ERS 170 - Diesels of Winter

ERS 170 - Diesels of Winter - Ryan

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Heavy snow on the island takes Dick by surprise, as he and Dilworth are scheduled to clear the Main Line that night. While Dilworth is enthusiastic to do the work, Dick finds the thick snow and ice irritating, but he enjoys racing past the blocked roads near the line. He’s less proud of himself when the freezing weather that night freezes his fuel lines and cooling system, but a smart solution from Ted leads him into more embarrassment.

The fierce weather on the island hinders goods traffic. Despite Kaiser’s warnings, Wakefield and Spartan discover that the ice, like Dick and Dilworth, has damaged their brakes. As the Works is too busy to take them in, they’re left in a siding for inspection...but when left alone, Spartan finds that his brakes can't him, and he rolls straight into Wakefield, colliding with Ted and a brakevan at the end of the siding! his When Dick starts teasing yet again, Procor defends his brothers with a hit from reality.

Dick continues to find Spartan and Wakefield’s runaway amusing, and ignores the Fat Controller’s warnings to take care in the bad weather. One day, he sets off from the harbour with an extra-long container train day, taking the weather and the extra freight in his stride. But after he passes Gordon’s Hill, Dick finds his brakes have failed, and he derails spectacularly at Maron station. Edward and BoCo help to clear the mess, but Dick is too heavy to rescue, and he is left, cold and lonely, to languish at the bottom of the embankment...

Dick's story was greatly inspired from the 2010 incident at Carrbridge, where Eddie Stobart Class 66 - James The Engine - derailed in bad weather, blocking the Highland Main Line for several days.

Dick is hauled to the Works, frozen and damaged - and though and the Fat Controller tells him it wasn't his fault, Dick still feels his position deeply. Bob mentions how Dick was lucky the Fat Controller arranged a ‘Christmas Tree’ for him. But Dick finds, opposed to the green variety, Bob means an engine giving up their parts for another. After talking to Bob some more, Dick comes around to the fact he isn’t as modern as he once considered, and decides to make amends with the other Diesels.