Tales from the Other Railway


Tales From The Other Railway - exploring the warped world of Diesel and the other Sodor rejects...

Tales From The Other Railway
Image by Christopher Signore

Tales From The Other Railway is a Parody series based on the Mainland-based Diesel characters from the Railway Series books and the (Thomas) TV Series.

The stories revolve around the every day misadventures of Diesel and his associates as they work together (or against one another) under the less than capable guidance of The Thin Git.  Their adventures are often based on those that have taken place on Sodor, but while clouds never last long on Sodor - they hang over The Other Railway continuously!

Written by Professor Vengeance, Tales From The Other Railway has spanned three series of written parodies and become SiF's No.1 Parody Series.  The format has also been carried across to media production, where two audio specials have been recorded, as well as a number of accompanying songs and narratives.  Here, we have compiled the most voted for stories of each written parody series and put them here to showcase the warped, vulgar and decripid Other Railway...

10th May 2010

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