ERS 212 - Secondary Service Engines

ERS 212 - Secondary Service Engines - Kyle

Over the last few months more and more of the secondary passenger services have been handled by the diesel locomotives to save the North Western Railway money. Although most of the engines have accepted this change readily, Henry has begun complaining. One night Daphne calls out Henry's blustering, and asks him to take her train tomorrow to show he can do it better; a challenge Henry readily accepts.
The next day, Henry is determined to show that there’s no need to cut back on steam services for these trains. However, as he departs he finds himself directed onto section of track under repair, and comes to a rough stop on the ballast where a rail has been removed!
Daphne takes over the train while Henry is recovered, and it is revealed that the accident is the fault of a workman who failed to block the point movement in the signalling system. However, this does little to soothe Henry's hurt ego.


Daphne taunts Henry that night in the shed, and as the engines in the shed begin arguing as to whether the steam engines are being relegated or not the atmosphere becomes grim.
The next morning Daphne is scheduled to take a commuter train, resolute in showing Henry that she can handle these trains better than him. However, as the journey goes on she begins to feel a growing pain in her engine, and just before a station she limps to a halt. However, through sheer determination she struggles on to the end of the line where, although late, she is praised for her efforts.
Once she's inspected it's revealed she's cracked her cylinder liner and, operating on only one engine, will require a trip to the Works to have the cylinder liner replaced.


Following Daphne's failure, the Fat Controller reveals that he'll have to put aside plans he was working on; plans to have more diesel-hauled trains for the secondary passenger services! Following some poorly-chosen words and misunderstandings about whether steam engines would have been able to complete the journey in the same manner Daphne did if they'd experienced a fault a decades-old unease between the steam engines and the diesels returns...
Lot long after, Robert is scheduled to take a stopping train across the Island. The weather is damp, and a recent delivery of bad coal has made steaming difficult. Unfortunately, a red signal stops him outside of Crosby, and Robert soon finds himself stalling attempting to climb Gordon's Hill, eventually destroying his fire. BoCo is sent to help pilot him as far as Wellsworth, and the two engines agree that it'd be best to keep the incident to themselves to reduce the chance of tensions in the shed from escalating.
However, BoCo's odd maneuvering at the station is spotted by the passing Spartan, leading to the two engines believing the story may still get out...


The story of Robert's failure and subsequent rescue by BoCo causes much taunting by Dick in the sheds, and to make matters worse the Fat Controller decides to let further reduce the number of steam-hauled services, at least until better coal can be received.
Although said to be only temporary, Bear soon finds himself working the passenger runs near-exclusively, and begins to grow impatient for a good long run. Unfortunately, during one journey a gear in his motor is sheered of its teeth, leaving Bear stranded on the Main Line. And, despite the bad coal and poor steaming, Pegasus is the only one who is able to come to the rescue...