Crossed Lines


Halfbakedhex8's model series set on the Waterdown Railway, a sanctuary for steam!

Crossed Lines is a brainchild that I had been nursing for years, and got to a point where I thought 'I have the models, I have the stories, let's do this'. I am very proud of what I have accomplished with them so far, and have grown myself as a writer of characters and storylines by it.

I wanted to take the series as far away from the likes of Thomas the Tank Engine as possible, while still respecting it as an influence. Things like design choices, naming conventions and plot content all swerve greatly away from the eponymous blue tank engine, but still hopefully keep a similar spirit.

I think reading comments left by people on the episodes themselves is gratifying enough on its own. People saying 'I want to know what happens next' or 'I really like this character', or even when the voice actors say that they really enjoy playing their character, it means that a connection has been made, and that I have succeeded in making people care. Comparing this to the days where the only one who knew of Crossed Lines and these characters was myself makes me very happy to have shared this with everyone.

~ Haydn Spencer, creator and general messabouter of Crossed Lines

When Atlas awakens after years of slumber, he finds the world has changed around him, and has forgotten parts of his previous life. He finds himself on a railway that has preserved steam, and hopes to call this railway home. However, he finds out steam engines are not in the best of favours with a certain important passenger. Will his position as the new steam engine on the line be threatened by this passenger?

Atlas proves himself to be a very reliable engine. However, when Mr Traverse interferes with his examination and leads him to get trapped in a dangerous tunnel with the heads of the railway, how will Atlas get out and into the light again?

Dawn's overworking is causing concerns amongst the other engines. Could the return of an old friend be the help she needs, or will they just have to catch her when she falls?

Life on the Waterdown Railway seems to be going smoothly, until a mysterious electric engine arrives, and trouble seems to be brought in its wake. Is there more to this engine than what first appears?

Ince Castle battles inner demons, Atlas learns more about his past and Zebedee works to keep them both afloat, even when he comes upon the most remarkable discovery himself. Will the three manage to bring light to an otherwise dark past?

Memories of the scrapyard still haunt Atlas, so much so he's having trouble focusing on his work, and when summer storms affect The Region, he becomes more flustered than ever. Can he stay on track?

'Zebedee must rally the Engines of Waterdown to help a friend in need whilst going behind the back of his superiors.'

Wurzel tries his best to calm an anxious Atlas, who hasn't been feeling well since he crashed with the Post Train...

The time of the National Steam Gala has arrived on the Waterdown Railway, and all of the engines are excited to be reunited with friends from across The Region. Atlas in particular is excited for the event, but when it's put in jeopardy from an unexpected arrival, Atlas must learn from his past if he is going to help save the railway's future. The final episode of Crossed Lines.

Including some world-building insights into the Waterdown Railway's industry, a look at how the series would be if it were shot Thunderbirds-style, and a chilling practical joke!

At the end of a busy year, the Engines of Waterdown gather at West Shed and exchange stories over Christmas. Join Sherlock, Clay, Ramona, Cojak and Atlas in their adventures from days past.