SiF Productions Redubs

The best of the redubs produced by Sodor Island Forum members!

Another classic-style redub from Sodor Studios, which adapts the four stories from Four Little Engines to create a charming feature which has been around three years in the making... Featuring music by The Old Bean and a music video featuring Mariah Carey, this is Skarloey's Way, marking eight years of Sodor Island Forums!


The overwhelming volume of work at the Harbour gets to Duck and Percy, and so the Fat Controller is forced to bring in another engine - Diesel. Ruder and more conceited than ever, he finally gets his comeuppance when he takes a trip off the end of the pier! Featuring a music video with a song by The Eagles - 'Do Something'.


Sodor Studios' one and only production of 2008, which sees Thomas losing his confidence during the building of the new Kelsthorpe Station. However, can he reclaim it in time to save it from a set of runaway trucks? Also features a tribute music video to David Mitton.


A story based around the friendship of Thomas and Bertie. First, Bertie needs Thomas to help find tar to have his road mended, and then Thomas needs Bertie to take his passengers in his place! Based on the stories Trust Thomas and Thomas Gets Bumped, with a music video by Oasis - Underneath the Sky.


Mavis recounts her early time on the Island of Sodor to Bill and Ben, in the hopes of making them understand BoCo and Edward's guidance and turn them into really useful engines. With a music video with Boyzone's Picture of You.


After a period of almost two years on the back-burner, the Sodor Studios version of Steam Roller finally sees the light of day. With original themes by Captain Punjab and The Old Bean, and a music video by Kate669, Ryan and Christopher.


Drawing on the two episodes - Edward the Really Useful Engine and Edward the Great - we've merged them to become one big storyline that shows Edward giving the two big engines a run for their money! Featuring a brand new music video of Mr E's Beautiful Blues (From the movie - Road Trip) by The Eels.


A combination of the episodes Henry and the Wishing Tree and Squeak Rattle and Roll, providing a new slant on both scenarios! With original themes by The Old Bean and a music video of Simon Webbe's No Worries.


The Buzz Buzz redub featured some additions and alterations to the storyline which made it a cross between the original Railway Series story and the conveyed TV Series story. With a music video of McFly's "I'll Be OK", as well as a small extra fearuing Percy and a mirror for you to enjoy!


Gordon and Spencer was the initial showcase of our script expansions. Rather than just redub the footage of the actual episode of focus, appropriate scenes from other dubs were added to the mix to create original action. The feature includes an adapted music video of Mark Joseph's Moody Blues.


The long awaited return of J. Alaric Productions, following up the Troublesome Engines redub series with a take on stories from Toby the Tram Engine, with The Old Bean again in the Fat Controller role, and providing yet another interesting monologue at the end - featuring a surprise guest who knows the difference between a kettle and a tram! As well as a performance from OaSiF!


Alaric's much loved comedy adaptation of the stories from the Rev. W. Awdry's Troublesome Engines volume. Gordon has turned into a Communist revolutionary, hell-bent on the emphasis of equality and prosperity for all tender engines on the Fat Controller's Railway, with James and Henry as his subordinates.
It's up to the Fat Controller to sort things out with the help of Thomas, Edward, Percy and his trusty assistant "Wiggles"... But despite his troubles, he's still ready and willing to pass on his words of advice and wisdom in Sir Topham Hatt's Monologues at the end of every feature.


The first J Alaric redub, with his own style of adaptation to become a parody, with various comedy extras tied in at the end of the feature too such as Boulder giving some words of advice and the engines giving their thoughts on the dub, and who their favourite storyteller is!


The Adventures of Fergus takes the two Fergus episodes from Series 7 and blends them together to create a brand new feature, charting the misadventures of the little Railway Traction engine. Making very good use of new and previously unrecognised voice talent too.


An expansion of the original episode, which sees Percy becoming increasingly worried as things start to go wrong for him. Along with the splendid redub, there is a cavalcade of features including a music video and one of Mr Percival's Long Talks.


Flying Kipper Studios return with a brand new redub where Gordon and Henry have experienced a bit of a falling out, and where both have attacks of conscience. Another hilarious dub featuring talking cows and other zany humour.


Combining "Oliver Owns Up" with "Oliver's Find", creating a story that flows throughout of the events Oliver had when he first came to Sodor. Rounding up nicely with another of Mr Percival's Long Talks, too!


Feature length redub adapting the four stories from Railway Series Vol. 8 and amalgamating them into one big continuous storyline, as Gordon comes a cropper and then seeks to redeem himself in the eyes of the Fat Controller. Featuring a music video in the middle of the video too.


Chris Burrell's comedy adaptation of the Series 5 episode where Mrs Kyndley's feeling down and James isn't short of things to moan about! Featuring additional feature, "The Fat Controller's Thoughts", where he goes head to head with Mr Percival in a long overdue confrontation that's been brewing for some time!


What has to be one of the funniest and most inventive redubs of 2006, Truro puts a whole new comedy spin on Thomas and Bertie's great race! Featuring a few surprises throughout the course of the dub...particularly from the irate director himself!


A long forgotten work of Truro Web Studios, previously available on the TWS website, which has been renovated to take in Samurai Pizza Cats instead. Narrated as always by the lovely Kate669.


The first feature to form part of "The 2005 Christmas Hamper", Thomas's Christmas Party features hilarious "out-takes" at the end of the episode!


A shady American businessman has rolled into town and is trying to sell off one of his latest inventions - The Sodor Rail-Car, which the Fat Controller thinks will be invaluable to running his railway's Express services. However, the Rail-Car doesn't appear to be all that it seems... particularly when the police turn up!


Originally named Ghosts and Bears, it was renamed after the two featured characters and brings together two classic storylines and develops them to explore the complexities of the friendship between the two Branch Line Engines.


A developed storyline of the Reverend Awdry's classic from Thomas the Tank Engine, but with a bit more visual faith which again took a fair bit of painstaking work as Blue Pioneer reskinned James entirely from red to black in order to make him look more like the Reverend's original vision. With Davey as the Storyteller.