ERS 169 - Sudrian Diesel Engines

ERS 169 - Sudrian Diesel Engines - Fox
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Mavis finds the Quarry work difficult. She’s been working harder than ever, and this becomes noticed when she ends up causing complaints to drift in from new locals along the branch line. Daisy finds this funny, but the trucks use this to disrupt timetables and stretch Mavis to her limits. Strong winds one day, however, don’t help Daisy, as she finds dust clogging her filters and made her fail…right outside said resident’s homes.


Ever since the incidents that shook the big diesels, Winston and the now rebuilt Procor haven’t spoken. They’re finally left to talk in the Works, and Procor finds out how Winston is aware or the 60’s ordeal, and questions his motives. The two continue to detail their times on the mainland to each other – Procor understands Winston’s pleading to spare engines he was moving to their end, and how himself once watched his kind moved aside for disposal - one ‘31’ in particular he wanted to spare. In turn, Winston discovers Procor’s sight of ‘the end’ in the same diesel - how they were betrayed by their owners, and how he accepted he wasn’t the last, but he had lost many of his own. At last, the two diesels were, as vague as it may be, at peace.


Bad Bob has been feeling his work has become dull and underappreciated. He finds the routine boring, and neither Daisy nor assisting James and his train to the Works lifts his spirits. He’s suddenly thrown in the deep end when he’s faced with a dangerous task – the signal gantry’s power have been cut, and Daphne’s express is approaching 'blind'. Bad Bob steps in with his normal lamp switched to a scarlet shade, and waits as the signal for Daphne, which he succeeds with. But even then, that’s not the end of Bob’s unusual day…


Bad Bob discovers what seems to be a mysterious, lost diesel, hissing and shrieking from within the Out Of Use sidings. Her appearance, demeanour and companions confuse the engines, and Mr Yeoman is left baffled as to why it’s here. Bad Bob takes it upon himself to find out who the diesel is or what it’s doing here – she reveals herself as Zelda, a diesel of five sisters of a prototype Western Region class, and their haunted life of being threatened, replaced, transferred and scrapped, all except her. Finally, her true explanation for being on Sodor is detailed. Sir Stephen bought her and promised salvation, but this wasn’t to be given...


News of Zelda spreads along the railway, leaving everyone worried of what she may do, practically Bad Bob. The Fat Controller and Mr Yeoman try to decide what to do, as they know she can’t return to the Main Line. Mr Yeoman eventually makes a decision, and weeks later, Zelda is cleaned, updated and refurbished as a new hollow exhibit for the Vicarstown Museum. Winston and Procor move her to her new home, the latter leaving her with a threatening thought, as she’s left to live as an artefact in the museum, never to run again. She, at least, is left with two particular companions…