itself! This pacifies the passengers and also solves the mystery of the missing Driver...!