TATMR Characters

We met some old friends and new foes when Thomas ventured down the Magic Railroad...

The Engines of Sodor

Thomas The Tank Engine


homas is cheeky, cheerful and adventurous little tank engine, and a true friend to everyone.  He spends much of his time throughout the movie trying to help Mr Conductor solve his gold dust crisis and trying to stop Diesel 10 from dominating the Island.  After helping Lily to get home and reach her grandfather on Muffle Mountain, and helps to get rid of the evil Diesel 10, he proves to everyone that little engines really can do big things!

Diesel 10

Diesel 10

he villain of the piece and a nasty piece of work. Diesel-10's main ambition is to destroy Lady and dominate the Sodor Railway and the steam engines, with the help of his faithful claw - "Pinchy". However, his attempts to take over are constantly outdone when he's threatened with sugar in his tank and loses Mr Conductor and throws him several miles away! Not to mention the self-inflicted injuries with the coal hopper and a roof falling in on him! As well as being outdone finally by Thomas and Lady, and falling several feet into a barge full of sludge in his final attempt - some engines have no luck at all!



ady is a magical engine who runs on the Conductor Family's Magic Railroad, which links the Island of Sodor with the Shining Time Valley. She has been locked away for several years by Burnett Stone, safe from harm after being chased by Diesel-10 and crashing. For several years, Burnett has tried to make her steam again to no avail, but special coal from the Island of Sodor manages to bring Lady back to life in order to restore life to the Magic Railroad, and give Mr Conductor and Junior back the source of their gold dust.

Splatter & Dodge

Splatter & Dodge

iesel-10's faithful, but moronic side-kicks, often referred to by their boss as "Splodge" - considering he feels that he hasn't got time to say both of their names! Splatter and Dodge are constantly doing his bidding and assisting him in trying to find and destroy Lady. Although feared by the steam engines like Diesel-10 himself, they appear to have something of a social conscience. Wary of helping Diesel to destroy Lady initially, they eventually back out in the end and leave Diesel to do his own dirty work!

Percy the Small Engine


ercy is Thomas's best friend, and one of the youngest members of the Fat Controller's engine team. Although slightly naive and easily frightened, Percy still manages to help the effort to save the Magic Railroad by solving the riddle of the Magic Railroad, which happens to be overheard by Diesel 10; and later finding Splatter and Dodge at the Magic Buffers, and warning Thomas and Mr Conductor just in time for them to act.

Toby the Tram Engine


he old faithful of the Sodor Railway, Toby proves to be the most level-headed and calm of the engines during the crisis, encouraging his friends to stand up to Diesel and not to be intimidated by his actions. When Diesel-10 overhears Thomas and Percy talking about the Magic Buffers, Toby is hot on his trail to delay and distract the villains long enough to keep the buffers and the Magic Railroad safe from harm, by ringing his bell and startling Diesel, who puts "Pinchy" through the roof of an old shed trapping both himself and his sidekicks in the process!

James The Red Engine


ames has a personality that is as vibrant and colourful as his own smart red paint; extremely vain and self-important, but a bit of a born worrier, as shown by his concerns over Mr Conductor's whereabouts and intimidation by Diesel-10. James nearly meets with a very sticky end when he's caught unawares by Diesel-10 in the Smelting shed - and luckily for them, Junior has just enough gold dust to get them both out of harm's way!

Gordon the Big Engine

Gordon the Big Engine

ordon is the senior member of the Fat Controller's engines, full of his own self-importance and belief that BIG jobs should be left to BIG engines. Gordon isn't intially keen of Mr Conductor's presence on Sodor to backfill the vacationing Fat Controller's role of looking after the engines. Despite his pomposity over the other engines, Gordon does come around to liking the idea after seeing what Diesel-10 is capable of!

Henry the Green Engine


enry is a bit of a hypochondriac who, for all his strength and size, needs a lot of special attention. Henry is the first of the engines to bring up knowledge of the magical lost engine and the legend that has brought Diesel back to Sodor. It's during one of his more poorly-feeling moments that one of the trucks of his special coal disappears through the Magic Buffers and onto the Magic Railroad...!

Other Sodor Characters

Harold, Bertie, Annie & Clarabel

Harold, Bertie, Annie & Clarabel

our of Thomas's friends who put in appearances throughout the movie. Bertie is found to be constantly challenging Thomas to a friendly race, Harold causes a bit of a dust-up on a routine fly-by when Diesel 10 leaves quarry dust all over the yard and Annie & Clarabel are left behind by Thomas when Junior and Lily arrive on Sodor!

Human Characters



he ever-cheerful 18-inch tall friend and regular visitor to Sodor, Mr Conductor, has been asked to come to the Island to tend to the engines while The Fat Controller takes a much needed holiday. But he has a very big problem - his  magical gold dust is just about depleted after which the Magic Railroad and the Conductor Family will no longer exist!  Luckily, he has good friends who will help him solve the clues to finding more gold dust and save the day and his special universe.

C Junior played by Michael E. Rodgers


efore the events of the Magic Railroad gold dust crisis, C Junior was a beach-bum, preferring to lead a life of leisurely activity and general enjoyment; which is very much the impression he gives when he comes to Sodor, much to the annoyance of his older cousin - Mr Conductor! A big kid at heart with a streak of mischief maker, Thomas remembers him as such from their previous encounter where C Junior stuffed party poppers down his funnel for laughs!

Grandpa Burnett Stone Played by Peter Fonda


urnett Stone is a reclusive former Railroad Engineer who lives on the other side of Muffle Mountain on his own, following the death of his wife, Tasha.  For many years, Burnett has harboured a secret, and had Lady tucked away in his workshop in Muffle Mountain following her accident.  But, he's sad because he doesn't know how to make her steam again, and when Lily goes missing on the Island of Sodor, he knows he needs to find out more than ever.

Lily Played By Mara Wilson


ily is the plucky grand-daughter of Lady's caretaker, Burnett Stone, and is the vital link between the Conductors' fate and Lady's revival. Intrigued by a chance meeting with C Junior, after being put on the wrong train by Patch's dog, Mutt, she takes a magical journey to the Island of Sodor to help Mr Conductor. With Thomas's help, Lily manages to alert her grandpa and helps to bring Lady back to life.

Patch Played by Cody McMains


atch is a young Shining Time resident who does odd jobs for Burnett Stone and Shining Time Station in his spare time.  He is the first person other than Burnett to discover the location of the workshops where Lady is hidden away deep inside Muffle Mountain.  Patch later goes on to befriend Lily, and takes her for a ride on his horse on the ground above the dormant Magic Railroad tracks.

Stact Jones Played by Didi Conn

Stacy Jones

tacy Jones is the bubbly and friendly Station Manager of Shining Time Station. She finds Lily at Shining Time and delivers her to her Grandpa Stone. But even before Mr Conductor makes his way to the Island of Sodor, she senses there is some danger afoot, and that all isn't going to be well when he goes, considering his diminishing supply of gold dust.

Billy Two-Feathers Played by Russell Means

Billy Two-Feathers

he wise American-Indian Engineer on the Indian Valley Railroad and driver of the Rainbow Sun. Billy knows a lot about Railroading and the sense and respect for the magic that surrounds Indian Valley and Shining Time.