The Wellsworth Branch Line

Wellsworth Branch Line

Wellsworth Branch Line

A Little About The Wellsworth Branch

The Wellsworth Branch Line has not seen a great deal of change throughout the Extended Railway Series, aside from the addition of the Brendam Oil Refinery, which is essentially peripheral to the Branch Line’s operations itself.  However, it was one of the first places that was covered in an Extended Railway Series volume in Edward’s Branch Line.

However, there have been some significant alterations.  The track and bridges along the route has been upgraded so it can now carry the weight of heavier locomotives who operate out of the Brendam Refinery, with the Freight Diesels becoming regular visitors down the Wellsworth Branch.  As well as this, we have moved Jinty from his role as the Big Station pilot engine to serve as a passenger locomotive.

These small points aside, it remains the same as it always has done – with BoCo, Bill and Ben still serving alongside Edward as the mainstays of the Wellsworth Branch.

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