ERS 171 - Experimental Engine

ERS 171 - Experimental Engine - Simon

Summaries by SuperEngine999

This volume is significant for a few reasons - next to being Simon Martin's final contribution to the ERS, it also introduces a rather unique new character, who has a very different method of communication…in that the only sounds he can make are very horse-like.


The Works’ latest project is being tested for his public debut - a new-built steam engine. Wendell is helping to move the engine around for the reporters, but he finds his attitude and mannerisms confusing. He does find the new engine’s modern wiring and technology interesting, but when the Fat Controller names the engine – ‘Pegasus’ – his ceremony champagne bottle smash interferes with the open wires, causing them to overheat…



James’ reaction to a ghost story from Edward becomes quite a joke to Gordon and Henry, who find the idea of ghosts ridiculous. A delayed Squaddie leaves James shunting in the dark of the night, but his difficult evening takes a sudden turn when a ghostly white engine races past in the dark. Henry and Gordon enjoy James’ petrified nature, until they themselves have an encounter with the unfamiliar…which turns out to be Pegasus himself!



Pegasus travels down to Ffarquhar to test his ‘go anywhere’ specification on the railway, but his unusual behaviour creates a divide between him and the other engines after Thomas tried to understand Pegasus. Enthusiasts disrupt the engines the next morning, as they come to see Pegasus in action, and persuade him to run to the platform for them. Trouble doesn’t stray far, however, as Pegasus runs over the Stationmaster’s garden hose, allowing him an unexpected cold shower!



News of Pegasus’ hosepipe incident and apparent horse mannerisms reaches the big engines, but his quiet and silent attitude throws them off. When Edward explains how Pegasus was a Doncaster-drawn design, and how they’re almost family, Gordon has a change of heart. He decides to take Pegasus under his wing, talking about his younger days, and how the two connect over Gresley ties. The Fat Controller, pleased with the progress Pegasus has made, sends him off on his first express, as a symbol for steam on Sodor.