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The Sodor Oil Refinery

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Created by The Old Bean

Developed For ERS V2 Library By Loey Machan & Ryan

A Little About the Sodor Oil Refinery

Created by The Old Bean


The Sodor Oil Refinery was, in the ERS V1, based at Killdane.  However, come the advent of the ERS V2, the location was moved on the insistence of Loey Machan to create greater ecological validity.  The Oil Refinery is now based at the end of Edward’s Branch Line at Brendam Bay, sharing a length of line with the Sodor China Clay Company.


The majority of stories taking place at the Oil Refinery have been written by The Old Bean himself, although for the V2 Library, the stories have been updated by Ryan to reflect the changes made to the setup.


The Oil Refinery is another addition which has allowed the Extended Railway Series to continue the modernisation of the Island of Sodor’s traffic, and the North Western Railway’s overall setup, whilst still retaining the old world charm that resonates through with The Old Bean’s only ERS character contribution, Kaiser the Fireless Engine, one of the three American-based characters we have retained for the stories.

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The Oil Refinery only boasts of one engine, Kaiser, but you can read him here!