The Showcase!

Feature Length Specials and Brand New Media!

Join the Extended Railway Series on 'The Gravy Train', a series of Luxury Dining Excursions from Tidmouth to Barrow and return, culminating in a celebration of the Railway’s Heritage and History! Pulling the train is the illustrious Sodor Castle!


...or is it? When he overreaches himself, and needs help from an unexpected source.


Not for the easily offended or children. Video contains situations and sequences throughout which some viewers may find disturbing.

A darker approach to producing Thomas the Tank Engine media, Skarloey123's 3 part arc has become iconic among the Thomas online fandom.  When Henry is destroyed following a storm, a new engine, Alfred the B12 comes to take his place... little do the others know, Alfred actually has a hidden agenda of his own to carry out.

What should be a simple delivery turns into quite a headache for poor Edward.


BoCo and the other engines plot to bring Christmas cheer to the dreary Vicarstown Station, when ‘Grim Jim’ the Station Master puts a damper on the celebrations.


The final feature from the Xelent Studios brings us the story of Stepney The Bluebell Engine, adapted from the Railway Series book, using the TV Series visuals.  Featuring all four stories from the book, adapted into one long feature, with archive footage of the Bluebell in it's formative years, songs, music videos and loads of SiF-related gags throughout.


The Mysterons have invaded the Island of Sodor, and are trying to kill the Fat Controller after he rejects their overpriced, but high quality kitchens. Originally intended as a follow up to 2005's Sir Topham Hatt Wants Vengenace, but since changed premise to be truer to the Gerry Anderson roots, although does feature references to other SiF Productions from over the years. Featuring themes by Gerry Anderson composer, Barry Gray.


One of the most imaginative, unique and interesting ideas of 2006, dreamed up by ChrisTheXelent, who has brought the engines of Sodor forth to star in their own documentary about their railway. Done in the style of VH1's "Behind the Music" series, the engines talk about meeting the Reverend for the first time, their initial introduction in the Railway Series books, thoughts and feelings on the TV series past and present, as well as how they felt when the Rev Awdry passed on. A touching, funny, dramatic and informative view of the Island of Sodor.


A production by Blue Pioneer, hugely expanding upon the original story, The Sad Story of Henry, with a new and unique spin on redub production.


Flying Kipper Studios took the liberty of redubbing and developing Calling All Engines, splitting it into three parts which charted the storyline from the demolition of the sheds to the quarrel with the Diesels, and finally to the happy ending. With additional scenes not seen in the original special and surprising new music.


Truro has taken the Thomas the Tank Engine book and adapted it into a feature length special redub. With his dreams finally realised in having a proper Liverpudlian Thomas, and a brilliant cast of previously unheard voice talents from beyond SiF.


Truro Web Studios return with a comedy redub based on the Series 5 Episode - Happy Ever After.  Containing the same erratic Director Alert Videos as the other Truro Web Studios releases, and in this particular one - some ad placements too!


Due to problems facing our composer, this dub was severely delayed! However, its the first Sodor Studios double-dub to date, fusing "The Deputation" and "Thomas and The Missing Christmas Tree" into one big "movie-style" redub adaptation spectacular. With a brand new music video from Kate669 in the form of Wizzard's "I Wish It Could be Christmas Everyday" (and it'd be VERY convenient if it were!) it's another innovative project for Sodor Studios and a start of several "movies" we have to come in future!