Tales From The Other Railway

History of the Other Railway

The Audio Mockumentary Series charting the rises and falls of the Other Railway from the beginning to present day

The Other Railway.  Run-down, dirty, smelly and in-efficient.  But the question remains, has it always been this way?


In this series, we take you right back to the very beginning and chart the moderate highs and unfathomable ocean-dwelling lows that the railway has seen over the decades.  This is the History of the Other Railway!


Join us at Davey T. Narrator meets a range of colourful characters who recall the reigns of the Other Railway’s six controllers: An eccentric lord, a mad Scots Presbyterian, a ruthless German, a British Patriot, the Welsh Lothario and the Thin Git...


Cover-Art by Chris Signore


Episode One takes us back to the Victorian era and the town of Trouble At T'Mill, where the Lord of the Manor, Lord Lewis Boxington-Shorts has become caught up in the spirit of Railway Mania and decides to build his own railway... chaos ensues.


The story is told by local historians, Dr Richard Head of Barrow University, Professor Dominic Atrix and Women's Institute Activist and Local Historian, Mary Hinge, and is hosted by Davey T. Narrator.