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Welcome to the SiF PRODUCTIONS mini-site!

SiF Productions is a part of Sodor Island Fansite where members of Sodor Island Forums can have their work showcased to the world beyond the forum.  It was originally set up by SiF members to create reproductions of Thomas the Tank Engine episodes.  From small acorns, mighty oaks are flourishing at the moment with the development of the redub format ever evolving and promising new productions always in the pipeline.
SiF Productions Downloads provides a range of multimedia for fans such as Redubbed Episodes; Audio Dubbings, such as the ones pioneered by The Old Bean and his "Mountain Engines" dubs; as well as a range of Music Videos, sampling modern artists and songs and adapting them to Thomas and Friends.  Not only that, but the chance to download material read by Willie Rushton, and a provocative documentary submitted by Ciremi in our Other Media section.  Plenty to enjoy, so we hope you do! ;)

A number of people have got in contact about not being able to view the clips hosted on our bandwidth.  If you right click on your mouse and choose the "Save As" option, it will allow you to download the production at hand! ;)

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11th April 2007
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