The rare BR Class 04, introduced 1952, is a Drewry-Gardner 0-6-0 diesel mechanical shunter closely related to the much more prolific Class 03, of which 117 were made. Side plates and cowcatchers here are fitted to the four locos on the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway in the 1950s, where they replaced the J70 and Y6. The picture below is of no. D2203, which is currently being overhauled on the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway in Skipton, Yorkshire. Evidence of its former Wisbech service is that the rear steps are still plated over to prevent feet getting through to the rods. It is suspected that this particular vehicle, having been privately owned and working a quarry, is the actual prototype for Mavis. Thanks to Tim Warner for this information.


From Tony Grigg's notes on "The Island of Sodor":
Ffarquhar Quarry Company "Mavis"
Mavis is a 0-6-0 class 03 diesel shunter used by the Ffarquhar Quarry company at Anophia Quarry to shunt stone trucks. Occasionally she is used to take trucks to Ffarquhar.

Mavis appeared in "Tramway Engines"(1972).

The Rev W Awdry's model of Mavis on his Ffarquhar Branch dates from 1962, when the 04s had finally vanquished the J70s to make the Wisbech and Upwell the first all-diesel line in Britain. However, Mavis did not get into a Railway Series book until a decade afterwards, as the Rev. relates in the 1979 Annual:

"MAVIS came a year later than Daisy, though she didn't get into a book till 1972! She was easy to make too. Her body is built up from the Airfix kit, and to make her 'go' I fitted her with a K's motor bogie. Her body is stuffed with lead and plasticine, and the extra weight makes her powerful and smooth running."

Modeller's Corner
Mavis on Ffarquhar layout

<-- Mavis on the Rev. Awdry's Ffarquhar Layout

Dapol model of BR Class 04

Dapol took the Airfix tool of the 04 (the basis for Mavis) and still make it to this day -->

Bachmann's version of Mavis available on Amazon US Bachmann's version of Mavis

Collector's Corner

Classic ertl Mavis LC Take-along Mavis LC Wooden Mavis Tomy Model of Mavis
Claasic ERTL model of Mavis LC take-along model of Mavis LC Wooden Thomas model of Mavis Tomy model of Mavis
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