ERS 191 - Arlesburgh Branch Line Engines

ERS 191 - Arlesburgh Branch Line Engines - 01Salty

This is a 'slice of life' volume, focused on the engines and rolling stock of the Little Western. A majority of the story focuses around a problem with a damaged rail, which effects everyone in different ways. It provides a chance for some minor rolling stock to take centre stage, and to utilise unique and interesting real-life occurrences.

Duck is to collect a goods train, and finds out from Blandford that 'Young Turk' the brake van has become better behaved since his incident with the tunnel. On the way down to the Big Station the train passes over a rough bump in the tracks, and later in the Yards Duck finds out a rail is damaged and needs a replacement. With no well wagons in sight, Turk suggests that they carry the piece of rail over two short flat trucks. It works, and Duck and Turk slowly bring the rail to the Permanent Way Gang for them to install.

At the top station after the first train of the day, Isabel tells Oliver she feels awkward underneath. They soon find out that after going over the bad track, part of Isabel's regulator shaft is loose, and needs repairing. Isabel is shunted into a siding, and left alone as Oliver and Dulcie go back to work. Isabel feels bored, but is encouraged by Blandford to relax and take in her surroundings. She soon spots a man trying to rob the station office, and alerts everyone by having her bell rung loudly. The man is apprehended, and Isabel is praised for her quick thinking.

After the bad track is replaced, Douglas brings up a goods train to the Top Station. But because of the delay the replacement caused, he doesn't have time to turn around before taking another train down the line. This makes him very annoyed, and even more so when Oliver teases him about it. During his tender-first journey Douglas has to wait in the loop for Donald to pass. Then he reverses to go back onto the line, but instead rolls straight off the trap points and derails. Duck brings a breakdown train, and Douglas is eventually re-railed and brought to the Shed. He wonders if it had happened if he was going forwards, and finds a quieter-than-normal Oliver upon returning. 

This story was greatly inspired by an incident from the Great Central Railway in 2013 when LMS Ivatt Class No.46521 was accidentally derailed at trap points!

Oliver arrives at Haultraugh one morning, and the station master Mr. Turner reveals to them he is planning to propose to his girlfriend with a large sign at the station that afternoon. Oliver and his coaches are very excited, but later at Tidmouth they can't see the girlfriend anywhere, and back at the station they find out she went home earlier on a bus. But Oliver has an idea, and that evening Mr. Turner proposes to his girlfriend, with the sign tied to Oliver's water tank.