The Railways of Sodor

Hornby-based model movies made by Knuckles!

Part of our relaunched Media Site, Knuckles has kindly written a history of how The Railways Of Sodor has developed so far - accompanied by some photography from his layout!

Thomas is waiting at the junction for Henrys passengers, when Henry arrives he warns him of the leaves up ahead, but Thomas being Thomas doesn't listen and finds himself struggeling up a hill, all is well when Duck arrives as the banker for his train.

Duck takes a coal train to Vicarstown, but before he arrives their a tree falls from the hillside and Duck smashes into it. His crew run to the nearest signal box and call Henry to remove the trucks, unfortunately for Duck it would take too long to be recovered so he is just left there to freeze.

The Breakdown Cranes are ready, so Thomas races to recover Duck but on the way to the works the crane is set too high and they smash into a tunnel mouth, as a result Thomas's driver is shaken from the footplate and is thus a runnaway. Because of the delays James has to pull a goods train, much to his dismay.

Thomas is still running away, he arrives in a scrap yard where James helps him back to the shed. Gordon is moaning because he had to do his own shunting in Thomas's absence. Later Thomas has a nightmare and ends up back in the same scrap yard where mysterious beings want to cut him up and sell him.

Gordon and James are argueing about the Express. TFC has to call for Diesel so he arrives to recover Duck but he came via a nuclear power plant and dragged something with him. He takes duck to the scrapyard where 2 of his cronies are waiting to cut Duck up but TFC foils his plan and sends him to pull an undesirable train. Later Gordon puffs along the line and hits something and is traumertised for the rest of the episode. TFC cancels the seemingly unimportant train and instead sends Diesel to the NRM for a discliplinary punishment.

A model series adaptation and re-enactment of the original Off The Rails episode with some slight alterations to the storyline. Featuring scenes from the television episode as well as newly shot scenes.

The first Railways of Sodor episode to feature individual voice actors, written by Christopher. A visiting engine called Archibald becomes very selective of his company when he arrives on Sodor, shunning the smaller engines. But he soon finds that no matter how big or small you are, you can still be useful!

Knuckles develops his craft once again for the first new episode in quite some time - where Gordon recalls the time he needed a rebuild!