Thomas the Bachman Engine

One of the first and most popular model series, created by Captain Punjab!

Thomas the Bachman Model & Friends started off as a one-off short film (really short!), that I did just to see what my models would look like on film. Despite the crude filming, and the non-existent plot, people seemed to like it. Some people even said it was funny, but there was no intended humour! When I got the Percy model, I decided to make another film, this time purposely comical, focusing on him. People's reactions to this one were again very positive, so I made more. Eventually, I got a microphone, so I started adding dialogue to the series, which changed it from slapstick-based humour to verbal humour, although the crashes are still pretty silly. I hope you enjoy them.

-Captain Punjab

WATCH as Thomas pulls both trucks and coaches!
LISTEN to the puffing noises he makes!
ADMIRE the bare plywood countryside that he travels through!
NOTICE that James is at the station too!

After a rather dull series opener, things start to get interesting when James crashes into a hobo on the tracks! But Thomas is busy pulling trains; Who can possibly help James? Percy, of course! And later, Percy gets to know the line... the hard way!

The engines have all been called to the yard for a special meeting-- a railway inspector is coming! But this one's different from the others. With his mysterious dark costume, and his scary breathing noises, who could he be? And what does he think of the railway?

The "inspector" is back from the dead, and he wants revenge! He'll stop at nothing to destroy the railway... Who will be able to stop him?!

Thomas arrives at the station a few minutes late, and Percy teases him about it. But what starts off as a small argument soon ruins their friendship, provoking Thomas to spend the night at the Sodor Tavern...

James has just gotten a new coat of paint, and it goes to his head. He starts thinking that he's better than all the other engines, and causes lots of trouble... What will it take to make James come to his senses? A major crash, that's what!

Bulgy the bus has rounded up a gang of all the road vehicles, and he's determined to take control of the transportation industry on Sodor!
Thomas and James think he's joking, until he and his gang mug Thomas...

The road gang raises the stakes by attacking the Fat Controller! The railway must close until he recovers, but instead of staying in their shed, Thomas, Percy and James decide to go after the road gang on their own...

The three engines sneak into the road gang's meeting, but when they are spotted by Bulgy, they have to escape FAST! Old questions are answered, and new answers are questioned, in this, the final chapter of the three-part Rail vs. Road saga!

Percy keeps trying to tell Thomas his ghost story about a haunted scrap yard, but Thomas is uninterested. Later, Thomas must go to work at the scrap yard from the ghost story, and Percy gets very worried about his friend...

A new engine arrives on the railway... A female engine who goes by the name of Lady! Thomas, James and many other engines are obsessed with this beautiful stranger, but is she even interested in any of them? Watch the episode and find out!

When George the Steamroller tries not to cause trouble, he ends up knocking Thomas off the line, meaning the Fat Controller has to put Percy in charge of the Branch Line, while Thomas heads off to "Happy Land", which, unlike the name implies, doesn't appear to be as cheerful as you'd be inclined to think...

Bloopers and outtakes from the Thomas the Bachmann Model series