The British Railway Series

The Original British Railway Stories - Written & Produced by Simon Martin

Starting out as a project for University in 2007, the British Railway Stories have grown into a popular YouTube video series and in 2012, launched as an eBook with Tale of the Unnamed Engine.


Following the adventures of the engines of Copley Hill sheds in Leeds, Simon Martin’s series aims to share Real Engines, Real Locations and Real History with young and young-at-heart viewers alike.

Special Playlist Featuring
  • 2012 SiF Christmas Speech - Hosted by WP Allen
  • The British Railway Stories 5th Anniversary Q&A Video
  • The British Railway Stories - Interview with SiF
  • Behind The Scenes of The British Railway Stories
  • Deleted Scenes from Episode 15 - Day of the Deltic
  • The British Railway Stories 4th Anniversary Special Video
  • The British Railway Stories eBook promo
  • The British Railway Stories - Now On Sale Video

A visitor encounters difficulties with a goods service, and Allen's attempts to help out going slightly wrong when he leaves the struggling Westerner behind!

Our first encounter with Herbert the V2, whom Sir Ralph finds it very difficult to come accustomed to...

During Sir Ralph's repairs, a Great Western shunting engine called Hawk arrives in the yard to shunt during a re-arrangement of duties.

A new shunting engine called Nigel upsets an unknowing Herbert through his working practices - taking this to be ignorant, Herbert thinks that Nigel doesn't like him...

There's rivalry in the air when Sir Ralph and Allen are competing to pull the new Express - The Fair Maid!

When Stephen has an accident, the engines of the yard realise the value of a good engine...and a good friend.

The importance of clearing snow is made clear to Sir Ralph and Tavish.

Sir Ralph's secret comes closer and closer to unravelling when Scott the A3 Pacific arrives at Copley Hill.

After a misunderstanding with headcodes, Scott decides it's time to reveal Sir Ralph's true imfamy.

Stephen tells the story in the British Railway Series' feature length episode, shot largely in black and white.

The beginning of the Age of Dieselisation doesn't go entirely well when Hawk and Gronk run into trouble with the shunting!

Hawk turns super-sleuth when strange happenings in the yard give him cause for concern - and reason to give chase!

Nigel the V3 Tank engine enjoys his stopping trains. But as Nigel falls ill, can Herbert take the strain - and will the V3 be okay?

When Nigel wakes up on the 'Out Of Use' line, everyone begins to wonder, is it the end for the V3 Tank Engine?

The true extent of Dieselisation is felt when the big blue Deltic arrives in Copley Hill and begins stirring up trouble for the steam engines, while Stephen delivers a stark warning at the end... he's seen 'The List'...

It is the parting of ways...Stephen saves Hawk from the scrapman, and helps Gronk in his rehabilitation at Leeds Central...

Scott the A3 Pacific is unhappy. He's fed up of being "just another engine", and wants to go back to the heyday of his career. Stephen tells the other engines a short story about Scott's true greatness...

It is all Hallows Eve, and Stephen is telling some ghost stories to the other engines. He tells the tale of a steam engine, scorned by its builder, left to rust, and plotting its revenge...

The day after Allen's fright, a tank engine comes to the yard, to tell the tale of the first preserved engine, on British Railways...meanwhile, Stephen lays his own ghosts to rest; coming to terms with being the last of his kind...

The heart rendering final episode of The Original British Railway Stories. Allen the A1 Pacific recounts his final tale... including his last run to King's Cross...