ERS 213 - Standby Engines

ERS 213 - Standby Engines - SuperEngine999

While Hunter is away for repairs, Douglas is sent to assist Eagle on the branch line. Eagle, being his usual self, acts isolated and quiet, but Douglas is offended when he finds out his reason for the hostility: Eagle’s wary of the Scottish engines’ experience. With this frustration between the two, Eagle, the next evening, becomes too worked up for his own good, making him abandon his Guard on the platform, and is instead been sent off by a boy and his torch!

Ted the shunting diesel finds his workload to be increasing with track maintenance falling to him to help on, and finds the early starts and long hours to be tiring. The diesels, bar Dilworth, don’t sympathise, and leave poor Ted the burden of the work. The early start leaves him unfocused, and after a small mistake at Cronk in the early drizzle, he thinks he’s in for another normal day. Sadly, he sees different with a railway trolley blocking his path at Tidmouth crossing…

The summer weather begins to overwhelm Emmeleia, and she finds banking on Gordon’s Hill to be more difficult than she expected. After a slip-up with Sammie’s train, she retires to the yard for her sanding gear to be looked over. Jinty, worried for his friend, offers to help while she takes a rest, and while unsure, Emmeleia lets him have a go. However, though determined, Jinty finds banking Squaddies train to be more than he bargained for.

With the economy in full swing, the diesels are being drafted in more for Main Line trains, and the goods diesels are finding themselves roped in. Being trailed for passenger trains, Wakefield finds the mixed-traffic life to be fun and different, but ends up running wrong-road at Thomas' junction, which he thinks is his fault. Despite his Driver trying to make him see different, Wakefield fears he’s let himself down, until one evening when he helps rescue Dilworth on an evening service. And not only that, but he finds one passenger goes the extra mile to say ‘thank you’.