Small Railway Engines

The Small Railway Engines were brought to Sodor when their railway in England closed. Their line starts from Arlesdale, the top station of Duck’s branch Line, and goes deep into the hills along the trackbed of Duke’s old railway, the Mid-Sodor, where they collect ballast from the old mines. The Fat Controller uses this ballast for his railway.

As well as delivering wool from the farms, the Small Engines are also a popular attraction for visitors, and are kept busy running a passenger service in the Summer alongside the goods work.

The first three Small Engines – Rex, Mike and Bert – made history in 2015 as being the first Awdry characters adapted for television in over 20 years, debuting in Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure.

Rex the Green Small Engine

Rex the Small Engine

Rex was one of the first Small Railway Engines that Duck came across. He is a sociable if cheeky sort of engine, who considers himself a “know-it-all”. This sort of talk often starts friendly arguments between he and Mike, especially when Rex finds ways to take Mike down a puff or two.

Even so, Rex is still subject to folly - he once boasted how easy it was running Wool Trains along the line, until Willie the farmhand carelessly spilt a load of wool bales onto the line near 'The Green', which caused Rex to derail near the cutting. He had to stay there all day until Bert and Mike could rescue him.

Rex is still a hard worker, although he has a tendency to slip and needs careful handling with anything but the lightest loads.

Mike the Small Red Engine

Mike the Small Red Engine

One of the more powerful engines of the Small Railway, Mike feels he is the best engine to run the line, and doesn't let the others forget it! He has a temper to match his paintwork, which isn't helped by Rex and Bert's occasional teasing. This lead to Mike 'losing' his whistle one day after a silly argument about it.

Although he is willing to pull his weight during Peak Seasons, he prefers trucks over coaches, especially the smooth bogies of their ballast trucks. When Jock was built to help the three Small Engines, Mike felt threatened by the younger engine's strength and popularity; however, they soon overcame their differences and decided it was best to work together than against one another.

Bert the Blue Small Engine

Bert the Blue Small Engine

Bert is younger than Mike and Rex, and is often bossed about by the pair of them. He was once a "shy steamer", which made him less powerful than Rex or Mike, and can be be difficult if not handled delicately. 

In fact, he left a rather interesting impression during the Fat and Thin Clergyman's visit to the railway - after they had accidentally splashed Bert, he got his own back when he soaked the Fat Clergyman on the journey home through the woodlands...!

Even so, Bert is still a hard worker determined to see any train through. When a coupling snapped, his Driver provided "sticking-power" by gluing the train back together!

Since his last book appearance, Bert has undergone a rebuild to look more like a proper narrow gauge engine - similar to Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway counterpart, River Irt.