ERS 210 - The Scottish Twins Fall Out

ERS 210 - The Scottish Twins Fall Out - Ady7714 & Ian

When Ady sent in his original submission, the ERS Team suggested to him - with guidance from Ian - of reworking it so that it carried on from the previous volume, which would see what happened to Donald following his overhaul. Ady was only happy to!

After coming back from his overhaul, Donald is given Duck’s passenger duties, much to Douglas’s annoyance. The next day after some minor troubles made them late leaving, the Twins receive mixed-up signals and crash in to each other in the yard. Donald and Douglas’s tender ends up damaged so a swap is made, leaving Douglas running with his twin’s tender while Donald goes back to the works. Both twins end up being very cross with one another.

A music festival comes to Arlesburgh and the branch line becomes very busy. The twins are tasked with taking the last two trains on the final day. However, when Douglas takes his train, he finds he has no sand in his sand boxes and gets stuck on the hill. The next day, Donald explains that the temporary fireman must have got confused as he had filled his sand boxes instead of Douglas's…

The twins remain cross each other after the ‘sand’ incident, making life difficult for the others. Oliver and Blandford decide to get Donald to take a special ballast train away from the branch line for the day, hoping this would let the twins think about things. Meanwhile BoCo, taking a train on Edward’s branch line, feels a funny rail joint but forgets all about it. However, when he and Donald pair up to take the special down the line, the rail joint causes one of Donald’s springs to break, leading to him derailing and one of his buffers to be wrenched off. Douglas comes to see him if he’s alright, but Donald reacts crossly to him and the pair remain at loggerheads.

The twins have become very unhappy about their falling out, but neither wants to apologise. Toad the brake van suggests they need a diversion of some sort, but neither he nor Oliver can think of one. Some days later, Donald is at the Works station after repairs, when the River Hoo Bridge suffers from the wet weather, leaving several trains stranded. With the big engines unable to use the Ballehoo loop, Donald suggest he and Douglas take two trains in one go. Over the next few days the Twins work hard, ensuring the services should continue. The twins make up without needing to say anything, and are a happy pair of Scottish engines when they get back to Tidmouth.