ERS 216 - Mixed Traffic Engines

ERS 216 - Mixed Traffic Engines - Charlie

Sammie is getting used to her new duties as a mixed traffic engine, and is enjoying her new-found attention immensely. But she isn't impressed when she is shunted to allow Bear's slow goods to pass, and takes the opportunity to tease him, comparing the amount of enthusiasts who have come to see her to those who are there for Bear. Sammie soon changes her opinion, however, when she sees Bear come to the rescue of Squaddie - and the platforms are lined with cheering enthusiasts, overjoyed to see Bear in action! Sammie admits that Diesels do have their uses after all.

A shipment of bad coal has arrived, and the steam engines are paired up with Diesels in order to save fuel. Sammie is teamed with Dick, who teases her about her transfer from the freight link. Sammie is not impressed with Dick's teasing, and tries to get her own back by picking up speed and pushing him as fast as possible along the line. But this backfires when a large lump of coal is thrown out of Sammie's tender as they fly through a station, smothering a lady in filth. Henry finds it hilarious, but Sammie is less than amused.

Henry continues to make snarky jibes at Sammie after the previous incident, and it isn't long before the two begin quarreling. They are separated, however, when the Fat Controller assigns Henry to a fire training exercise, and Sammie is told to cover his usual tasks. She finds the extra work to be difficult, while Henry is having a blast... that is, until the controlled fire becomes controlled no more, and leaves both him and the poor coach Mark scorched! He is sent to the works, leaving Sammie indignant - she'll have to cover Henry's work for a lot longer now.

Sammie believes she is doing too much work, and tells Henry as much. Henry scoffs - he once rescued two trains at once, when he was failed himself, and tells Sammie to get a grip. Sammie leaves, indignant, but soon finds herself stopped by a red signal. She learns that James has failed up ahead, and, seeing an opportunity to get one-up on Henry, decides to take his train home. James is very grateful, and the duo make up after their earlier argument. Sammie takes him back to the works, where Henry is most impressed with Sammie's efforts, and makes up with her. He can't resist another cheeky dig at her though!