ERS 208 - Gordon the Ambassador Engine

ERS 208 - Gordon the Ambassador Engine - LNERandBR

It’s been announced that the Fat Controller will be sending Pegasus on a tour of the mainland. All the engines are talking about it except Gordon. Henry is surprised to hear that the big blue engine isn’t bothered about the news. At the Big Station Gordon gives Pegasus some words of wisdom but the young engine later has a mishap. Another engine therefore must take his place on the mainland tour.

Gordon has a successful test run and soon finds himself on a railtour which takes him a long way from his Sodor home. After a series of very successful railtours Gordon visits a Preserved Railway for a gala. To begin with he is apprehensive about the slow speeds of such a railway but soon finds it enjoyable. He soon realises however that track work on the Other Railway could jeopardise the rest of his grand tour.

As a result of the track works the Fat Controller adjusts Gordon’s itinerary. Once able to leave he visits a different Preserved Railway for an extended visit. He is to help out with their summer timetable. He finds out that the line’s Diesels spend most of their time sitting around with little work, a contrast to back home. Despite his unease at this he is happy to be told he’s pulling the lines premiere dining service the next day. However he’s surprised to find the next day is the diesel’s turn to shine.

The summer soon passes and Gordon is back pulling railtours. Unfortunately the morning is damp and gloomy which matches the big engines mood as he misses home. There’s a steep climb on the route and Gordon is due to have help from a Diesel. However the Diesel’s Driver is taken ill which forces Gordon to take the train alone. When the weather turns as the hill approaches will Gordon climb it or be beaten?