Magic Railroad Feature Articles

This section contains magazine/webzine feature articles about the movie reproduced here with permission in one place for fans to discover!

During the winter/spring of 2000, the following Production Notes for Thomas and the Magic Railroad were made available by Destination Films to promote the movie. Interestingly enough, actor Doug Lennox is mentioned by name in this article!

We'd like to thank Canadian Society of Cinematographers' Joan Hutton for kindly permitting the reproduction of this article by Don Angus that appeared in the March 2000 issue of CSC News:

We'd like to thank the Publisher of American Cinematographer Magazine for permission to share this article from the August, 2000 issue of A.C.  Thanks also to ASC Magazine Store Saul, for passing our request to the appropriate people, and for following up on it.

TATMR Unit Production Manager Keith W. Strandberg had written an in-depth article in the April 2000 issue of Motorcycle Tour & Cruiser about the filming of one of PT Boormer's scenes. Keith has kindly given SiF permission to reproduce the article in full: Click the link below to read Keith's fascinating article...