ERS 181 - Weather Engines

ERS 181 - Weather Engines  - Ryan

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The Volcanic Ash hindered many travellers back in 2010 - and Ryan took took up the opportunity to see how it would affect Sodor, too! It also gave him the chance to have Harold reinstate his position as a Search and Rescue Helicopter again.


Percy is confused when he hears more people are traveling by air to the island, and how his good work in the previous winter season helped bring Harold into semi-retirement. Bertie and Harold boast how road and air are much more diverse experiences than the railway…but when news of volcanic ash from Iceland manages to ground all aircraft, Percy proves yet again that railways still have their uses.



A visiting engine comes to help with the high volume of stranded passengers. The visitor is friendly, and when talking about running long trains, brings up water troughs, where steam engines can pick up water without stopping. Gordon recalls disliking them - recalling a time when Sodor had once experimented with using water troughs, which was quickly scrapped after Gordon accidentally sprays water over Henry and his coaches during an express run…!
Based upon an incident on the LMS railway in Britain involving two streamlined trains with "Coronation" class locomotives.



Co-written by Lewis
During development of this volume, Ryan kindly offered Lewis the opportunity to contribute a story idea of his own. Geographers arrive at the Mid-Sodor Heritage Railway, who offer Bottom to be their vehicle to take them to the hills to study the volcano eruption. Bottom drops them off in the hills, but when he returns to the yard, he hears that one of the geographers has been injured. With the rescue chopper grounded, Bottom heads back up into the hills to the rescue, using his initiative to help the man in trouble.



Harold has been grounded for weeks and is feeling depressed - which isn't helped when the Airfield Manager prepares a hot air balloon to take over his pleasure flights. But one day, Harold is told the balloon has come down in the hills, and he’s pressed into action with clearance to help. Spotting the balloon and rescuing its passengers, Harold feels proud to be flying again when the ash cloud is cleared…but not before teasing Percy one last time!