The Nostalgic Years

Thomas The Tank Engine Annual Stories adapted for Trainz, and told by MRHLoco!

The Nostalgic Years is a series of videos which adapt stories written originally for the Thomas The Tank Engine Annuals from the 1980 and 1990s, using Trainz models built by the Sodor Island 3D team.

James is grumbling about getting old to the others, but they take no notice. A few days later, an Inspector arrives. It seems people who live near the yard are complaining of a groaning noise that keeps them awake at night. It turns out it is James: While he was shunting, his brake-blocks were rubbing together and making the sound. James is pleased he gets a rest, but not when the others nickname him “Old Groaner”!

Henry scoffs at the trap-points outside the big shed. They are used to derail runaways from colliding with trains using the main line. Next day, however, Henry is very glad of their existence when a careless firelighter meddles with his controls. Demolishing the shed doors, he runs out on his own into the yard, but is derailed just in time to avoid colliding with Gordon’s Express.

One day, Donald is bringing some loaded trucks back from the Other Railway. Whilst the empties behave well, the loaded trucks are visitors to the island and very badly behaved. During the journey one truck gets a hot axle-box and another slips it’s brakes on on purpose. More delays follow, and Donald becomes cross. Worse is to come when a coupling snaps at the top of Gordon’s Hill and the last ten trucks chase Donald down the other side…

An important visitor has to attend a meeting with Mrs Kyndley. The roads and railway lines are blocked in heavy snowdrifts. Thomas goes to see Terence for help to clear the line. The Fat Controller is pleased with Thomas and Terence for helping out.

Percy has to spend the night at the Big Station shed, and Gordon tells him about the responsibilities he has of keeping the railway running efficiently. Next day, Gordon has to push Percy to the water column. When Gordon tries to use the water column himself, he can’t move; his valves have jammed. Percy has to push Gordon back to the Shed, although he feels it best to say nothing at all.

One Christmas Eve night, the lorry delivering the Christmas trees to Tidmouth market has broken down. It is up to Percy to collect them from Hackenbeck and deliver them on time.