DarthBoco's hilarious parody series, riffing episodes of Thomas & Friends!

Rifftrains has its roots in creator Darthboco’s lifelong fascination with the concept of riffing, or adding a humorous commentary to a movie or TV show, which he obtained through watching much Mystery Science Theater 3000 in his youth. After witnessing fellow SiF member Alaric’s riffs on Thomas fan fiction, Darthboco was inspired to try to apply the same method to the television series proper, starting with the classic episode “The Flying Kipper”. And thus, Rifftrains was born, tackling episodes both excellent and lousy.

Rifftrains initially utilized a single episode per riff, but eventually evolved into a double-feature format, with one older episode and one newer episode. Recently, Darthboco has focused on the daunting task of making "Misty Island Rescue" watchable, via the six part "Misty Island Rifftrains", as well as opened the doors for collaborations with other riffers.

After riffing the utterly baffling episode “The Man in the Hills”, Darthboco was amused by Michael Brandon’s Marlon Brando-esque Sir Handel voice. Deciding that the series needed a little extra something, Darthboco launched “Ask Don Handel”, a Q&A segment at the end of each Rifftrains episode, in which video commenters pose questions to Don Handel, the notorious head of the Sodor Mafia.

The hilarious RiffTrains adaptation of Misty Island Rescue, featuring all four episodes plus bonus filler - Remembering Don Handel!