ERS 211 - Mid Sodor Memories

ERS 211 - Mid-Sodor Memories  - Christopher

In comparison to most “flashback” volumes, I decided to shake things up a little with this latest entry from the Mid Sodor Heritage Railway – in that not all of the stories were simply told in the past.


The Heritage Engines are relaxing at the end of a busy season. To pass the time, Cora the Guard’s Van tells them of an incident on the former Mid Sodor railway when Stuart (aka; Peter Sam) once came across a sheep stranded on a ledge. But the Driver also gets stuck whilst trying to rescue it, and with the nearest stations miles away, Stuart suggests of the Guard and Cora running “free” down the line to fetch help. His idea works ,and both Driver and Sheep are safely rescued...but Cora is not so keen on trying it again!



On the Rev. W. Awdry’s model railway of the Mid Sodor, there is a photograph of an amusing confrontation between a traction engine and a herd of cows on a road bridge. When developing his character, Geoffrey the Steam Plough, 01Salty decided to use that photograph as part of his backstory. And in turn, I thought it just ideal to turn into a proper story – of how a young Geoffrey “back in the day” learnt not to be so impatient when he accidentally frightens a herd of cows, who end up blocking road and railway in their panic!



Some years ago, Ryan had contemplated the idea of having Bottom the Land Rover converted to run on the rails as a means of developing the character. Where he got the inspiration from I can’t remember, but I thought it’d be fun to use in a different manner....
Bottom is insulted when the Heritage People consider the idea of converting him as an Inspection Car in order to save money. But when a tractor runs into trouble, Bottom proves that he still has his uses off-road after he helps to rescue it.



The Manager of the Heritage Railway hits upon the idea of publishing a weekly newsletter to keep their line in the public eye. One of the articles he hopes to include will involve interviews with former railwaymen or relations of such about the old days. But he has trouble finding any that are still available...until Buzz reminds him that they still do have a former Mid Sodor member amongst them – Cora the Guard’s Van! So Cora happily provides them with enough stories of the past to keep them satisfied for a long time to come!
This idea was inspired by the Corris Railway’s own newsletter, the “Corris-Pondent”. The railway asked permission from Christopher Awdry to use the character.