Steam Locos In Profile

E-G Media's documentary series about the best of British Steam!

Described by a fan as ‘Top Gear for Trains’, Steam Locomotives In Profile is the brainchild of amateur film maker, Chris Eden-Green, providing rail enthusiasts and those with an interest in transportation with an accessible and enjoyable means of learning more about the history of British Steam Locomotives in an easy to manage 10 to 20 minute episode format.


Each episode is filmed with completely original footage on location at Heritage Railways and Main Line linesides up and down the United Kingdom, capturing British steam at its best.

Chris has withdrawn the first eight episodes of Steam Locos In Profile from YouTube and placed them onto DVD for purchase direct from his Online Store.


Previews of the first eight episodes of SLIPS are available to view here, and the DVD itself is available to purchase at the link below.  The DVD also includes a bonus DVD-Exclusive episode filmed exclusively in Ireland focussing upon the Bord Na Mona Barclay locomotives.

Steam Locos In Profile examines the Great Western Railway’s 2800/2884 heavy freight locomotives. These were the first 2-8-0s to be built in the UK.


167 were built between 1903-1942. 16 survived into the preservation era.

Steam Locos In Profile takes a look at the GWR Manor class 4-6-0s. The smallest Great Western express passenger engines.


30 were built between 1938-51. Nine survive, all of which have run in preservation.

Steam Locos In Profile examines the Standard Class 4 tank engines built by British Railways.


Of 155 engines built between 1951-56, fifteen survived into preservation. Today, they prove themselves useful on British heritage railways.

Steam Locos In Profile studies the Standard class 7 Pacifics built by British Railways between 1951-54. These became known as the ‘Britannias’, after the name of the prototype engine.


Of the 55 built, only two survive. Both have become famous in railway preservation as a result.

Steam Locos In Profile takes a look at the Great Western Halls. 330 (including 71 'Modified' Halls) were built between 1923-50 for mixed traffic duties. 18 were saved for preservation.

Steam Locos In Profile studies the Stanier 8Fs built for the London Midland & Scottish Railway.


This class was one of the most numerous in the UK, with 852 being built. Of these, roughly 15 are believed to have survived; some of which remain outside the UK.

WARNING: Viewers discretion is advised. This video contains strong language from the start.


Have you ever wondered if Chris kept getting his lines wrong?

Would you like to know what MIGHT appear on 'Steam Locos In Profile' in 2015?

Are you looking for 7 minutes to kill...?


Then, you can find out all of those things in this video.


As a means of exploring more obscure and unique locomotive types, Steam Locos In Profile extended their range to produce a series of short videos focussing upon Unique Survivors. 

The spin-off series, Sole SLIPs can be found below.

SOLE SLIP examines the GCR 11F (LNER D11) 4-4-0 No 506 ‘Butler Henderson’

SOLE SLIP examines Wantage Tramway locomotive No 5 ‘Shannon’; built in 1857 by George England.

SOLE SLIP examines the London & South Western Railway Drummond T9 4-4-0 No 120, built in 1899

SOLE SLIP looks at the London & South Western Rly Adams ‘Radial’ 4-4-2T No 488

SOLE SLIP looks at Irelands biggest steam locomotive. The Great Southern Railway 800 class 4-6-0 ‘Maedb’ (pronounced ‘Mave’).

SOLE SLIP looks at James Stirling’s 01 class of the South Eastern & Chatham Railway. Of which, No 65, has a dark preservation history.

SOLE SLIP looks at the oldest surviving locomotive of the Midland Railway. Matthew Kirtley's '156' class 2-4-0 No 158A.

SOLE SLIP examines the prototype Southern Railway Bulleid Q1 No C1 (33001)

SOLE SLIP examines the 'alleged' first 100mph locomotive; GWR 'City' No 3440 'City Of Truro'

SOLE SLIP takes a look at 'Merlin'; one of the 'V' class 4-4-0s built for the Great Northern Railway Of Ireland.

SOLE SLIP examines the remaining UK Standard Gauge Beyer Garrett, 'William Francis'; formerly employed by the National Coal Board.

SOLE SLIP looks at the first standard gauge steam engine to be privately preserved in the UK. Great Northern Rly Ivatt J52 No 1247.

SOLE SLIP looks at unique preservation survivor, GNR Stirling Single No.1