ERS 215 - Little Peel Godred Engines

ERS 215 - Little Peel Godred Engines - Ian

The idea of Stuart and Falcon's time at Peel Godred has been mooted as the basis for a volume for many years, but without other established characters to work with ideas where fairly limited. Following the penning of ERSN #2, 'The Peel Godred Railway', that problem ceased to exist - and offered the chance to revisit the characters of Polly, Maude and Loey. 

Upset at leaving their home and their dear friend Duke, the two little engines face further upset - their new unnamed Manager doesn't trust them and it clear that they'll be out of use once work on the Alumina Works expansion is completed. On top of that, resident electric engine Loey Machan is far from happy at the arrival of steam engines in his yard.

Although inspired by war times railways seeing numerous derailments occur on hastily built, temporary tracks, the same thing wasn't unheard of in industry. Coupled to Falcon's well - documented problem of often falling between the rails, this offered potential for a story with a twist. After Falcon falls into the ballast, Stuart finds himself forced to lie to the Manager to get his friend off the hook. However, when he later has a far worse mishap, Falcon has the nerve to tell his friend off for not being careful!

I wish I could remember how the idea of bringing in Trevor for a chapter first came about - I suspect it was thinking about other types of vehicle which may be around the site. It gives a small insight into Trevor pre 'Saved From Scrap', and his sensible nature was the excellent balance to compliment Stuart and Falcon's quarrelling. As Loey begins taunting and upsetting the steam engines, it is Trevor who stands up to him. But Loey soon finds himself shown up, much to the glee of the others.

The storyline here was essentially pre-written - the Reverend Awdry had stated many years earlier what had happened to Stuart and Falcon in this period, and so all I was doing was filling it out. With the work complete the engines are sheeted over and abandoned, unable to escape the mocking of the triumphant Loey. Then the engines are visited by two kindly men - Mr Hugh and Mr Sam - of the Skarloey Railway. Purchased and ultimately saved, the engines are swiftly delivered to their new home. The volume is so penned so as to allow the original RWS #10 to follow on from it, as if they were written in that order.