ERS 194 - Anniversary of the Deltics

ERS 194 - Anniversary of the Deltics - Ian

In 2011 the Shildon Railway Museum hosted all surviving Deltic diesels for a 50th anniversary celebration, and it dawned on me that, in ERS terms, there should be another there - Daphne. So I set about thinking just why Daphne didn’t turn up…


Daphne is an unhappy engine, continually moaning as the men have removed one of her two Napier engines. Dick is far from sympathetic, and in an attempt to stop a quarrel Pip and Emma find themselves the target of Dick’s rude taunts instead. Some days later Daphne fails and Dick is called to the rescue. Pip and Emma, running light behind, fear another quarrel in the shed and volunteer to rescue the stricken train. HST’s have, very rarely, been used to rescue failed trains although they are not overly suited to the work!

The growing tension between Daphne and Dick continues here as Daphne revels in the news of an Anniversary Celebration for the surviving Deltics. Plans to have Daphne haul her own tour there are shelved after her failure, but an agreement is made to have another diesel pilot her to Shildon. Unfortunately this turns out to be Dick who, following an exchange of words some days before, is keen to upset Daphne in any way he can. Daphne attempts to make life difficult for Dick, but when he suffers a flashover it is Daphne who regrets is most.

As Daphne returns to work, the other engines are mystified and concerned over what happened on the aborted run to Shildon. When Dick returns he refuses to speak about it either, but in the end it is Dilworth who gets to the truth. This chapter sees something I’ve been waiting for for a long time- Dilworth standing up to Dick and making him see the error of his ways. In the days that follow Dick begins acting mysteriously and the Fat Controller has news for Daphne… will Dilworth guess who is behind it?

With ‘Royal Scots Grey’ arriving on Sodor for a couple of days in-between main line duties, Daphne is delighted at the prospect of them heading a Pullman Dining Service together. When running the empty stock across the line, Daphne suffers an exhaust fire and arrives at the end of the line looking slightly worse for wear!
This story is based on an incident which actually involved Royal Scots Grey during a rail tour to Paignton. An exhaust fire near Dawlish saw the train run the remainder of the way with a class 47 doing the work.