ERS 202 - Sudrian Skarloey Engines

ERS 202 - Sudrian Skarloey Engines - SuperEngine999 & Fox

Despite being on the railway for years now, Ivo Hugh has never understood the fascination of animals and wildlife. While the other engines try to improve his perspective, he remains stoic against animals, and when he ends up running into incidents with cats and dogs, his views are proved correct. However, when confronted with an injured bird looking for help, he has to decide whether to put aside his feelings for a defenseless animal.

Rusty is interested when new web-cameras are fitted around the sheds and wharf, and how they record the goings on for the Skarloey Railway website. The other engines aren’t too impressed, but are instead distracted when they find Ada the coach oddly derailed on the shed points the next morning, with no evidence as to how! The workmen get nowhere, but the engines quickly tell Ada’s hiding something. When the mishap occurs again, the engines begin blaming each other. It was lucky, however, that the damaged, but still recording, cameras help solve the mystery.

Sir Handel continues to complain on how Ada managed to fool the engines, and when asked by Ivo Hugh about the tank engine’s ‘problem’, Skarloey decides to tell the tale of the ‘Flying Bedstead’. Neither truck nor engine, he was considered a pariah on the line, constantly mocking the engines for being ‘filthy fire starters’, and doing all in his power to cause mayhem and issues, even if they rarely play out as planned. It finally comes to ahead when Sir Handel is moving out of the sheds, and accidently slips into the path of the Trolley...

A diesel driver training course is set up for young staff of the Skarloey Railway, but the diesels soon find the initial idea is more difficult to carry out than they first thought. After several incidents, including Shamus imitating a motorcycle, the diesels, especially Shamus, are regretting the course. But, after an accident at the wharf tunnel, the trainees manage to help clear the mess and prove themselves of use to the railway, and diesels themselves.