ERS 190 - Miniature Railway Misadventures

ERS 190 - Miniature Railway Misadventures - LNERandBR

The miniature engines are being prepared for the upcoming season. Hunter arrives to take a passenger train and comments that they’ve finally come out of hibernation. Atlanta defends the miniature engines by remarking that Louise had been busy. Louise’s reaction piques Hunter’s interest and reluctantly the little diesel tells him about her Snowy Encounter.

The season is well underway and it’s a busy Bank Holiday weekend. Roger is feeling the pressure as his Driver struggles with his fire. Unfortunately this meant that the Driver was too preoccupied to pay attention to what his engine was telling him. As a result Roger ends up doing a ‘Gallant Old Engine’ to ensure his passengers get to the station.

Roger had been out of service to be repaired. This made Nero grumpy as he’s had more work to do. An early start, followed by an extra heavy train and hot weather make him grumpier and grumpier. Things eventually come to a head when his grumpiness causes Nero to not keep a good look out. As a result the grumpy little Garratt ends up coming off the rails…

Following Nero’s mishap he’s been out of service. The other engines have to work harder to keep the summer timetable running. Atlanta doesn’t take kindly to missing out on maintenance and takes it out on Nero, causing arguments between them. Roger gives Atlanta some words of wisdom and she starts working out how to end the arguments.